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Slimming World 2023 - All Starters, Returners and anybody else welcome

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LightandAiry · 19/12/2022 20:54


OP posts:
BelandtheDragon · 24/11/2023 07:56

Well done on the weight losses. One pound off for me.

Wilma55 · 24/11/2023 08:16

Well done the losers! Don't think I've ever won SOW! Went back to group on Tuesday, first time since my BIG birthday and holiday at start of October - have gone off the rails since then. 5lb on - hope to lose that before Christmas.

I was going to a Saturday group but seldom stayed and that consultant has now left, they seem to have a very short life span there. I vaguely know someone at the Tuesday session so am hoping that will encourage me to stay.

useitorlose · 27/11/2023 18:20

Well done recent losers. @Wilma55 hope your new group works out.

I met my interim target today - 20 lbs gone!! I know it's not a stone and a half but 20 was more meaningful for me than 21! I'm going on holiday (in about an hour) and this is just what I wanted to achieve. When I get back, I will aim to lose any holiday gain to get back to this point, then have about 8lbs to lose for my final target. Hoping to stay active and eat free food!

LoreleiG · 05/12/2023 11:56

I have just found this thread and joining for support. I had lost 4.5lb in total but put back on 1.5lb today as I was poorly last week and think I maybe fed my cold too much… plus zero exercise from lying on the sofa!

Ralphiesaurus · 05/12/2023 15:00

Hello LoreleiG. Sorry to hear you have been poorly. You are still several pounds down overall though!

I went back to group for the first time in ages. I reached my original target a while ago so don't have to go every week. I might set a lower target in the new year though. Just learning how to maintain at the moment. I was surprised to be 4lb down last night! So I'm technically out of target range... but might move it.

Anyway 44lb down overall since end of April. Am v happy with that. Hope everyone else is doing ok.

Wilma55 · 05/12/2023 19:46

Well done @Ralphiesaurus I'm sure the festive period will see you back in target range!

Welcome to the group @LoreleiG get well soon.

I'm finding my new group and consultant much better and even inspiring! Pound off today which was amazing as had 3 meals out last week. My aim is to maintain and then start losing again in the new year. But I have found the thought of weighing in stops me eating and drinking quite as much as I otherwise would.

I found the Tipping Point podcast quite good.

thenewaveragebear1983 · 05/12/2023 21:37

I’m sort of winging it at the moment, having v small losses or (last week) tiny gain - I don’t feel like I’ve had a really proper week on plan for a while and my weeks have been divided into : weekend (completely off plan) and weekdays (clawing back)

I weigh in on Thursday and I would really like to have a proper week on plan this week. I don’t think I’ll lose on Thursday, I don’t really deserve to tbh, but I could do with a good week or two before Christmas. I am not going to drink on Friday although probably will on Saturday. We have family coming over, I’m going to do 2 nice pasta dishes which will be free+ hexA and try, try, try to keep on track.

BelandtheDragon · 07/12/2023 12:52

Weigh-in this morning. One pound off. Was half a pound on last week. So currently 10-12.5.

Target is 3.5 pounds away. I don’t think I’ll hit it before Christmas as want to enjoy a little Xmas food but if I can keep under 11 stone, that will be fine. My aim is one pound off next week and the following week.

Good luck to everyone on this journey and at least when Jan comes around, we’ll be on our way rather than at the beginning.

Well done @Ralphiesaurus - you are my inspiration to get to target! I really need to focus 😇

thenewaveragebear1983 · 07/12/2023 18:46

I lost 2lbs this week which I’m really surprised and pleased with as I didn’t expect to lose! I’m feeling quite motivated to stick with it for a bit longer til Christmas, I fully intend to enjoy Christmas food and drink but it’s too early to start a free for all yet.

BelandtheDragon · 07/12/2023 23:00

Great loss @thenewaveragebear1983

Ralphiesaurus · 13/12/2023 17:24

Another 2lb off for me as well this week. I'm now 5lb under target so need to either move my target or keep paying (or eat ALL THE CHEESE at Christmas...) Great dilemma to have.

Off to a work do this eve and seeing many colleagues in person for the first time since losing 46lb. I know they have seen me on Zoom but that's not the same is it? Excited but nervous. I know when I've lost weight in the past any compliments have been a bit triggering for some reason... I know not logical at all

BelandtheDragon · 14/12/2023 10:52

Well done @Ralphiesaurus
Definitely not the same online as in person. I’m sure you will get loads of compliments and asked what your secret is (as if there was one 😀). I’m sure you look fabulous. You’ll probably get “don’t lose anymore” and always a few that are resentful and won’t even mention it. But just have a fabulous time and think about going into January with a new goal for 2024 as you’ve smashed 2023!!!

I got 1.5lbs off today. Bit surprised as DH started baking at the weekend and my willpower weakened a bit. 2 pounds to target! Would be amazing to get there for next Thursday just to round the year off but let’s see. I’ve had a heavy cold this week so not much exercise.

Good luck everyone else. We’re nearly there (11 days to Xmas day) and I fully intend to enjoy it!

thenewaveragebear1983 · 14/12/2023 21:52

STS for me this week, which I think I was lucky to get tbh. Thurs/fri/sat/sun were a complete free for all. I did SP days mon/tues/wed. Today before I weighed in I didn’t really eat much, and after weigh in I had a cadburys Pud (top tier chocolate treat) and some 10p sourdough fruit loaf from Asda.
I’m going to do SP as many days as I can this week as it does seem to curb my appetite a bit. Last week to push til Xmas, I am 2lbs from 1 stone so that’s a doable target and would be a nice Christmas win.

Wilma55 · 16/12/2023 14:32

Half a pound on for me this week which is not too bad considering 2 meals out and lots of temptations about. Am just going to be mindful and try not to go over the top, ready to start again after the big day. We have a weigh and go on Wednesday after Christmas which I plan to go to to keep myself in check.

Are others weighing between Christmas and new year?

thenewaveragebear1983 · 16/12/2023 21:52

@Wilma55 I’m weighing on Thursday and then again on Thursday between Christmas and NY. I don’t think it will necessarily help me to keep on track, but it means I’ll know where I am and it saves having a big 2 week gain after 2 year.

imperialqueen · 17/12/2023 10:01

Hi all, well done to those whose lost and commiserations to those who gained. The last couple of weeks I have lost 0.5 and then 0.5 pounds.

Happy with last week as I was at t Christmas night that included free accommodation, free drink and free food. Totally off plan last Saturday and Sunday so chuffed I lost half a pound.

I was put down for 2 weeks holiday over the xmas period but keen to go to a weigh in at some point over that 2 weeks.

Wilma55 · 17/12/2023 11:21

Should we have a new thread for 2024 to encourage new joiners and motivate the rest of us?

I hear we are getting new books in 2024 does that happen every year?

thenewaveragebear1983 · 17/12/2023 16:42

@Wilma55 absolutely we need a 2024 thread!
they don’t give new books every year I don’t think, but they’ve changed the layout of the books a bit so everyone will get new.

the new year starts on a Monday, AND we get new books… I really don’t think we can fail this year, right?? 😜

thenewaveragebear1983 · 22/12/2023 21:43

Thanks @Wilma55

I’d put 2lbs on at weigh in yesterday, to be honest I’d pretty much given up this week and it was expected. I feel a bit apprehensive about the damage I could do this week and I don’t really want to rein it in too much, I love Christmas and I want to relax and enjoy myself. I suppose the key is finding a bit of balance and keeping up the good habits like having fruit and veg, drinking lots of water, and keeping active. I don’t like the feeling of being out of control and I find it difficult- I think it makes me self sabotage because I know I will crack eventually so in the end I just give in.

anyway- tomorrow- I’ll try to keep my food on track and eat plenty of veg, plus go for a run.
Sunday- food should be ok but I’ll be drinking. Will run
Monday- completely off piste
Tuesday - recovery (carbs, lazing about and wine)
weds- not sure
thurs- family meal, want to do a long run (eg 15km +) - weigh in at SW pm
Friday- working
Saturday- not sure but will run
Sunday- NYE- family party
Monday- recovery/hungover - start of super healthy January
Tues- back to work and back on track.

i think having my weigh in in the middle could help limit the damage but we’ll see….

imperialqueen · 23/12/2023 15:17

Thenewave = that sounds like a good plan.

I couldn't make weigh in on Thursday so went to another one today and lost 2.5lb, think the extra day and weigh in first thing rather than evening helped with the loss. 😀

Testarossa44 · 29/12/2023 09:50

Can I join please? Used to be a target member just over 2 years ago. Then my dad passed away very suddenly and I was a mess for a while. Have noticed the weight creeping back on and I’m now a stone and a half above my old target weight and it needs to stop! Will be joining a group mid Jan, when all the Christmas goodies have gone!


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