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SW support thread #2 of 2018

992 replies

Groovee · 26/02/2018 15:33

New thread ladies...

OP posts:

Oldowl · 05/04/2018 22:33

Good day here too.

B- Bran flakes and ss milk
L- Homemade scotch egg (LM red onion and rosemary sausages with egg in the middle) and salad, extra low mayo (1 syn), quark, oats and fruit (3 syns)
D- Campfire stew
Syns- fibre one brownie (4 syns), small biscuit (3 syns), milk in 3 cups of tea (3 syns)

Mowed the lawn (1 hour)- big garden, and went out for a 2 hour walk with friends this evening- 4-5 miles.


Blondeshavemorefun · 05/04/2018 22:39

Lots of losers this week. Well done !!!!

I really fancy some chocolate which is rare. I’ve been so good over Easter as one suck and I’m a goner 🙀

Df was raiding dd (1) Easter egg hunt from wed stash. She won’t eat many and better he eats then me


calzone · 05/04/2018 22:49

5 1/2lbs off this week.

This was exactly what I needed as I’ve been faffing around for months.

I’m away in the Lake District and trying very hard to stay on plan.


Cherrypi · 05/04/2018 23:12

All gone a bit wrong today. Turned up McDonald’s and they’d run out of salad! I ate the apple in my bag and resisted all fries. Thinking I’d get something in town. Then didn’t and ended up eating an ice cream with the family instead of lunch. Then grabbed a quick soup before work and ate loads of unweighed Easter egg. Lesson learnt bring lunch.


MyGuideJools · 06/04/2018 07:20

well done calzone!!Star

we've all done it cherrypi Wink I'm sure the chocolate was good!


Groovee · 06/04/2018 08:39

Well done Calzone.

We've all been there Cherry.

OP posts:

boats16 · 06/04/2018 08:55

3 lb of for me this week . You cant win really can you. I was happy with how I was and managed to STS last week. This week I lose again. Problem is my way of eating doesnt really feel like a diet. Thats 1 1/2 stone off for me now . Im happy with that but cant maintain..
Anyway well done Calzone Star


Groovee · 06/04/2018 09:31

Boats, what sort of things are you putting in place to maintain?

OP posts:

Blondeshavemorefun · 06/04/2018 09:50

Well done @calzone and @boats


Blondeshavemorefun · 06/04/2018 09:52

I lost 2lbs this week. Not sure how. As ate tons of party food and drank copious amount of champagne for dd bday

Seems the weeks I have a bad day and go way over syns I lose weight anyway

11lbs in 5w

3lbs off a Stone

Be nice to lose a stone by the time I go on holiday - end of April

Hopefully I won’t put the stone back on holiday ......


boats16 · 06/04/2018 09:59

Well done Blondes Star
' @Groovee I eat bread more ( I dont really like bread ) and just try to eat more generally but thats hard really as im happy eating what Im eating . How are you doing ?


Groovee · 06/04/2018 10:02

I lost the plot last weekend so back food optimising. My first week I lost. I think I lost because of the fact I had relaxed but having 2 HEB's meant I was going to the loo easier. I did add in extra syns but only used them once. Will see how I get on on Tuesday.

OP posts:

Cherrypi · 06/04/2018 11:35

Argh now our fridge is broken and won’t be fixed till at least Tuesday. Definitely being tested this week. Haven’t even got to the four social event weekend yet.


RaspberryRippleRebellion · 06/04/2018 17:13

Well done to everyone for their losses. Star

Today I walked to an appointment instead of getting the bus, 4 miles in 1.5 hrs (there and back). Although I've walked today I've not felt hungry so not had dinner. Does skipping meals negatively affect weight loss on sw? I just don't feel I should be eating for the sake of it as maybe that's how I put the weight on in the first place. I'm looking forward to tea though as I'm ready for it now.

I've got a busy week ahead next week and I normally eat when stressed etc so I will be tested. I'll be needing vodka via a drip by this time next week. Blush


Groovee · 06/04/2018 17:30

Morrisons fish cakes. So worth 4 syns!

SW support thread #2 of 2018
OP posts:

MyGuideJools · 06/04/2018 19:28

looks nice groovee
I've had today;
B Bacon,eggs, 1 sausage (3.5 syns)
toast (hexB)
D mango and grapes and melon
T homemade shepherds pie with carrot &
Swede mash.
quark with blueberries.
probably have a HiFi bar & cuppa later


MumInTheCity · 06/04/2018 20:08

I've been good today, no syns used so far so I'll have a treat later.
B - none
L - leftover pasta bake and salad (HEA for cheese)
D - cherry Pepsi max chicken with rice and stir fried Chinese vegetables
S - 4 small homemade sausage rolls (HEB)


Groovee · 07/04/2018 07:37

Off to a uni offer day today. We get a packed lunch 🙈 my idea of hell.

OP posts:

boats16 · 07/04/2018 13:13

If I dont use my 300g covent garden soup as HEB can anyone tell me how many syns for 300g vegetable and for 300g carrot and coriander ?


Testarossa1 · 07/04/2018 13:46

Been busy so not much chance to post. Mostly on plan this week, apart from a cheese and ham panini on Thursday, got taken out for lunch and the cafe had nothing SW friendly at all! A gazillion syns used! Plus don't normally have bread but had a slice of buttered toast with 2 dippy eggs yesterday. I need to have a good weekend as weigh day is Monday!

B - shreddies and yoghurt
L - broccoli soup, crackerbreads and dairylea
T - chicken and bacon risotto (SW recipe so syn free)


MyGuideJools · 07/04/2018 15:05

boats vegetable is 5, carrot and coriander 6 (both 300g)


boats16 · 07/04/2018 16:19

Thanks MyGuide


Littlepig8834 · 07/04/2018 16:59

I put on 1.5lbs this week which was expected as I ate quite a bit over Easter.
Back on it today after a little blip last night, been a stressful week and I'm a comfort eater!
Might try SP for a few days to give me a kick start. Anyone else tried SP, is it basically like the old red days??


Blondeshavemorefun · 07/04/2018 17:26

B sw fry up. Bacon eggs beans and toms
L homemade chicken and veg soup pitta b
T sw lasagne And veg


Testarossa1 · 07/04/2018 18:22

Just had the chicken and bacon risotto, it was really yummy, full of flavour, really creamy, plus filling! and not a syn in sight either! My other half had seconds so obviously enjoyed it too!

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