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5 weeks today! Sep 23 Thread

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RosyCheeks93 · 07/01/2023 15:24

Hi all, I found out I am expecting my second baby on Wednesday, and I'm 5 weeks today. Early days, but wanted to start a thread for those with similar due dates so we can go through the motions together. ☺️
I'm due 10th September. My little boy will be 2 and 3 quarters by then, so a good little age gap.

Any anxieties? For me, less so about the pregnancy this time around, far more chill. My anxiety is surrounding timing. Baby 2 wasn't planned for just now, but a happy surprise and very much wanted. However, the most instrumental career opportunity for me is coming up in the next 2-4 months or so, and I was hoping to get this role. It may or may not have come off anyway, but I don't want my pregnancy to be the determining factor (I don't think my company would outwardly discriminate, but they might find a 'business reason' I wasn't successful), so I ideally need to keep my pregnancy hidden from work for as long as possible. If I get the role, I will have no worries in taking Mat leave around August and return next year, as I know I'll do a damn good job for them once I'm back, and for the foreseeable future. Anyway... that's my one thing at the mo! ☺️

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

OP posts:
PBandJs · 24/02/2023 11:38

thank you @FarmBaby3 @winningeasy @PCOSunfortunately @Tinkerbell098

it was very reassuring to hear that about brown blood 🙌🏻 couldn’t get through to EPU or my midwife this morning and my GP didn’t know the referral process so got a bit chaotic but eventually managed to speak to EPU Nurse. She was very reassuring and said she thinks it’s nothing to be concerned about and likely the ectropion again. They wouldn’t see me at this stage because they know it’s not ectopic so no point doing referral unless bleeding got much heavier.

my gut feeling is that it’s ok but it’s when I saw the blood my brain just went into panic mode. We have another early private scan we need to use so we’re going to have it tomorrow and will get some reassurance from that hopefully.


Daisy155 · 24/02/2023 13:58

@PBandJs good luck for tomorrow that is good that you have the scan as well for reassurance

colourPink · 24/02/2023 20:34

I just slipped whilst getting out of the bath and went completely arse over tit 😬 my back feels sore but otherwise I'm fine! I sat there for a full thirty seconds in shock as I was afraid for the baby. Read online it would have to be quite a traumatic fall to do any damage.

Anyone else had a similar incident before?

FarmBaby3 · 24/02/2023 21:05

colourPink · 24/02/2023 20:34

I just slipped whilst getting out of the bath and went completely arse over tit 😬 my back feels sore but otherwise I'm fine! I sat there for a full thirty seconds in shock as I was afraid for the baby. Read online it would have to be quite a traumatic fall to do any damage.

Anyone else had a similar incident before?

I fell down some steps when pregnant with my daughter. EPU saw me quite quickly for a scan to check baby.

Daisy155 · 24/02/2023 21:30

@colourPink hope you are ok and if you do feel more pain tomorrow you should get it checked but if the fall wasn’t too bad baby should be fine but it’s best to check just in case if you need the reassurance as well x

PCOSunfortunately · 25/02/2023 08:34

I fell when I was prob about 5 weeks pregnant on the ice the middle of Jan. scared my self and thought I'd mis carry but I read the same has to be traumatic to cause harm when they're so small! I fell on the ice walking the dog of morning because my partner was poorly in bed with vertigo 🫣 I knew I was pregnant but he didn't know till the end of jan so had to keep it a secret 🤣 I was worried for a few days xxx

Purplegiraffes · 25/02/2023 08:45

I had a scan yesterday at 10+1, little blob now has arms and legs, started moving and then looked like he/she was waving at us 🥰 the best 😊

winningeasy · 25/02/2023 09:50

Hope you're ok @colourPink - I went arse over tit at about 8 months pregnant in a slippery car park. It was shocking. I also had an anterior placenta so couldn't feel as much as most. We went to hospital and got the movements checked and all fine.

Daisy155 · 25/02/2023 10:01

@Purplegiraffes thats amazing happy for you that sounds so cute 🥰 glad it went well!

suz2285 · 25/02/2023 11:03

@Purplegiraffes aww this is so sweet! Happy little blob ❤️

Nay123 · 25/02/2023 12:14

Hey everyone
today I am 20 dpo
Or 5w3d

I still haven't got dye stealer

should I be worried

5 weeks today! Sep 23 Thread
Daisy0909 · 25/02/2023 12:41

@Purplegiraffes glad your scan went well!

@colourPink hope you're ok today!

I'm 10 weeks today and I feel slightly like myself again, spent 2 hours this morning reading whether morning sickness is supposed to wear off so soon! I know the placenta has started to take over at this point but so many other websites say symptoms ease at 12+ weeks so naturally I worried when I didn't feel sick today!

Hope everyone is feeling ok this far and has a lovely weekend xx

colourPink · 25/02/2023 12:49

Thanks for all the love everyone! I feel fine today! More like an idiot than anything else 🤣

I have a private scan booked Monday evening (not because of the fall, already had it) so excited for that.

colourPink · 25/02/2023 12:50

@Purplegiraffes happy to hear little blob is all okay! Sound so exciting.

PBandJs · 25/02/2023 14:38

Thank you @Daisy155 ❤️

We had the scan earlier and it was incredible. The difference since I was at EPU at 7 weeks is huge! Like @Purplegiraffes it was really waving its hands and legs around which was amazing to see. We’ve got our NHS one in 2.5 weeks when I’m almost 13 weeks and I’m interested to see how much it’s grown in that time! My due date has moved forward with each scan so curious to know what my final one will be at the next scan.

@colourPink hope you’re ok and your back isn’t sore for too long. I remember reading that at this stage they’re so well protected it would have to be quite a bad fall so hopefully it’s well cocooned and didn’t even realise anything had happened!

5 weeks today! Sep 23 Thread
PCOSunfortunately · 25/02/2023 15:36

So glad everything is okay for you @PBandJs baby looks like a proper little baby now 🥰

I've just been for my blood tests and to hand my urine sample in from my midwife appointment on Wednesday. I'm finding myself needing a wee a lot but not big wees. I also get lower back pain and pain in my left bum cheek. I'm sure if I had an infection this will be picked up on my urine sample won't it? TMI but I had globs of yellowish like discharge today but I've read this can be down to the pregnancy vitamins 🤷‍♀️ what a minefield pregnancy is xxxx

SFCM · 25/02/2023 15:44

@PCOSunfortunately thank you!

I was having this with a weird pulling sensations and feeling like I’d not finished even though they were just trickles at times. Mine tested negative for infection a few times so just put it down to one of those weird pregnancy things and it seems to have eased off. Hopefully it’s nothing for you 🤞🏼

and yes to yellow discharge here too. I googled it (🫣) and it first said that yellow is a sign of an STI and I was like what the hell?! no, but then later on read in pregnancy its commonly white or yellow 😂

honestly some of the strangest things happen x

SFCM · 25/02/2023 15:46

@PCOSunfortunately oh and really globby too. Like snot really 😂 I think that’s definitely TMI

PBandJs · 25/02/2023 15:47

I dunno why my username keeps changing back to my old one SFCM 🫣

Lhdale · 25/02/2023 15:56

I’ve got the yellow discharge too! Dries white in my underwear but definitely yellow on the tissue. I made another post about it and some people said they just had it all the way through their pregnancy. I think (Or at least I’m trying to tell myself) that in the absence of any other symptoms of infection (burning, itchiness etc) it’s okay.

@Nay123 i never got a ‘dye stealer’ even on sensitive FRERs, everyone is different. At 5+3 I would heavily recommend stopping testing as it’s no longer helpful, tests have told you you are pregnant and that’s all they can do. Congrats on your pregnancy !

Sadiexox · 25/02/2023 16:07

Hi everyone, just wanted to say that o will be leaving this group, my baby stopped growing at 8 weeks, absolutely broken right now

PCOSunfortunately · 25/02/2023 16:10

Oh @Sadiexox so sorry for your loss 😢 big hugs to you and your partner. Please take care and I wish you all the best for the future 🥰 you will get there 😘. Please may I ask if you had loss of symptoms and an incline or no idea at all? xxx

suz2285 · 25/02/2023 16:11

@Sadiexox so sorry to hear that, if you want to talk let me know, currently going through miscarriage here too after baby stopped growing at 7 weeks, sending strength xx

suz2285 · 25/02/2023 16:17

@PBandJs cure scan pic! It's amazing the change after only a few more weeks huh! Glad all is ok!

@Nay123 nothing to worry about there! That's a huge positive and that's all those sticks measure, they don't tell you if the hcg is doubling you're just stressing yourself out more, just try to relax 😀 eventually they'll stop showing anything as the hcg will be too high so don't take anymore

@Daisy0909 glad you're not feeling too sick anymore I think everyone's symptoms are just different I'm sure it's normal to not always feel sick and like you say it's a bit further on now so it should wear off anyway!

@PCOSunfortunately that sounds like the start of sciatic pain, I get that too, google and start doing some stretches for your priformis muscle, and hamstrings to try and catch it before it sets in... can be really sore!

Daisy0909 · 25/02/2023 16:39

@Sadiexox so sorry to read this, take care of yourself during this time xx

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