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Share the things that you love to save for - £200 voucher to be won

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GraceEMumsnet · 15/02/2021 09:35

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Saving might not be easy at the moment, but putting away a little each month now means that we can start looking forward to ‘sunny days’ treats or trips when times are brighter. Whatever they may be, Nationwide would love to hear about the things that you’ve missed and can’t wait to do again.

Here’s what Nationwide has to say: “While life after the pandemic may still feel some way off, we’re looking to the future and encouraging people to talk about what they’re looking forward to being able to enjoy again. As a mutual, we feel it’s our role to get the nation saving and we want to inspire people to keep building their savings pot as they look to the future and their own sunny day plans.”

All savings, big or small, are important. Whether it's accidental saving on your train fare while working from home or consciously saving the pennies that were once set aside for a daily takeaway coffee. From a once in a lifetime holiday to gigs and pub lunches with friends and family, what are you looking forward to being able to do post pandemic?

All who post on this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Share the things that you love to save for - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
Krazynights34 · 15/02/2021 21:41

I’m a full time cater for my child. I’m saving on taxis as we aren’t travelling to nursery at the minute. However, I can’t wait to get her back to nursery and to have some time to myself (mostly to job hunt) and to have a chance to do DIY on our house

wellingtonsandwaffles · 15/02/2021 21:44

We have small monthly savings pots for everything- holidays, occasions, emergencies, insurance: then two larger ones which we also put into monthly - children and us. I’ve read it’s much better not to save for kids though and instead to invest in capital that they will inherit in the future. Although we save, Our budget wouldn’t allow that for many years though! Still in rented accommodation and Long term goal will be to buy our own place.

SuperHighway · 15/02/2021 21:53

I'm saving for a chicken coup!

lionpaws · 15/02/2021 21:54

Saving for house improvements and for the future so we can retire early!

Sleepybumble · 15/02/2021 21:54

I've missed spontaneous coffee with friends. We live within walking distance of lots of friends and pre pandemic we were often at friends or had friends over. Really miss just popping by.

Cismyfatarse · 15/02/2021 22:00

A holiday somewhere warm where I can drink wine in the sun and swim in the sea. I can't quite get over how much I long for this.

picklemewalnuts · 15/02/2021 22:10

We save to retire early. Day to day, we have few treats or luxuries. We have the occasional holiday, a monthly meal out or takeaway, buy unbranded things. We try really hard to avoid waste- save pennies and save the planet.

We really don't splash out!

cedarandfern43 · 15/02/2021 22:18

I'm currently saving for my maternity leave when baby #2 comes which is a little tricky whilst not working due to lockdown but we are making it work.

We also love to save our money for fun days out with our son and the occasional family holiday (which hopefully we can do soon!)

EsmeeMerlin · 15/02/2021 22:29

I like to have savings for for emergencies, for when appliances break unexpectedly and need replacing for example.

I am also trying to save to go to New York next year for my 30th.

HotButteronaBreakfastToast · 15/02/2021 23:22

I can't wait to go to the theatre and have weekends away with loved ones again. Definitely saving up for a few special trips out, looking ahead to happier times keeps me going.

YesIDoLoveCrisps · 15/02/2021 23:48

I am using the lockdown to save what I can. It might not be much but unfortunately I have debt (not a huge amount but enough to annoy me each month when I pay for it!) my aim is to clear the debt I have with what I save, after that I will save the money I am not paying out in debt payments. If my plan works I will have some money for the future. It might only be a couple thousand but maybe it will help my family during the next few months recovering from these uncertain times.

PickledChicory · 15/02/2021 23:55

We are saving quite a bit atm with wfh, no commute, got rid of second car, also not paying for childcare. At the moment we are paying off debt but soon we will put a bit aside. We would love to extend and further renovate or looking to move to a bigger place. However I would quite like a camper van/caravan or perhaps a hot tub.

LateKate · 15/02/2021 23:56

We can't wait to be able to go on holiday again, although after the last year it is unlikely we will afford that anytime soon so in the meantime we are saving for days out and kids birthday parties- the things they have all missed so much.

I can't wait to be moaning about the chaos of a roomful of six year olds and of the pain that no one is eating the lovingly prepared sandwiches but instead getting hyped up on sugar!

Sarahplane · 16/02/2021 00:52

We're saving for a holiday, a rainy day fund and for my daughter going to uni.

makinganavalon · 16/02/2021 07:17

Right now times are v.tight so I'm saving actual pennies for a new good mascara, not a cheapy I always get!!! I'm going to have to go to the shop at a v.quiet time and put all the pennies through the self service machine, which I know is very annoying, then I can look forward to long, luxurious lashes and that really is a luxury for me. Sometimes it makes me sad when things are like this but then I remember I'm so lucky to have what I do and I look forward to being able to freely afford things again

bettertimesarecomingnow · 16/02/2021 07:34

I'm Saving to take my lovely dp away for a romantic weekend. He was 40 in january and whilst we had a lovely day / evening - the plans I had couldn't come to fruition.

There is a gorgeous boutique spa hotel on the west coast that I will be taking him to as soon as Nicola says I can 😉

DonLewis · 16/02/2021 07:43

I always save for Christmas. My husband does seasonal work and December can be hard. But we have kids. So I always, always, save some thing each month towards Christmas.

JulesJules · 16/02/2021 07:56

I really don't think of savings being for holidays or similar at the moment, everything seems so uncertain, I'm thinking of saved money being there for emergencies.

We put money into savings accounts for the children - towards university costs, driving lessons etc

Dashel · 16/02/2021 08:27

I am saving for my retirement, I save for holidays as well, but my main savings are so that DH and I don’t have to wait until the state retirement age to give up work.

billybear · 16/02/2021 08:32

am saving for a new car so trying my best do do with out treats and cant wait to get a better car

janney3 · 16/02/2021 08:40

I’m saving the money I’m not spending on petrolatum lunches out to have a kitchen makeover in the summer. My kitchen is over 20 years old and is really worn and dated.

sashh · 16/02/2021 08:44

A holiday. I have not had one for years.

Aardvark88 · 16/02/2021 08:55

We're saving more both working from home and not being able to do the things we used to eg. Zoo trips. We're putting the money we're saving aside to take the kids to Disneyland- something we've always wanted to do but never seemed to have the funds. Looking forward to being able to get out and do things again but grateful to still be able to wfh and save!

LucyLane · 16/02/2021 08:56

Interest rates are appalling. There are no attractive savings accounts at the moment. I keep my savings in my current account- there's better interest there.
I save through the year for Christmas, children's Birthdays and the Annual School Bus Pass. This is more money managing than 'saving' as its putting money by in advance that will definitely be spent. I save a little every month for a sports event I want to travel to and participate in in 2022.
I have an emergency fund which is small but better than nothing. I'm a widowed single parent so I m quite poor so we just don't eat out, go to the cinema, have holidays or trips out or a car. If I could save any more, it would be for my emergency fund.

vampirethriller · 16/02/2021 09:26

I'm saving to take the toddler and the dog on holiday next year!

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