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Read about Mumsnet users' perfect UK breaks

424 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 27/01/2020 10:43

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There’s no question that staycations are on the rise. And whether you’d consider one because they can be cheaper, easier with a large family, you want to appreciate the UK or simply because you can bring your dogs along too, Parkdean Resorts would like to hear about what your ideal UK staycation looks like.

Here’s what Parkdean Resorts has to say: “We are the UK’s largest Holiday Park operator with 67 locations in some of the most stunning coastal, countryside and lakeside locations. From the impressive Scottish Highlands to the sunny South Coast, a Parkdean Resorts holiday is a great way to explore the UK and discover your new favourite spot.

Adventurers can camp with their tent, touring caravan or even try Glamping. Or choose from a huge choice of caravans, lodges and hot tub lodges including brand new accommodation for 2020, to suit all budgets and family sizes packed with everything you need for a stress-free holiday. And with 66 parks offering dog friendly accommodation, you really can bring the whole family on your holiday.

Find the best choice of accommodation by booking early, with deposits from only £25. And, you can now spread the cost of your holiday in easy and affordable monthly Direct Debit payments. Perfect!”

Would you be looking for a beachside break for the whole family while hoping the British rain holds off or do you think a couples midweek retreat sounds like the perfect way to recharge your batteries? Where in the UK is next on your list to visit? If you already ‘staycation’ regularly, what do you enjoy about it?

All who share what their perfect UK break would look like on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Read about Mumsnet users' perfect UK breaks
OP posts:
BristolMum96 · 27/01/2020 16:02

Anything that has good entertainment for toddlers. My child is 2 and there aren't a lot of places that cater to this age. Our next break will be a Butlins 'just for tots' weekend

Schmoozer · 27/01/2020 17:22

Family campsite, quiet and peaceful, great countryside, basic but clean facilities
Nearby coast or little country town

Asuwere · 27/01/2020 17:42

We go to a holiday park, the destination doesn't really matter much if there is enough entertainment on site. It's just nice to be somewhere different so away from usual routine a d doing fun things with the family :)

fishnships · 27/01/2020 18:02

Staying close to a sandy, gently shelving beach would be good but I'm searching for something to inspire teenagers!

EagleVisionSquirrelWork · 27/01/2020 18:20

My family are older now and at the moment we're on a jag where we all go out walking together, partly to be active and partly to be sociable and catch up with each other. We're lucky to live near the coast, but my ideal UK break would be a walking holiday somewhere higher and wilder, where the terrain is challenging and beautiful views are the reward. The Scottish Highlands, Snowdonia or the Peak District would all fit the bill.

Ashhead24 · 27/01/2020 18:30

Currently with toddlers would need plenty of entertainment and ideally a lovely beach too. Lots of different places to eat which are kid friendly. Indoor stuff to do when it's raining.

peanutdust · 27/01/2020 18:55

Hot sun and a beach I don't mind pebbles or stones but do prefer a sand one to lay on. Good entertainment for kids and adults and up to date entertainment nothing worse than a singer performing old 60/70s songs and half the room isn't interested in that.
Also fun activities for kids we went away last year in the uk and the activites were really fun my daughter got to hold a snake at a daily animal show. Grin

wellingtonsandwaffles · 27/01/2020 19:24

Easy, not too far to travel, good food, shopping delivered on arrival, lots to do on site or nearby, quiet, nature.

WilmaJean · 27/01/2020 20:43

Entertainment on site to keep children happy. Beautiful scenery and accommodation not too cramped together. Good eating options available.

Figgygal · 27/01/2020 20:45

Top is a good swimming pool with slides or splash pad
Easy access to beach
Good entertainment facilities with variety for the kids
Gluten free options on site as husband is coeliac

Spent last summer at parkdean lochloy in Nairn with family my then 2 year old was crazy on pipsqueak the mouse.

considering Ruda in Croyd this Year

TeetotalKoala · 27/01/2020 20:58

We've holidayed with Parkdean four times and have always found their parks to have everything we need.

Mullion in Cornwall is our perfect UK break. The beaches nearby are absolutely spectacular, you can watch fighter jets take off from the car park of the nearest Sainsbury's (that was epic to see), the entertainment is fab, and so family friendly. My boys still have their Sid and Lizzie teddies on their beds (even if Lizzie's laugh drives us parents nuts) and there's a lovely pool onsite (though the pool at Trecco Bay is still my favourite).

For us it's about the pool, the beach and some fun entertainment. A chance for the kids to be kids in a safe, family orientated environment.

TeetotalKoala · 27/01/2020 21:00

The pool at Ruda is pay extra and smaller than it looks in the pictures. That said, it is a gorgeous park, great location and nice pool.

Look at Trecco Bay. Direct access to the beach and the pool is the best I've ever been to. We went to Trecco Bay for our first year and no pool has compared since.

Titective · 27/01/2020 21:38

I don't think of holidays in the UK as a staycation. I think of staycations as holidays where we sleep at home but go out on day trips locally. I think it helps that we live in one of the most visited tourist places outside London!

Because we don't live by the sea a true holiday for us involves the seaside. The Isle of Wight is our absolute favourite place to go and if I could afford a holiday home there I would! We love beaches, playgrounds, parks, historical sites like castles and specific kids activities like farm parks and theme parks. The accommodation needs to be near everything, including good food spots, close to the beach, not surrounded by other noisy people. It needs to have 3 bedrooms because if my DDs share they mess around and it's not a holiday in the evenings.

We enjoy family time together, exploring and learning new things together and relaxing and playing together.

Reginabambina · 27/01/2020 21:45

Cottage/glamping somewhere near nice long walks in forested areas. Have always enjoyed a good trek, nothing like a long day in the wilderness followed by a hot large meal and passing out in complete exhaustion. Love it. Rain is not always a bad thing either, it’s pretty difficult to ruin a good walking holiday.

MonsieurChaCha · 27/01/2020 21:48

Clean accommodation, however basic.
A swimming pool with lifeguards.
Decent, good value food in the evening.
Close to decent cycling and country parks to tire the kids out so they sleep.
Plenty of space for drying damp clothes. There is nothing quite like squeezing into a damp wetsuit to put me in a grump!

PeppaPigOinkOinkOink · 27/01/2020 22:05

Clean accommodation, quiet site but close to amenities. Lots of nice walks, maybe some local historical sites. Access to a swimming pool.

virginpinkmartini · 27/01/2020 22:06

I've been perusing the Internet for country UK breaks lately.
I'm due to go on maternity leave soon so thought that when baby arrives and is a few months old, we would take him and our DS1 for a special trip to a lodge, and we would could enjoy woodland walks during the day, as well as activities for the kids, like swimming, arts and crafts, and outdoor play parks.
I would love for there to be a food market available to buy nearby, so that we can enjoy decadent dinners in our lodge, as well as a choice of local restaurants serving meals with fresh produce.

emphasisofmatter · 27/01/2020 22:09
  • being near the beach would be great, but also staying somewhere with a pool and water play area too.
  • great food but not too pricey and children's options
  • nice walks nearby and places to teach the children how to cycle
  • close to town centre
  • clean accommodation with living area and space to play games
  • a variety of activities nearby
OnTheEdgeOfTheNight · 27/01/2020 22:15

Things we like include :

A beach location - accommodation either at the beach or a short, easy walk away. Nice walks available.
A play area for young children
Well-stocked kitchen in self - catering accommodation. Pots, pans, tin opener etc.

Justmuddlingalong · 28/01/2020 00:02

Clean, affordable accommodation. Outdoor and indoor activities to cope with the Great British weather. Self catering facilities but with onsite restaurants and a bar or two.

Sleepycat91 · 28/01/2020 00:06

Love devon and cornwall, near a beach, nice accommodation as once the kids are in bed, its nice to relax in a tidy, clean and modern accommodation. We love having the option to pay for the extra of a hot tub. Childrens entertainment thats interesting for the kids and adult entertainment thats not cheesy. We always end up going off peak or places that dont provide entertainment so our children have missed out on this.

margaritasbythesea · 28/01/2020 06:46

A tent or a hut near the sea with a river and a forest nearby. And then, kitchen, clean toilets and blasting hot shower hidden round the corner!


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We3kingsoforientareandabump · 28/01/2020 06:50

A campsite with clean facilities. Secure enough that the children can have a little bit of freedom. Good park. Entertainment. A swimming pool with a water slide. Near a beach. Good walks nearby. National trust property within an hour's drive. No more than 15 mins from a supermarket.

merrytombombadil · 28/01/2020 08:51

I have a dream of a kind of 'all inclusive' caravan holiday. We stay with Parkdean a lot, and love a cosy centrally heated caravan. What would make it perfect would be if the fridge was already stocked with easy to make family friendly meals, and there were toiletries and kitchen bits already ready and waiting. I'd happily pay extra for this service.

vitacars12 · 28/01/2020 08:53

I will be coming to UK so that my children can enjoy their vacation.Can anyone please suggest me the areas where we can enjoy our vacation.?

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