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Read about Mumsnet users' perfect UK breaks

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JustineBMumsnet · 27/01/2020 10:43

This thread is now closed.

There’s no question that staycations are on the rise. And whether you’d consider one because they can be cheaper, easier with a large family, you want to appreciate the UK or simply because you can bring your dogs along too, Parkdean Resorts would like to hear about what your ideal UK staycation looks like.

Here’s what Parkdean Resorts has to say: “We are the UK’s largest Holiday Park operator with 67 locations in some of the most stunning coastal, countryside and lakeside locations. From the impressive Scottish Highlands to the sunny South Coast, a Parkdean Resorts holiday is a great way to explore the UK and discover your new favourite spot.

Adventurers can camp with their tent, touring caravan or even try Glamping. Or choose from a huge choice of caravans, lodges and hot tub lodges including brand new accommodation for 2020, to suit all budgets and family sizes packed with everything you need for a stress-free holiday. And with 66 parks offering dog friendly accommodation, you really can bring the whole family on your holiday.

Find the best choice of accommodation by booking early, with deposits from only £25. And, you can now spread the cost of your holiday in easy and affordable monthly Direct Debit payments. Perfect!”

Would you be looking for a beachside break for the whole family while hoping the British rain holds off or do you think a couples midweek retreat sounds like the perfect way to recharge your batteries? Where in the UK is next on your list to visit? If you already ‘staycation’ regularly, what do you enjoy about it?

All who share what their perfect UK break would look like on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Read about Mumsnet users' perfect UK breaks
OP posts:
thirdtimeluckythen · 04/02/2020 14:59

activities and entertainment for all - with a beach nearby! For me somewhere near the West Country. It has it all IMO

LivingTheThighLife · 04/02/2020 15:26

Things to do on site eg tennis, walks, fishing, swimming. BBQs. Some interesting places to visit nearby, castles or museums. Nice weather ideally!

DecemberSnow · 04/02/2020 15:28

Indoor children's activities during the day that would be suitable for a varied age.... 2 years and 7 years, So same room, but something that could be split so would keep them both happy....

Phineyj · 04/02/2020 15:33

I've stayed in one of your resorts (in Dorset) and I really objected to having to walk through the slot machine room whenever we wanted to use the bar or the pool. It was the only exit in the evening. I do not want to have my young DC pestering me all week to gamble! I have looked at some of your other resorts and the set ups seem similar. I don't have any personal moral objection to gambling, but there's a time and a place and a holiday with little kids is not it.

JulesJules · 04/02/2020 16:49

My perfect UK break would be a weekend in London with theatre tickets

michael888 · 04/02/2020 19:31

A quaint village is a perfect break and holiday destination for us. Tea rooms, churches and castles to visit and close links to historical towns and cities.

SoloMummy · 04/02/2020 19:45

Our perfect break would be a lodge, with enough rooms that all 8 could have a room and no one sleep in the lounge.
There would be a washing machine with tumble dryer and dishwasjer; cleaning up after 8 is no mean feat so this helps make it a real break!
Height of luxury would be a hot tub too with a lovely table and chairs to eat outside in the warmer weather and watch those in the tub.
There would be simple activities available like mini or crazy golf, play parks. A heated swimming pool for the children to enjoy.
Activities galore on the dya so that everyone's taste was catered for. Walking distance to a beach or woods would top that off as close to perfect!
Good, wholesome family fun for the children and the adults in the evening.
An on site shop for those little extras and some inexpensive eateries that offer good quality food as a treat!

piraterach12 · 04/02/2020 21:19

Plenty of entertainment for my toddler, a large sandy beach, not too busy and dog friendly. It's so hard finding somewhere that caters for kids AND dogs!

Mamaistheword · 04/02/2020 21:55

I look for a place for the kids to enjoy themselves e.g. water parks and club, plus a little getaway for the parent to escape for some relaxation.

Zofloramummy · 04/02/2020 22:07

I’ve stayed at a Park Dean site in Dorset (Warmwell) and it was a brilliant holiday. I’m booked to go to Breydon Water (caravan) at Easter and Ty Mawr (tent) in August.

For me the perfect holiday as a single parent is good quality onsite amenities, entertainment, beautiful surroundings and lots to do in the local area. A pool is a definite bonus and somewhere to shop and eat. Good value for money and a real feeling of escape!

It’s often difficult to book holidays as a single parent as the cost can be prohibitive but I’ve found that Park Dean is competitively priced and the low deposit helps! I would love to go to Cornwall next year.

TellMeItsNotTrue · 05/02/2020 07:40

Safe environment, so no cars or only at set times/days
Plenty to do as a family or activities to suit all ages/personalities that we could do individually
Not too many costs once you get there - maybe a pass available for x amount of activities or x amount of meals out could be purchased when you book the holiday, so you know exactly what you are going to be spending
Free indoor and outdoor playgrounds/play areas
Family friendly
Disabled friendly - Adequate number of disabled accommodation, buildings all accessible, maybe wheelchair hire available

I don't expect everything, but the more boxes it ticks the better and more likely hood of me booking

juicylucywb · 05/02/2020 09:38

I would love to go away to a lovely, clean campsite with lots of facilities and entertainment for kids of all ages, a swimming pool, near a nice beach, good restaurants, and lots of nice places to explore!

QuestionableMouse · 05/02/2020 09:49

Somewhere on the coast with beautiful beaches, places to explore and great food. I'd get to sleep in if I wanted to, then rise and eat a lovely brunch before spending the day exploring the local area. There would be a heated pool so I could swim and a range of dining options for dinner, some with delivery to my room/accommodation.

On days I didn't feel like exploring, I'd stay in and write, in the peace and quiet with a huge mug of hot chocolate and fresh scones.

I'd go for week and the accommodation would be cozy and comfortable, with a bath so I could have a soak! I could cook if I wanted to, with great local shops. It would be a safe area because I usually travel alone.

asparagusnextleft5 · 05/02/2020 09:57

We often choose a UK holiday over a foreign one, the main reason of course being cost, but also convenience - it's so easy just to throw everything in the car!
We prefer to rent a cottage or farmhouse rather than book anywhere "organised" as we like to do our own thing. We often choose somewhere in North Wales as there is so much to do and see there - from beaches to mountains, castles to exilharating activities. You could stay for a month and do something different each day!

DowntonCrabby · 05/02/2020 10:02

We love leisurely mornings and busy afternoons, a scenic walk, time spent at the beach or taking part in the resort activities. With a large age gap between children swimming is a great all rounder.
We’d self cater but would enjoy a good pub/restaurant for a couple of nights off cooking.

Stressheadme123 · 05/02/2020 13:23

Caravan that is well kept, near by green areas for football and swingball etc. A beach or river nearby for a paddle for the kids on a nice day. Nighttime entertainment aimed at children so we can have a drink and relax.
An indoor pool for colder days and activities inside like bouncy castle incase the weather is raining the whole time. Good restaurant on site. And good weather!

mumto2teenagers · 05/02/2020 14:30

Close to the beach, ideally with a sea view from the accommodation. Good entertainment both in the daytime and in the evening which is included in the price and caters for all ages. Dog friendly accommodation with lots of walks near by.

sunshinewey · 05/02/2020 17:35

Lovely weather, great company, smiling kids, comfy clean and cosy accommadation, in the south west area, being near the sea is a real bonus and some entertainment is a plus too....

candish63 · 05/02/2020 18:44

Staying close to a flat sandy beach and having a pool is essential

claza93 · 05/02/2020 21:23

Always near the sea! Nothing beats it! Family friendly and lots of outdoor activities for the children where they can room freely and make memories rather than spending time on devices :)

Mumof3dogs · 06/02/2020 07:19

I would like somewhere that caters for multi generation families who want to holiday together
I have 3 grown up kids plus a GD but would like to holiday all together somehow.
We did similar holidays when they were young so this could be perfect but it needs to meet all needs of toddler, Mum and Nanny who want to relax, Men who want to do some active stuff besides a pool and also some entertainment at night .
Local beaches would be great too.
We have 2 dogs who would love to come although often we leave them to have a holiday in a kennels. If somewhere could have a facility such that we could take our dogs but leave them in daycare while we had days out/ by pool , that would be fab!

Goingovertosusanshouse · 06/02/2020 09:30

We love to be near a beach. We’ve never been abroad or on a hot summer holiday. We just want a beach where we can spend the day and somewhere nice for a walk. Decent fish and chips also a bonus!


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angel0071987 · 06/02/2020 12:52

We always have staycations in the Uk as cant afford to go abroad to the sun. We love beach holidays, exploring countryside and woodlands playparks, swimming and adventure playgrounds. If we found a resort that had fun play spaces for toddlers then we'd probably snap it up. Splash pads (indoor and out to account for uk weather), a pool with slides, maybe a soft play place too with lots of dining choices open all the time (ie not only serving dinner from 7-9) and a spa for the adults too. This would be fab!!!

addyt · 06/02/2020 13:12

Somewhere with activities for all ages (children / adults). Somewhere you can hire or book baby equipment so that you don't have to fill your car with the entire contents of your house!
And where parents feel like they are actually having a break!

Bluewavescrashing · 06/02/2020 15:07

Decent, non-damp accommodation as my DCs have asthma. Staying in a damp lodge once resulted in a hospital admission--not ideal when on holiday.

Clean, warm pool with a few slides and lazy river.

Not fussed on evening entertainment as we watch TV or play games in our cabin.

Lots of space for DCs to play outside, playground, climbing wall is a bonus.

Near the beach is always a winner.

Restaurant with decent pub style food or a cafe, ideally with a play area near it so we can have a coffee in peace.

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