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Slimming World

Today is the day!

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WhoUsedMyName · 08/09/2020 08:31

Hello fellow fat fighters, I bit the bullet and went back to SW last night I have about 5 stone to lose and would like at least one off before Christmas. Would anyone care to join me?

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WhoUsedMyName · 24/09/2020 16:11

@DAC21 my birthday is feb 19th 😁 I had a rubbish start sickness and all the jazz but now I'm just plagued with heartburn which may I add have found out today 1syn for a rennies and I've been eating them by the packet Hmm

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DAC21 · 25/09/2020 13:45

@Nodancingshoes Thank you! And well done on being back on plan after the lunch. I feel like this is actually the way to go, to fully enjoy those occasional social meals without stressing about choices and then focus on healthy eating the rest of the time.

@WhoUsedMyName Rennie being a syn must be a joke! It should be a Health Extra C! Grin

I had my Week2 weighing today and -3.5lbs this week, so -7.5 lbs in total! I am so pleased, it may even be possible that I will manage to lose a stone in 6 weeks (I signed up to a 6-week period to start with).

I have tried to make a SW-version of the Dutch mustard soup I posted earlier, but somehow it wasn't quite the same without cream and a large chunk of crusty bread... Hmm Grin


WhoUsedMyName · 25/09/2020 16:23

Well done @DAC21 3.5 is brilliant did you give it to me 🤣

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ListenLinda · 25/09/2020 20:16

A fully on plan SP day here. Using syns on some Gin. Hope you all have a lovely friday evening, whatever you are up to Smile


MissRabbitIsExhausted · 25/09/2020 20:31

Well done @DAC21 that's fantastic!

Happy Friday everyone Smile


Nodancingshoes · 26/09/2020 07:34

Well done @DAC21 - 3.5lbs is brilliant!


DAC21 · 28/09/2020 11:17

Thank you guys! Had a few syns at the weekend but still within 15, so hopefully okay. Have to brace myself for a synful one this weekend, friend we have not seen for a while coming to visit us and we do like to indulge in food when we are together. Sod it though, it will be so good to be together! Maybe I should build up a syn-credit in the days leading up to it.

@ListenLinda What is a full SP day? Is that nothing else but Speed foods?

Hope everyone is having a good start of the week!


ListenLinda · 28/09/2020 12:05

@DAC21 its speed & protein. All foods are S or P and usual.

Basically low carb, useful for when you need a boost or a good loss before an event or to get your mojo back!


ListenLinda · 28/09/2020 12:06

Usual syns* bloody phone sorry!


DAC21 · 28/09/2020 16:12

Oh I see, thank you! I have seen 'Extra Easy SP' on online recipes but didn't quite understand, now I know! I might apply that next week to pay for my syns the weekend before... :)


WhoUsedMyName · 28/09/2020 17:14

Can't believe I made this thread and I'm being the worst. I've done sw before but this time I'm just struggling I do really good mon-thurs then Fri-sun ruin all my hard work. 🙄 got weigh in tonight not feeling very hopeful. Maybe try sp few days this week x

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MissRabbitIsExhausted · 28/09/2020 17:15

@WhoUsedMyName your pregnant, you really do have an excuse at least you are trying!

I stayed the same today, really really need to get my head back in the game this week. Have a big Sainsbury's delivery full of healthy stuff coming tomorrow so I'm going to try my hardest this week!


DAC21 · 28/09/2020 17:58

@WhoUsedMyName Seconding MissRabbit on that, you can't control what the hormons are doing. I think eating sensibly more days of the week than not, so that is a total win! I can hugely recommend doing weighing on Friday morning if you have that option, I feel like it gives me the chance to redeem myself after the weekend.


onelastoush · 28/09/2020 21:32

I'm struggling too . I am always thinking about food . I'm hungry now and know I should not eat before bed . Think I will have a cup of tea though .

I think anyone doing SW while pregnant is great and Yu are doing good @WhoUsedMyName


WhoUsedMyName · 28/09/2020 21:50

Thanks all of you ❤️ I'm really happy I lost 3lb really really happy 😁 it's my sons 13th birthday today and my sisters 30th tomorrow will be having pizza and cake tomorrow night but after that I'm going to really get on it thank you for your support needed that today.
Friday weigh in does make a lot more sense tbh great little trick that.

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Chloe1973 · 28/09/2020 23:13

Hi All,
I'm starting slimming world online tomorrow and would love to join this group. I have 3 stones to lose. I have tried SW in the past but have never stuck to it. I feel more determined this time so here's hoping.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also does everyone always fill their plates with 1/3 speed? Silly question can I eat a banana on its own or should I always eat food with speed?
Thank you in advance x


WhoUsedMyName · 29/09/2020 08:13

Hi @Chloe1973 welcome. Bananas are great and free and yes you can eat one on its own. But say I wouldn't have 3 bananas because there not speed but could have 3 apples because they are if that makes sense. You ideally want to go for what ever is speed if you can practice what you preach and all that whoops . I don't always fill up on enough speed but the more speed the better loss and so on. Also remember if you mush or blend a banana or any fruit I think you have to syn. Good luck xx

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WhoUsedMyName · 29/09/2020 08:14

But If you really want chocolate then eat as many bananas as you want because that's the better choice 🤣🤣

OP posts:

DAC21 · 29/09/2020 08:49

@WhoUsedMyName Happy birthday to your son, have a great celebration! How many children do you have? We have a 2-year old boy and another little boy on the way.

@Chloe1973 Welcome to the group! I do try to add speed food to every meal, but don't fixate on the 1/3 of the plate. However, I am totally new to this, so maybe I should follow it more strictly. I find that pear gives me a better sweet satisfaction than apples, so I try to eat both ofthose every day. Banana more occasionally. However, I have made the mistake of purchasing a box of caramel hifi bars last week, omg, they are super sweet! Typically, I had them on days where I had already had my HexB, so had to syn them. I will try out Alpen Light as well - once a synner always a synner. :)


Notgoingonholiday · 29/09/2020 08:56

I've been following SW for 16 years and I still can't get my head round the banana mashing syns Grin. I believe it, just don't get it!
Good luck to all the new people joining SW. I think it's fantastic.


Chloe1973 · 29/09/2020 09:13

Thank you @WhoUsedMyName [email protected] 💪🏼 Ok day one! Let’s go. Have a good week on plan everyone x


WhoUsedMyName · 29/09/2020 09:54

@DAC21 here's goes lol.... so we have
Ds-13 yesterday
Dd-6 all roughly two years apart family of 6 all in full time school, both working full time life is rolling then I get on medication ready to have a hysterectomy and low and behold here comes no 5 a huge surprise but also a miracle really so many odds stacked against him.Now we need a new car and have had to buy everything again 🤣

OP posts:

onelastoush · 29/09/2020 10:19

Hi everyone . @WhoUsedMyName that sounds like a super fun family and life you have . Good luck with the new baby . He or she will be very spoiled by its siblings I think .

I always try to eat lots of speed . But finding it harder now . I have been doing SW for about 16 months now . I need a shake up


DAC21 · 29/09/2020 10:49

@WhoUsedMyName That is really lovely, congratutalions on all you little kids and the new arrival! Wow, No 5 really sounds like a miracle baby! Hope both him and you are doing well.
I am super impressed that you both work full time, you could give me some tips on how to keep family and home organised while holding down a ft job! ;)

@Notgoingonholiday I think the mashed banana must be to do with the fact you don't burn calories chewing it! :)


WhoUsedMyName · 29/09/2020 11:06

The mashed banana thing kills me
every time as if you chew it or mash it first it goes down the same 🤔apparently somthing to do with changing the sugars I can never grasp it.
Well our house is always busy that's for sure I'm abit of a neat freak and hubby is abit more relaxed the dc are pretty helpful more than the dh in that area. But dh is brilliant with remembering appointments and clubs etc I'm more like if it's not in my diary it can't be happening kinda person I also took the wrong child to an eye appointment twice all the boys have glasses was my excuse 🤣I'm employed and he's self employed so my hours are always the same he can bend his abit to suit. I've actually been furloughed since April so I've thrown away everyone's shit whilst they weren't looking decluttered! I'm actually fed up of being at home now though hence joining sw because I can't stop eating x

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