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Slimming World

Slimming World 2023 - All Starters, Returners and anybody else welcome

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LightandAiry · 19/12/2022 20:54


OP posts:
thenewaveragebear1983 · 08/11/2023 11:00

I think the problem with slimming world sp is that normally if you do a low carb diet you increase your fats. SW is too low fat to keep you going if you’re not eating the carbs.

BelandtheDragon · 09/11/2023 16:16

@RedPony1 well done on keeping your loss off for so long. That was great. Good luck with your new start.

3.5 pounds off since last weigh in on 19 Oct covering holiday and covid weeks. I was surprised (as always) as have been hungry over past few days and eaten lots of little bits but have ran 2x10km last two nights and will run again tonight so think that is helping a bit. Not convinced the 6-700 cals it said I have burnt in the runs are real, maybe 300 or so. But I’ll take regardless.

It was nice to be back at a mtg. Got my 2.5 stone award and met 2nd interim target. So 4 pounds to reach target of 10-9. Confirmed it today on the system. Any lower and think I will struggle. Hopefully will make it within 4wks although have 2 Xmas parties first week of Dec and another mid Dec.

thenewaveragebear1983 · 09/11/2023 17:48

Put 1/2 a pound on tonight which I must admit I’m a bit disappointed by but… oh well.

Pebbledashery · 10/11/2023 12:26

First week weigh in after starting group again, 3.5 off :)

imperialqueen · 10/11/2023 12:52

well done Pebbledashery, you must be chuffed.
Hope you don't mind me joining. I am into my 3rd week and have lost 8.5 pounds so very happy, though I think this proves how much rubbish I was actually eating. I would still like to lose another 2.5 stone so some way to go.

BelandtheDragon - well done on losing 2.5 stone.

useitorlose · 11/11/2023 04:42

Morning all, October was slow progress for me but it's still heading in the right direction. I'm now almost 18 weeks into my online membership and I have lost 1st 4lbs so far - my target is 2st in total but I was aiming for 1st 9lbs by the end of November, which realistically is not going to happen. I'm ok with that as I can see such a difference in my body already, my clothes fit so much better and it's just a number.

@imperialqueen you're off to a great start!

thenewaveragebear1983 · 11/11/2023 07:33

October was a good month for me, I’m averaging about a pound a week and overall I’m 8lbs down after my little gain this week. I’ve woken up with a rotten sore throat though and I feel grumpy and tired after being woken in the night and then coming down to a mess in the dog crate from a poorly puppy. Not nice at 6am. I’m now waiting for a bath to run and will wallow in there for a bit before the usual Saturday circus of football, kids parties, puppy and other fun and games 🙄

I need to do a shop, I think it will need to be click and collect as I have no time to actually shop. I’m going to sit and plan my menu and organise myself for the week. I really want a fishfinger sandwich, I’ve been promising myself one but I haven’t actually got round to it so I think that’s my brunch sorted for today.

have a great weekend!

TomWambsgansSwans · 11/11/2023 22:04

Well done all those who lost and commiserations to those who had a bump in the road this week!

I'm at 9st 9lb and have 10lbs to go until target.

I am dithering over whether to try SP weeks to get there - I lost quite a bit (4lbs) the last time I did an SP week in August but then I had a massive binge and just couldn't stop eating afterwards - I didn't weigh in for a couple of weeks and then put 6lbs on. Tbh it was a bit concerning how obsessed I got with it all!

I might try an SP 'light' week and not be as strict and see how it goes - so protein and speed for breakfast and lunch but a bit more relaxed for dinners.

useitorlose · 12/11/2023 06:03

@TomWambsgansSwans you're on a very similar path to me...I'm now at 9st 5 and aiming for 9st and then review, eventually maybe 8st 10 as that makes my maintenance range 8.7 - 8.13. I have never done pure SP, I'm vegetarian and eat so close to that way anyway apart from keeping syns to 10, lol.

LeftyLou · 16/11/2023 10:04

1.5 lbs loss for me this week. Really pleased with that. I am hoping to be down under 13 stone by Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Hope everyone is doing okay.

Pebbledashery · 16/11/2023 11:28

Frustratingly, I went to group last night and put 0.5lb on, but I know I have 100% stuck to it, and not gone anywhere near over syn allowances. I also weigh things like rice and pasta and potatoes.

My group is at 4.00pm after almost a full day of eating.
So, this morning I weighed myself first thing, and from last week I am down another 2lbs! so I am a bit like WTF is going on?

It obviously matters what time of day you get weighed does it not?

thenewaveragebear1983 · 16/11/2023 13:17

@Pebbledashery of course if you had eaten all day it would show as weight on the scales. Plus any water/tea/coffees etc
I weigh at 5.30 so I eat and drink normally until around 1.30 and then I have dinner after group

it’s my weigh in today, I’m not feeling like I’ve lost, I feel really tired and grumpy and hormonal. I’ll be annoyed if I’ve gained again as I’ve actually had a good week but I’m on HRT and on my progesterone weeks I just seem to retain weight. Changeover on Sunday so then hopefully I’ll have two weeks where I might lose again- it’s going to be bloody slow to target if I only lose half the month 🤦‍♀️ feeling very cheesed off right now !

thenewaveragebear1983 · 16/11/2023 20:14

i maintained tonight which I am not really surprised about but I am a bit disappointed. I’m still hovering around just over 11stone, I need 1.5 off next week to be in new numbers and I would really like 2 off just for a bit of a boost. I’m feeling really tired and miserable.

SkinnyChaiLattePlease · 17/11/2023 09:30

Hi, Can I join please? I have dipped in and out under previous names.

I'm heavier than I started the year. This was going to be MY year.

However, I've got exercise sorted. I've got work sorted. So maybe food (and drink) will now fall into place if I can focus on that too?

I can't afford to sign up at the moment, so I've got my old book out, and an old school 'meal log' pad. And I start sort of today, properly tomorrow, because I have food planned for today that's not SW friendly.

But I was wondering if I could ask a couple of things...

  1. Does collagen have syns?
  2. Does anyone know the syn value for a 'drink me chai latte' (I will not be asking this every time I want something, I tend to google but this is my daily treat and I can't find anything!)
  3. How about mince pies? 😂

I'm starting at 60.6kg (9stone 7.5lbs) - I'd really like to be 53kg/ 8 stone 4 (I'm short).

Thanks x
thenewaveragebear1983 · 17/11/2023 09:44

For anything that’s not free food, the syns is usually 20 cals = 1 syn. i’ve not found anything that doesn’t fit that rule to be honest although they will try to tell you it’s more complex to calculate than that. If it’s something that has an element of free food (eg a shop bought pasta/potato dish) it will be different, but anything like mince pies or your coffee Can be calculated that way.
not sure about the collagen, it doesn’t show in the app.

thenewaveragebear1983 · 17/11/2023 09:46

Here’s your latte

Slimming World 2023 - All Starters, Returners and anybody else welcome
SkinnyChaiLattePlease · 17/11/2023 09:49

Thanks @thenewaveragebear1983  that's really helpful!

I'm treating it like i've never done it before, so I don't start with lazy bad habits!

Reading your last post, I understand the tired and miserable - let me know if you need somebody to bounce slimming world talk off, I feel like if I have somebody to talk about it to, I'm more likely to focus....but I am so embarrassed to be back here again, so not in real life might be easier?!


thenewaveragebear1983 · 17/11/2023 13:32

@SkinnyChaiLattePlease yes I went back with the mindset of ‘new member’ - I had done it years ago but then switched to various low carb/ calorie counting combos and to be honest I was just hungry and cheated all the time. I need food! So after much deliberation I rejoined SW and I am actually really enjoying it. I am eating properly again and yeah, my weight loss is depressingly slow but at least I am not gaining. I was calorie counting badly and after a year I weighed more than when i started. Putting my summer things away and I just promised myself that it had to change. This year I had to buy everything new because I’d put on a whole size and I felt really miserable so I am determined next year that is never happening again.

however- what I have realised is the SW is just too carby if you completely allow as the plan says ‘unlimited’ pasta/ rice/ potato etc. I think I do need to limit it a bit. I don’t want to do sp because I hear really bad things about it once you stop, but I do need to stop having rice/ pasta etc every day. I don’t eat loads Of it but I do have some.

I have lost 8lbs though, and I think that’s noticeable on me, and I feel better for it. I am going to do a real push to Christmas as I could be down a stone in total by then.

PositivePants2023 · 17/11/2023 14:14

@thenewaveragebear1983 8lbs is great - well done!

I hear and relate to your story very very much. We've got this!

If I could shift half by Christmas I would be very happy, my problem is there's so much 'stuff' that seems to happen birthdays/weddings/anniversary/ but I will just have to be blooming strict on the days events aren't happening!

I agree about the carbs, I'm trying to have at least one carb free meal, so today I had yogurt and berries. It wasn't the same as toast and eggs or porridge, but it is what it is!

SkinnyChaiLattePlease · 17/11/2023 14:25

Name change fail 🙄

pelagra · 18/11/2023 10:16

I'm not sure about the carbs. I eat quite large portions of potatoes/rice/pasta with my meals, and I've lost 1stone 4lb. since June. I eat very little meat though, so perhaps a vegetarian style diet needs something other than protein to fill you up.

This week, 0.75lb down, which I'm delighted with as I've have two lots of medical bad news and done a lot of comfort eating.

imperialqueen · 20/11/2023 14:44

pelagra - sorry to hear you've not had great news this week. Well done on the loss.

I lost 3lb this week, which surprised me as I wasn't overly on it the weekend before. Not been very on plan this weekend either so not expecting a loss this week.


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thenewaveragebear1983 · 23/11/2023 20:08

I lost 2.5lbs this week and was slimmer of the week which I was really pleased with. It’s come after a few difficult weeks so I really needed a loss for a mojo boost- feeling motivated now. It’s 4 weigh ins til Christmas so I could actually reach my first target of 1 stone off my then if I work hard.

pelagra · 23/11/2023 21:16

Well done both @imperialqueen and @thenewaveragebear1983 Those losses make a real difference.

imperialqueen · 23/11/2023 22:56

@thenewaveragebear1983 well done on slimmer of the week and your weight loss.
@pelagra Thank you.

2lb lost this week.

Hope everyone is happy with their weigh in this week.

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