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Today is the day!

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WhoUsedMyName · 08/09/2020 08:31

Hello fellow fat fighters, I bit the bullet and went back to SW last night I have about 5 stone to lose and would like at least one off before Christmas. Would anyone care to join me?

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DAC21 · 20/09/2020 08:43

Picnic was a disaster! I don't even know where to begin to count the syns! Friends made such lovely things, I couldn't resist. And then of course I was quickly out of control on portions. Not sure what strategy to apply to redeem myself, will definitely try to go syn-free today and maybe the next few days too if I can.


Nodancingshoes · 20/09/2020 11:13

Oh dear @DAC21 I find that you can usually have one 'off' day and still lose if you are on plan for the rest of the week. Forget it and move on - I bet it will still be ok xx I was out last night to an event where you couldn't take your own food. They only had pizza but I shared mine with a friend and only ate 2 slices so hopefully not too much damage done. I'm out for lunch tomorrow and I usually make bad choices so we'll see..๐Ÿ˜‚


DAC21 · 20/09/2020 21:44

@Nodancingshoes Thank you! I did a low-consumption day today to try to balance out the picnic fiasco. Had vegetable soup for lunch and dinner and only fruit between. Will go back to the plan tomorrow and try to keep low syn for the week.
How was your lunch? Well done on keeping pizza under control, this is where I struggle, to stop after a little bit.


onelastoush · 21/09/2020 11:10

God it's so so hard to keep to plan sometimes. I am expecting a gain this week unless I literally detox today and tomorrow. I was pretty good Saturday and Sunday . Made soup and lots of speed . At least we are all trying.

End of the day there is no magic formula . Eat healthy and portion control and move a bit too .


MissRabbitIsExhausted · 21/09/2020 15:09

Agree with at least we are all trying, it's so hard to stick to it all the time and I think I'm now at the expectation it might not be quick but if I stick to it 100% every single day in life with no treats at all I'll get fed up!

Managed 1 pound off this week, not amazing but progress. My knee is on the mend too so hoping a bit of excercise this week will give me another little boost for next week.


DAC21 · 22/09/2020 08:31

Exactly, we are at least trying. Also, I love the thing that someone said earlier, to think of the weight we would be if we hadn't started taking action. This thought really helps me, even if I don't lose weight at the pace I would like, I am at least preventing further weight gain which is a huge bonus.

Have managed two syn-free days, so feel like that may offset the Saturday binge. Will try to stay on track for the rest of the week, next weighing is on Friday.


WhoUsedMyName · 22/09/2020 11:51

Drum roll please.......
I put on 3lb so I'm half a lb from when I started ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜ฌwhoops fully deserved it tbh. I'm currently making a huge chicken and veg soup I will lose that this week pray for me x

OP posts:

DAC21 · 22/09/2020 20:47

@WhoUsedMyName How was the soup? I am sure it will help you get back on track! Everyone is allowed to have blips, and you are still below your starting weight! ๐Ÿ˜‰


onelastoush · 23/09/2020 08:14

I admit I took a week off weigh in this week . My head not in it . However in my defence I have not missed a weigh in this year as I did it virtually through lock down . Still have to pay though as I didn't book a holiday .
Any ideas on how I can stop giving into the afternoon snack which is a poor choice . It's my weak time of day . My meals are good and on plan . Yesterday I ate a whole box of marks flaky buttery pepper and salt sticks . ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


onelastoush · 23/09/2020 08:15

@WhoUsedMyName good luck with this week . Soup is great ๐Ÿ˜Š


WhoUsedMyName · 23/09/2020 09:05

So soup turned into a winner really enjoyed it actually loads of speed foods in there and also pearl barely works really well it's free and bulks it out . Have loads left for today although just eating wheetabix and banana ๐ŸŒ (could eat it again) went to Costco last night and dh and dc had pizza ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿคค I didn't so that's a start

OP posts:

ListenLinda · 23/09/2020 14:47

Checking back in after a blow out few days. It was my 30th birthday so I didnโ€™t count the G&Ts or the cupcakes ๐Ÿ™ˆ chicken salad for lunch today. Fully expecting a gain tomorrow but it is what it is!
Is everyone making soups? I love soup but lacking inspiration if anyone has any recipes they want to share?


DAC21 · 23/09/2020 15:32

Haha, yes, soup week! Mine are usually any vegetables I find in the fridge cooked in stock. But i want to try to make a SW-version of the Duth mustard soup which I totally love:


WhoUsedMyName · 23/09/2020 19:58

Chocolate quark and strawberries ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ˜

OP posts:

ListenLinda · 24/09/2020 06:35

So determined to get 1.5 stone off my christmas. While making DCs breakfast ive chopped up some carrots onions and garlic and whacked in a pan with some veg stock. Will blitz into a soup when its done, itโ€™s making the house smell beautiful and autumnal! ๐Ÿ˜ ive also upped my activity rings & steps on my watch. Is anyone else trying to do a bit of body magic too?


MissRabbitIsExhausted · 24/09/2020 10:32

I clearly need to get involved in this soup action, will have a look for recipes today!

@ListenLinda I'm doing couch to 5k for some body magic, would recommend giving it a try if you wanted to start running, I'm half way through now and can't believe I can actually run a bit more than walk now!


ListenLinda · 24/09/2020 10:40

@MissRabbitIsExhausted I donโ€™t know about running yet I donโ€™t think iโ€™m quite there haha but iโ€™m enjoying all the walking and closing my rings :)


WhoUsedMyName · 24/09/2020 10:54

I went swimming on Monday and really enjoyed it was going to go today but I'm full of cold which is abit crap. Once I had baby I plan on jogging ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ (maybe) I actually own a clothes horse running machine

OP posts:

MissRabbitIsExhausted · 24/09/2020 13:00

I would love to go swimming, I'm in Scotland though any my local pool still isn't open, hasn't been since March so I've not been for ages!!

You start walking and only running little bits, I never imagined I would be able to do it either but I'm actually quite enjoying it, clears my head!

I do think that excercise is important too, I see my body changing from that even when I'm not losing every week.


DAC21 · 24/09/2020 14:22

@WhoUsedMyName You are super good doing SW while pregnant! When are you due? Is there any special SW guidance for pregnant women? My other half is also pregnant (we are a same-sex couple) and I wonder sometimes if it is okay for her to be eating SW-style, but it is only dinners we eat together, the rest of the day she is at work and eats regular food, so hopefully I am not depriving her of anything.


WhoUsedMyName · 24/09/2020 14:24

@DAC21 I'm due on the 10th jan, sw is just healthy living so honestly not depriving her unless she's having mega cravings lol. But she can have double hexa

OP posts:

DAC21 · 24/09/2020 14:32

@WhoUsedMyName That's brilliant, thank you! New Year baby, how fantastic! Star We are just a month behind you, due in February. How are you feeling? Hope you are having a nice experience with the pregnancy.


Nodancingshoes · 24/09/2020 15:53

I was terrible when I went out for lunch..I dont regret it though cos it was lush! I got back on it the next day and I've been good ever since. Ryvitas and pineapple cottage cheese for lunch today, making a SW Mexican pasta bake for tea


Nodancingshoes · 24/09/2020 15:55

Congrats @DAC21 and @WhoUsedMyName


WhoUsedMyName · 24/09/2020 16:10

Thank you @Nodancingshoes Grin

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