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Read about Mumsnet users' perfect UK breaks

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JustineBMumsnet · 27/01/2020 10:43

This thread is now closed.

There’s no question that staycations are on the rise. And whether you’d consider one because they can be cheaper, easier with a large family, you want to appreciate the UK or simply because you can bring your dogs along too, Parkdean Resorts would like to hear about what your ideal UK staycation looks like.

Here’s what Parkdean Resorts has to say: “We are the UK’s largest Holiday Park operator with 67 locations in some of the most stunning coastal, countryside and lakeside locations. From the impressive Scottish Highlands to the sunny South Coast, a Parkdean Resorts holiday is a great way to explore the UK and discover your new favourite spot.

Adventurers can camp with their tent, touring caravan or even try Glamping. Or choose from a huge choice of caravans, lodges and hot tub lodges including brand new accommodation for 2020, to suit all budgets and family sizes packed with everything you need for a stress-free holiday. And with 66 parks offering dog friendly accommodation, you really can bring the whole family on your holiday.

Find the best choice of accommodation by booking early, with deposits from only £25. And, you can now spread the cost of your holiday in easy and affordable monthly Direct Debit payments. Perfect!”

Would you be looking for a beachside break for the whole family while hoping the British rain holds off or do you think a couples midweek retreat sounds like the perfect way to recharge your batteries? Where in the UK is next on your list to visit? If you already ‘staycation’ regularly, what do you enjoy about it?

All who share what their perfect UK break would look like on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Read about Mumsnet users' perfect UK breaks
OP posts:
Cauliflowerpower · 06/02/2020 15:49

We love to be by the sea, somewhere with lots for young children, a pool preferably with a slide, a kids disco and a clean comfortable base to stay.

Weve been on three parkdean holidays with our twins and we love it. Team Lizzie and Pipsqueak here! Although they quite like Narky too 🤣😂🤣😂

Katylyn · 06/02/2020 16:04

When we go on a Uk holiday the accommodation has to be clean and have a lovely view.
A walk to a pub or restaurant is a must own our kids are older.
When the kids were young on site entertainment was our priority but not so important now.
One thing that drives me mad on Uk holidays is the lack of basic items such as washing up liquid, kitchen roll, tin foil, toilet rolls etc. These items take up valuable boot space needed for a family break and are so cheap to provide.

pinkcomb · 06/02/2020 16:37

My ideal uk destination would be somewhere where I can look back over the years where happy memories were made .Majority of people would say destination, the climate , the value for money ,but like I said it's the memory that counts .So what if the accommodation was needing a little tlc who cares if the toilet got blocked ( ok bit annoying,but things can be fixed .My best ever holiday was when I was a child my family went to Scotland .We were in the middle of nowhere .We had to just get on with what we had .I get that I was only a child & my parents dealt with the brunt of it ,but I have fond memories.

Screamingeels · 06/02/2020 19:10

Nature, views, a bit of adventure. Trees to climb, mountains to scale, some decent history - a castle or a battlefield.
Somewhere cozy with a fire or a wood burning stove to sleep in.

zigzagbetty · 06/02/2020 20:11

With a pre schooler we like a good warm pool and entertainment for rainy days. Our little girl loves the characters and the crew members at parkdean. Soft play areas are a bonus along with affordable eating out.

Belmo · 06/02/2020 20:37

Hmm. Plenty for the kids to do most importantly! I like feeling like I’m in the middle of nature, but at the same time it’s good to be close enough to fun stuff. Parks are essential, nice places to eat too.

FairyDustSparkle · 06/02/2020 20:53

A cottage or tent near the coast! We love Cornwall and Devon but also Norfolk, the lakes and Peak District. Campfires at night and looking at all the start and sparkles as my daughter called them. We love the beach, but a place that also has some indoor activities in case of rain! Great little places to eat, exploring the local areas and just being able to relax as a family and making memories.

elrider · 06/02/2020 21:44

With my 3 year old, a good sandcastle-building beach, ideally a nearby swimming pool and playground, some kind of children's club would be a bonus, and staying in a lodge or glamping! I wouldn't mind where in the country as long as it's somewhere I haven't been as I like to see new places!

biffyboom · 06/02/2020 21:58

More variety of activities and entertainment aimed at smaller age ranges, instead of trying to appeal to a wide age range.
Toddlers and young children don't understand or cannot keep up with entertainment that interesting enough for the older children.

NewRoadToHappinessxx · 07/02/2020 07:37

Recently single mum to 5 children inc 7yr old twins and a 5yr old. I am looking for affordable, traditional holiday park where there are no cost things to do included. Short walk to the beach is a must too and an indoor pool for when the weather is bad (oh and somewhere that has a solution for a single parent with 3 children under 8 trying to take them swimming) fish and chips, ice cream, laughter and love that’s the perfect break.

Fattynoms02 · 07/02/2020 08:13

Either beach or countryside holiday but with indoor options for kids with the British weather being so unreliable!
Decent equipped kitchen also helps.

lottietiger · 07/02/2020 10:45

Ww love a park with an indoor swimming pool in case of bad British weather! Flumes etc is a benefit. Some early evening entertainment for young children so i dont need to keep my 7 year old up. Bike rental and safe car free places to cycle round the caravans.

yasmin0147 · 07/02/2020 10:46

My ideal UK break would be somewhere by the beach either in Cornwall or Devon or Great Yarmouth, a caravan holiday with my two kids and my husband, for Friday until Sunday. Either in the spring or summer.

Nemchen · 07/02/2020 11:07

We’ve recently just had a baby so our idea of a holiday has totally changed recently as I was so sick during my pregnancy we couldn’t go anywhere too far so we went to a local caravan park. I really enjoyed the idea of being close to home incase I needed to go back. For us now the ideal holiday would be a nice cabin or lodge with a hot tub or big bath so when the baby was in bed we could stay close by but still have an enjoyable adult time and in the day we could go on nice scenic walks or have a baby play area nearby!

Aliceinwonder87 · 07/02/2020 11:14

Somewhere toddler friendly with plenty of entertainment, a nice beach and good food!

bikerclaire · 07/02/2020 11:19

A good base where we could relax and enjoy a pool and kids entertainment to help tire out our little one ready for bed. Also we'd like the option of taking a bus or taxi from the site to enjoy the countryside and have the option of takeaway food delivery, maybe a pick up point made clear. If the park could liaise with supermarket delivery that would be awesome, so that on the day we arrived there could be fresh food that we could choose in advance, either already delivered to the caravan or shortly after arrival. After a long drive, having a quick sandwich and a good, hot cup of tea with fresh milk would be very reviving and we don't always want to have to go out to buy fast food, we often prefer to eat very quickly and then get out to enjoy the sights right away.

soozybee1 · 07/02/2020 12:40

A nice cabin in or near woods, dog friendly with a nice patio and a log burner

Iamneverfull · 07/02/2020 13:48

We do 2 UK holidays per year with a 10 year old and now have a newborn. For us it has to be a nice location with a few shops, cafes, beach and still feels alive in the evening (like St Ives, Great Yarmouth, Mablethorpe, Weymouth). The site has to be clean with nice parks, flowers, pretty at night with lights. The evening entertainment should be good for all the family, able to get a seat, drinks not too expensive. Swimming pools with slides, lazy river, waves, colourful and warm, I have been to several Haven sites where we haven't gone back to the pool as it was too cold. We found it useful to have land trains before that take you to the nearest beach/town and the children love it. Nice family restaurant on site with a play area as well as takeaway options.

ailsasheldon · 07/02/2020 13:50

We love to stay local. Even if its just a few miles from home it feels like a break when you arent in your own bed! It is better for the environment and there is no moaning from the kids about being bored in the car! we like somewhere where we can get out and about with lots of woodland walks and beaches

pinkflump2020 · 07/02/2020 14:38

We are booked into a Parkdean resort in Nortfolk in August. I've always found them to be great camp sites, clean vans and in fantastic locations! We love a parkdean break but always try to book a park near the seaside to have more options for days out Grin

Namechangeforthis123 · 07/02/2020 17:52

A lovely sand acsessable beach is always a good start.
Lots of on site activities, lots included in the price too! I have teenagers so something to entertain them would be great. A good choice of food outlets and a well-stocked shop. Happy me 😊

ha2el · 07/02/2020 19:02

A coastal holiday where the children beach comb with me and my husband most of the day.


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AquaBaba · 07/02/2020 20:18

We tend to have a staycation in a small seaside village in Cornwall. We have been going there for nine years, and try to book the same cottage, which we enjoy staying in. The village is small, and there are no shops in it, so we have to book an online grocery delivery, and also go to Penzance by bus for extras.
What would make it better? The recycling could be improved, and would be nice to have access to fresh bread and veg in the village. Otherwise, it's a great place to visit.

Toomanytears · 07/02/2020 22:01

Near a beach and a heated indoor pool that's actually warm, preferably with a slide or similar.

A good onsite pub/restaurant with children's play area that's enclosed.

Richlyfruited · 07/02/2020 22:33

These days I think it would have to be a city break as we have 2 grumpy teenagers who both detested our last 'boring' summer holiday in the Lake District! It's really hard to meet the needs of all the family - we need entertainment for them and peace and quiet for us. Ideally a break from cooking for me too Grin

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