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SW support thread #2 of 2018

992 replies

Groovee · 26/02/2018 15:33

New thread ladies...

OP posts:

Oldowl · 07/04/2018 18:42

I have just made lasagne with Calzone's cauliflower sauce recipe. It was SOOOO good.

I made the sauce by boiling half a cauliflower cut into florets in water with a chicken stock cube. I drained off the stock, blitzed with a hand blender added a large spoon of quark and gradually most of the stock to make it like a thick sauce.

It certainly made the lasagne tasty and very filling.

B- Bran flakes and milk
L- veggie omelette with cajun spices and salad, berries/quark/oats(3)
D- Lasagne and salad
Syns- extra light mayo (1), Alpen light bar (3.5), options hot choc

How did you get on at the offer day Groovee? I have all this to come next year. What is your DC hoping to study? Politics and International Relations here. DD is looking at studying in The Netherlands rather than the UK though.


MumInTheCity · 07/04/2018 18:52

Another decent day today though I've been pretty lazy so no exercise at all!
B - nothing
L - chicken, bean sprouts and stir fried vegetables
D - baked lemon and parsley cod, roasted butternut squash, courgettes, tomatoes and salad with homemade tartare sauce (1.5 syns for the mayo)
S - 2 hifi bars (HEB)

Still have my HEA and lots of syns left, might have a small bar of chocolate later.


MyGuideJools · 07/04/2018 18:54

B; yogurt and banana
D; shepherds pie from yesterday
T; rice, salmon, mushrooms (rice 3 syns)
Have also had grapes and mango.
no HexA or B yet so will prob have HiFi bars with a cup of tea


Tuttytoffee · 07/04/2018 22:41

I'm getting a sore throat and not in the mood to eat today. Obviously I have managed it as I'm a greedy cow..

B-2 hifi bars, apple, orange
L- a slice of ham and pickled onions
D- Veg stir fry (2 syns)

Treat was a strawberry Eton mess 4 syns. I feel peckish now but my throat is getting worse. I've opted for a cup of tea and then bed. Looks like I'll be making soup tomorrow.


Cherrypi · 08/04/2018 08:38

This week’s NSV went bra shopping down a cup and back size! I think I will be facing a gain this week. No fridge is not helping.


MabelStark · 08/04/2018 16:38

I'm dreading tomorrow's weigh in as I lost 4.5lbs last week! After weeks of just losing a pound a week I was astonished when I saw the number on the scales.
I feel like the scales were wrong and when I go tomorrow my weight will have shot back up. I didn't do anything differently - I am just following the plan. A couple of the weeks that I just lost 0.5 or 1lb I thought that I should have lost more but 4.5lb seems ott!
I'm now just under a stone away from target.
Feel like I don't want to go to group as I feel I'll be facing a gain.
Overthinking at its highest. 😂😂


Tuttytoffee · 08/04/2018 19:14

Mabel I'm the same! I lost 5lb in my 1st weigh in (last week) And I've a feeling that it was wrong. I'll end up with a gain on Wednesday. I can see it coming.


Groovee · 08/04/2018 19:40

Mabel read up on the whoosh effect. It's happened to me and made sense after reading it.

Bought new spice racks to try and free up my cupboard space and DH is not a happy bunny drilling!

Have been pretty good this week. So hopefully whatever I gained last week is gone.

OP posts:

BasinHaircut · 08/04/2018 20:23

Hi all, just checking in.

WI tomorrow and have had an alright weekend. May have gone over syns a bit today as I was a bit slap dash at counting them, but overall I think it’s been a good week so should balance out.

Going soft play tomorrow, luckily we’ve chosen one that doesn’t do nice coffee or cake so I shouldn’t have any problems staying on track. If I have a loss tomorrow I’ve got some cheesy garlic bread to go with turkey chilli as a weigh day treat that I will not be counting syns for.


Blondeshavemorefun · 08/04/2018 22:02

Must try the cauliflower lasagne

B weetabix b yog and fruit
L spag Bol and cheese a
T jacket tuna cottage cheese salad and mayo
Light 3

I did sucombe to an Easter egg :(


PinkUnicorn1990 · 09/04/2018 07:37

Back on plan today after a lovely weekend off with my husband and daughter! Forgot my breakfast so not a great start but will try to find something healthy at work or I have a yogurt in my lunch box
L-leftover taco beef and rice
D- sausage casserole


Groovee · 09/04/2018 07:58

Realised how far this thread had moved on so new thread above x

OP posts:

BasinHaircut · 09/04/2018 08:00

I also use calzone’s sauce for macaroni cheese. I boil up a few slices of onion with the cauliflower, and chuck in a bit of grated hard cheese and mustard powder once it’s blended, chuck in he cooked macaroni and bob’s your uncle.

I’m really trying not to weigh myself at home all week this time around. So far I’ve got to weigh day both times and then weighed myself in the morning. My scales generally say in he morning, what the SW scales day at 5:30 weigh in and if that’s the case today I should get a 2lb loss. I’d be well chuffed with that.


Paris1980 · 10/04/2018 10:54

hi everyone... been off this for a few weeks! I've only had 4 weigh ins and down 4lbs in the month :( but I am reasoning I had a hen/mothers day weekend, following by Paddys Day (Irish)/Wedding weekend, followed by Easter!! So with all that to navigate I'm not toooo disappointed. I really want a big loss this week and I now have a clear diary of stuff until our family holiday 5 weeks today... I'd really like to lose 10lbs in that time. Am I reaching for the stars??


Paris1980 · 10/04/2018 11:26

Also I am planning on doing an SP week from Saturday after my WI.
Is it basically eliminating free foods in place of speed foods, 2 HEXB, 1HEXA and your normal syns?

SO in essence cutting out pasta/rice/spuds etc? Has anyone tried it and what were the results? I just need a kick up the arse after a slow month.


Groovee · 10/04/2018 13:46

@Paris1980 there's been mixed results in my class. One member lost 5lb doing 4SP days. Another gained 3lb! So it does vary from person to person. Worth trying if you think it may help,

OP posts:

StarlaPriest · 17/04/2018 14:42

Hi everyone, i hope it's ok to jump in here not having posted before. I rejoined slimming world two weeks ago. I was going last year for a few months after having my daughter but it wasn't the right time for me. I was all over the place with my losses/gains etc so decided to take a break and start again when i felt ready.

So, two weeks ago i rejoined, all fired up and determined to do well. I stuck to plan so rigidly and went to weigh in last week, and have only lost 2lbs. Others in group had lost 8lbs and 10.5 lbs on their first week so i was disappointed, but consoled myself with 'a loss is a loss' and went on my way determined to do even better this week.

I stuck to plan again, completely rigidly, synned everything by the book, weighed and measured and did everything right. I made speed soup and ate loads of that then had my normal (sw friendly) meal in the evenings, right HE's, the works and at weigh in today i've stayed the same! I can't believe it, i'm so gutted :(

I know my ToM is due but i don't feel bloated or anything and my oh commented that i look slimmer, so i just don't understand. I could cry honestly, i've tried so hard and am thoroughly disappointed. I'm not really looking for advice, i just wanted to have a bit of a moan really lol. I'm not feeling demotivated though, i'm still trucking and hoping it will somehow pay off next week! Hope everyone elses WI this week has been/will be better than mine :)

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