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EmilyK83 · 31/08/2016 18:30

Brand shiny new thread - old one was full!

OP posts:
ALemonyPea · 31/08/2016 18:34

Phew, glad you started one. Just marking my spot.

Welcome old and new.

PositiveAttitude · 31/08/2016 19:48

Marking my place here. Smile

BasinHaircut · 31/08/2016 20:06

Just tried to post in the old one and lost it! Can't be bothered to re-type.

But right now I'm sitting in the garden as I went for a run and DH has taken DS up to bed and I don't have a key! Got to wait for him to come down and let me in! On the plus side I thought I might as well do some sit ups and press ups while I was here so got some extra exercise in!

Today has been good food-wise.
B - fruit and yoghurt
L - falafel, rice and apple
D - spag Bol with sped veg and HEXA cheese (well it will be when I get back in the house!)

Not having a HEXB today to try and compensate for yesterday, plus I don't need anything else to eat today.

Only had about 3 syns today (yoghurt) so might have a glass of milk later as syns. Will stay low though to also compensate for going over yesterday.

Ohh, must also remember to get the salmon out of the freezer for tomorrow. LET ME IN DH!!!!

Rochellen12 · 31/08/2016 20:52

Hi i used to do slimming world bk in january but i found it too stressful with the weigh ins doing a different program now which isnt a diet however i want to join here for my weigh ins and support etc x

Musicalpolarbear · 31/08/2016 21:08

I do one big online shop per week with tesco, then pop in for fresh veg, fruit or salad etc in the week.

Went to group tonight expecting a maintain despite being good (I'm naughty and weigh during the week) but on the group scales showed a 3lb loss, so that's 6lb in two weeks. Chuffed with that, and motivated for another week Smile

Well done on your losses everyone!

JOEYDOESNTSHAREFOOD · 31/08/2016 21:10

Just marking my place. Today was DDs day out for her birthday. We had pizza express - I had the calamari and a pizza. Ah well, it is what it is.

Still have a night out /meal Friday, before my first weigh in on Sat. Not expecting a loss at all, due to the amount of socialising I've done this week, but, if I see it as a practice run week - getting my head around it all, and I'm back at work, then I can only do well from there.

Rochellen12 · 31/08/2016 21:24

Have ye got goals on how much ye want to lose or take each day kinda thing

froubylou · 31/08/2016 22:03

Hello all

Ended up on a decent ish day.

Tomorrow to Monday won't be though but have my mind in the right place for next week. Whatever gain I have I have accepted it and will put a line under and move on.

Feeling pretty good though. At last week's Wi I was still 4lb down from the start of the holidays which is frankly a miracle. It's so difficult when you are out of routine.

And I am still a dress size down, and 1 and a half stone lighter than I was a few months ago.

Am winning at fat busting and will continue once I am back to normal!

PositiveAttitude · 31/08/2016 22:05

I have a goal, Rochellen I set it when I started in June and I wanted to lose 2 stone 8.5lb by November. I now have just 10lb to go. I will then set another target and keep them quite manageable. I do have an ultimate target in my head, but that is a long way down the road.

emwithme · 31/08/2016 22:10

Hi everyone and welcome newbies.

Rib finally popped back into place mid-afternoon today, about 24 hours after it popped out. I am very glad I hadn't got rid of all of my old painkillers, I was in tears at about 2 am and had to get DH to help me out of bed so I could go for a wee. However, because I have taken codeine I am now bunged up, and it's WI in the morning. I am going to take a laxative before bed to help things on its way.

Today's food:

Breakfast: Eggy muffins
Lunch: Salmon salad, apple, pear, satsumas
Dinner: Chicken noodle stir fry (the 5 spice sauce from Iceland is lovely, and syn free)
HEA: Milk
HEB: Cashew nuts

DH and I are going out at some point this weekend, before the new college term starts (he works in a college, I go two evenings a week) and before he's back at Cadets for the new year. Probably Nandos, but it may be somewhere far more synful. And honestly - I don't care.

Rochellen I am now 13 lbs from my final target, which will be a 4 stone loss (and about 7 stone from my heaviest of 2009) but I started by saying I wanted to lose 2 stone, then when I reached that I reassessed. I do not lose big each week (averages 0.75 lbs) but I am consistent, and this time round (I've done SW before - this is my fourth time) I am making changes that I can live with after I've lost the weight, so I'm actually hoping to be able to maintain at target.

maygirl · 31/08/2016 22:14

1.5 pounds off tonight. Smile

maygirl · 31/08/2016 22:16

Ouch Em, glad its sorted now.

Rochellen12 · 31/08/2016 22:37

Wow ladies dats amazing losses well done!!positive attitude and emwith me!! U will lose that in no time..wen i started in january i lost 12lbs in 6 -8 weeks, so i was 11st 12lb left slimming world got dwn to 10.10..went on hols and went up too 11.3 i think it was in space of 4 weeks..and last thursday weighed in at 11st !! Its absolutely none of my business to no what anyone here ways..dats ur business:) its just easier for me to explain as im not very good at explainin things when txting last week i started a book thats ancient that came out in 2005 called paul mckenna..never heard of him before basically he said not too count calories,,eat what you only when your hungry and stop when your i did hust dat and i found i wasnt obsessing over food like i usually was especially chocolate as i now can have it without feeling know tomoro morning if it worked or not and its also my monthlys this week..fingers crossed ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Mull · 31/08/2016 22:41

Hi all, I was lurking through most of thread 7 but have finally decided to post!

I started SW in mid-June weighing 15.13 and have lost 1.9st so far. Had my first gain at weigh in tonight as I was really rubbish over the weekend. So annoyed at myself as I'm desperate to stop my 'feast/famine' mentality and make proper lifestyle changes that I can maintain. I'm such a yo-yo dieter and I have never maintained my weight as an adult Blush .

So, I'm drawing a line under it and cracking on again tomorrow. I'm hoping posting here will be an added incentive to keep it up.

Mull · 31/08/2016 22:44

Rochellen12 I've read that book and really liked the idea of 'scanning' your body to identify if you are actually hungry or not. What I eat has very little to do with how hungry I am Blush . I think eating mindfully, chewing lots, not eating with TV on etc are all good tools for permanent weight loss.

MargoReadbetter · 31/08/2016 22:48

I was hungry when I came in from work tonight (8 am at my desk, 8.45pm finally home). Ate free quiche and lamb passanda with rice (SW way from this month's magazine booklet insert). Weight gain 2.5lbs from one dinner!! How can that be? Normal portions. Scales are quite accurate.

At what stage do you restrict portion sizes, even if it's 'free' food? I've been doing SW for 8 weeks but some things don't add up for me. I'm still yo-yoing with my weight (12lb down overall).

Rochellen12 · 31/08/2016 23:15

Well done mull!! Dat a gr8t loss..yes i mever realised i was just eating out of boredom or else just for the sake of eating..but now i wait till im hungry:)
Margo...with all food whether its healthy or not,, example: if u ate 25 apples a day only, u could gain weight..i believe it can be the same as free foods,, how can u eat say as many spuds as u like etc an not gain..u can gain by eating to much..wen i was in slimming world dey didnt mention portion sizes..1/3 -1/4 plate veg /free but nothing was said abt how big the plate..:)

Rochellen12 · 31/08/2016 23:17

12lbs is alot of weight lost in 8 weeks margo and sounds healthy

MargoReadbetter · 01/09/2016 00:41

Richelieu - if you were to eat 25 apples, for example, you simply wouldn't have space or the hunger for any other food. (Plus you'd probably get diarrhoea and lose half of that straight off.) I know it's a good weight loss (thank you) but I still feel I'm floundering and its hit and miss what the scales will show. I think I need to sit in again on the beginners talk.

froubylou · 01/09/2016 07:03

Margo that's a really good loss. I can gain 1lb having a hi Fi bar and a coffee! Don't forget drinks have a weight too and your body will fluctate with how much water you are holding during the day too, especially if you have been sat down a lot. Mine does anyway.

I use speed to restrict my portion sizes. So something like pasta which is free is served with a lot of salad or veg. If it's something yummy like spaghetti bolognaise I make sure I have plenty of speed then will put extra speed like a salad on my plate then dish my food out. I always tell myself if I am still hungry I can have more but never do.

Mull draw a line under it and move on! The good thing about gains for me is they come off quickly too.

Rochellen12 · 01/09/2016 08:30

Hi i weighed in this morning,lost 3lb this week,although most is water weight..exactly wat froubylou said our body fluates after eating drinking aletc..if you weigh in morning wer you ate nothing first and also some ppl lose inches not lbs so maybe try measuring x

EmilyK83 · 01/09/2016 08:45

Well done losers!

Rochelle - I started at 14st 9 in Jan, originally set a 10 stone target thinking I'd never get there! Got to just over 10 stone and lowered my target to 9st 9, as I still felt I had more to lose.

I'm now 1lb away, and my eating habits have definitely changed. My portions are smaller than they were, and I'm eating far more speed food - some meals it's more like half a plate than 1/3. SW is just second nature now!

Today's plan for me:

B - fruit and sweetened quark
L - Naked Noodles Singapore noodle pot and stir fried veg
D - sausage and bean stew (1 syn for sausages), mash and veg

Skinny latte as HexA, cereal bars as HexB. Finished yesterday on 8 syns, hoping for similar today...

OP posts:
BasinHaircut · 01/09/2016 09:03

I'm starting to feel the SW groove again now. I don't think last week was ever going to work out as I wasn't in the zone enough to survive a bank holiday without a few treats! That's all over now though so no excuses.

One thing I did achieve last week though was not having even 1 treat from the biscuit box at work.

I also finished week 2 of c25k last night so I'm well chuffed with that.

Today's plan:
B - weetabix (HEXB) milk (HEXA) and strawberries
L - leftover spag Bol, Apple (also loads of speed in Bol)
D - salmon, uncle bens risotto rice (syns but have to look up amount) and green beans.

Rochellen12 · 01/09/2016 09:04

Emily dats savage:) its lovely seeing someone at there target and set a new one to show us it can be done:) sometimes like you just said feels you will never reach it:) and wud i look any diff if i lost 13lbs,an you look in mirror and think how can dat loss make you look different..these are the annoying questions i ask myself:) although the lightest i reached before was 9st 7 which i was told i looked sick although wen i looked bk at pics i thought i looked nice so this time im doin it for me an wat i think:) i bet it amazes you wen u look at before and after pics:) that meal plan does sound yum

Rochellen12 · 01/09/2016 09:09

Hi basinhaircut:) thats an accomplishment in itself not to touch the biscuit thin,,im just eating wat i want in small amounts..had chocolate an cake to this week wen i wanted some but not wen i craved it:)stil lost 3lbs so im happy with dat:)slimming world is good tho for making you eat veg and healthy foods

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