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Read about Mumsnet users' perfect UK breaks

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JustineBMumsnet · 27/01/2020 10:43

This thread is now closed.

There’s no question that staycations are on the rise. And whether you’d consider one because they can be cheaper, easier with a large family, you want to appreciate the UK or simply because you can bring your dogs along too, Parkdean Resorts would like to hear about what your ideal UK staycation looks like.

Here’s what Parkdean Resorts has to say: “We are the UK’s largest Holiday Park operator with 67 locations in some of the most stunning coastal, countryside and lakeside locations. From the impressive Scottish Highlands to the sunny South Coast, a Parkdean Resorts holiday is a great way to explore the UK and discover your new favourite spot.

Adventurers can camp with their tent, touring caravan or even try Glamping. Or choose from a huge choice of caravans, lodges and hot tub lodges including brand new accommodation for 2020, to suit all budgets and family sizes packed with everything you need for a stress-free holiday. And with 66 parks offering dog friendly accommodation, you really can bring the whole family on your holiday.

Find the best choice of accommodation by booking early, with deposits from only £25. And, you can now spread the cost of your holiday in easy and affordable monthly Direct Debit payments. Perfect!”

Would you be looking for a beachside break for the whole family while hoping the British rain holds off or do you think a couples midweek retreat sounds like the perfect way to recharge your batteries? Where in the UK is next on your list to visit? If you already ‘staycation’ regularly, what do you enjoy about it?

All who share what their perfect UK break would look like on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Read about Mumsnet users' perfect UK breaks
OP posts:
TheLastQueenOfPop · 09/02/2020 22:48

We went to Ty Mawr Parkdean on a whim last year - and the kids loved it so much we are going back. Priorities are clean facilities, entertainment, transport links and location- ty mawr is a great base to explore north wales.

rachcompacc · 10/02/2020 08:31

Little cottage on the coast, the smell of salty sea air, a roaring fire, Wellington boots and long walks, big scarves and blankets. Fish and chips, stormy but dry weather and trudging along the beach to the nearest pub. Board games, cuddles and scavenger hunts

sweir1 · 10/02/2020 10:21

A nice log cabin but with plenty to do for the kids

user1485629191 · 11/02/2020 19:17

I would like a clean campsite with plenty to do, crazy golf, parks, entertainment etc Somewhere near a village or town I which to go exploring

katieskatie82 · 13/02/2020 16:05

We love Cornwall. So beautiful and if the weather is nice there are no better beaches to go to! We love it!

JustineBMumsnet · 13/02/2020 16:59

Thanks all for your comments! The winner of the prize draw is @claza93 Grin

OP posts:
Mariobug25 · 15/02/2020 12:06

Definitely near the beach side, preferably when the weather is nice! I like family resorts, I am open to glamping and also staying in a caravan. My best UK breaks have been ones whereby there is onsite family entertainment and also been in a nice place with lovely scenery. Location is a big thing for me but I think good accomodation (whether thats a cabin / caravan) is also a huge factor. So long as it includes everything a family needs (for cooking etc) then I am very happy! xxx

Rachelp4016 · 15/02/2020 18:47

Being near a Cornish beach in the summer. Restaurants and activities nearby for the family. In a peaceful area, not full of tourists.

Ganne1 · 16/02/2020 09:14

The accommodation is not important, apart from cleanliness, being en-suite, and with wi-fi. I find expensive hotels can be too stuffy. The destinations are the important thing. We love West and North Wales in particular, and the weather can be windy or sunny!

glynda · 16/02/2020 09:50

Lovely sunshine with a warm breeze at the beach then a bbq outside our tent at night.

cluckyhen · 16/02/2020 10:34

My perfect UK break - a secluded cottage in a lush green valley, a good size garden with a hot tub. Plenty of farm life for the kids to see. A big fire pit and BBQ out side and of course, the sun out!

marylegs23 · 16/02/2020 10:43

on site entertainment, family 'bundle' so we dont have to take all the bits like monitors or bed rails etc, it would be amazing to have groceries done for us before hand, close to a beach, restaurants onsite etc

becky004 · 16/02/2020 10:45

A break in London, seeing the sights and watching a show.

Leanfun · 16/02/2020 11:00

A holiday resort catering for families. Rooms clean accommodation with cooking facilities and outdoor area with car parking fairly near. On site children’s activities with indoor swimming pool and restaurant. Ideally near a sandy beach. Then we would just need some reasonable weather.

sor5 · 16/02/2020 11:05

a beach wallk with my 3 dogs

ellie17 · 16/02/2020 11:20

Mine would be a nice luxury lodge with amenities like a pool or places for nice walks near by x

06cw01 · 16/02/2020 16:15

Somewhere down the South Coast (where the weather has a greater chance of being nice!). Close to a beach and a nice main street for shopping, restaurants and pubs

alison991 · 16/02/2020 19:09

Dog friendly with a cosy place to stay, lots in the local area to visit and explore, facilites on site like a pool and things for the kids. It would also be great to have a hamper provided when you arrive so you don;'t have to shop

grannybiker · 16/02/2020 19:15

I think the best UK break would be within a short, safe walk from the beach, or have excellent, free on-site facilities for the children.
To make it absolutely perfect, the sun would need to be shining throughout so soggy swimsuits can dry off overnight.
If you're camping, clean toilets and showers with plenty of hot water.

dawnmf1969 · 16/02/2020 21:14

A nice cottage or caravan by the sea where we can also take the dog, Cornwall is very dog friendly so quite possibly there. The dog is a very big part of our family so we love to be able to take her away with us on holiday.

kats56 · 16/02/2020 23:22

My perfect UK break would have to have some good walks and be surrounded by beautiful countryside with mountains. Somewhere like Lake District.

diddiebiddie · 17/02/2020 02:10

Accommodation has to be clean, quiet and close to lovely walks/countryside but also not too far from the sea - nothing better than looking for treasure on the beach or looking into rock pools


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dt90001 · 26/09/2020 09:11

Exploring something really cool - there are so many amazing historical places in these shores that we don't celebrate enough. Plus some good food.

andrewflintoff · 19/01/2021 15:54

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