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5 weeks today! Sep 23 Thread

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RosyCheeks93 · 07/01/2023 15:24

Hi all, I found out I am expecting my second baby on Wednesday, and I'm 5 weeks today. Early days, but wanted to start a thread for those with similar due dates so we can go through the motions together. ☺️
I'm due 10th September. My little boy will be 2 and 3 quarters by then, so a good little age gap.

Any anxieties? For me, less so about the pregnancy this time around, far more chill. My anxiety is surrounding timing. Baby 2 wasn't planned for just now, but a happy surprise and very much wanted. However, the most instrumental career opportunity for me is coming up in the next 2-4 months or so, and I was hoping to get this role. It may or may not have come off anyway, but I don't want my pregnancy to be the determining factor (I don't think my company would outwardly discriminate, but they might find a 'business reason' I wasn't successful), so I ideally need to keep my pregnancy hidden from work for as long as possible. If I get the role, I will have no worries in taking Mat leave around August and return next year, as I know I'll do a damn good job for them once I'm back, and for the foreseeable future. Anyway... that's my one thing at the mo! ☺️

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

OP posts:
winningeasy · 21/02/2023 13:25

@BebeSurprise so sorry 😞 it's really unfair. Look after yourself. Sending a big hug x

winningeasy · 21/02/2023 13:28

@ShellNor crumpets, butter with Heinz organic tomato soup for lunch seems to be palatable

Smoothie in the morning - avo, spinach, blueberries, cacao, banana, collagen, chia, nut butter, plant milk, yogurt etc (not all together but just mix it up day by day)


winningeasy · 21/02/2023 13:29

@Maraudingmarauders salad sounds delish!

SFCM · 21/02/2023 14:33

@suz2285 @BebeSurprise i’m so sorry to hear this, words feel useless but thinking of you both ❤️ hope you are able to take some time for yourselves x

@NessiSD sorry your scan wasn’t a positive experience but fingers crossed you’ll get more answers and some reassurance ASAP 🤞🏼let us know how you get on please x

suz2285 · 21/02/2023 16:14

@Maraudingmarauders omg that salad sounds good I fancy that now 😂
Good luck for tomorrow!

@BebeSurprise I'm so sorry you're going through the same thing, hope you're ok, I'm doing fine, just carrying on as normal really and once it's all over we'll try again... and fingers crossed for the second try 🤞 but everyone processes things differently so I hope you're ok too x

@NessiSD any progress getting through to the GP?

@winningeasy smoothie sounds good too! Love a smoothie!

@ShellNor welcome!

colourPink · 21/02/2023 17:38

@suz2285 so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you lots of love and care xx

NessiSD · 21/02/2023 18:50

@Daisy155 @suz2285 @SFCM thanks for checking in ❤️ I got a last minute appointment with the GP last night so they referred me and got a call from EPAU today. They've booked me in for the 6th of March. Just feels like ages away! Will obviously update once I found out, I just feel in limbo right now. I have some symptoms but nothing like nausea. I'm about to enjoy some pancakes and take my mind off it! Love to all 💓🌼

suz2285 · 21/02/2023 21:16

@NessiSD eugh that's ages to wait! But in the absence of any worrying symptoms then hopefully all will be fine 🤞

When I was up at EPU they were so busy and they said they're always so busy! Cos they're basically the only point of contact for anyone in early pregnancy!

Enjoy your pancakes

Tinkerbell098 · 22/02/2023 09:12

@suz2285 @BebeSurprise I'm so sorry both. I have no words. I went through a MC in October and it was horrible. Hope you have support around you to get through this. Take good care of yourselves X

@Maraudingmarauders salad sounds lush! Good luck for the scan today X

@NessiSD that's a long wait! Hope the time passes quickly for you. You could ring them up to ask for any cancellations in the meantime perhaps? Everything crossed for you X

Maraudingmarauders · 22/02/2023 10:13

Trying to fill up on water now, hard getting the timing right 😅 I'll let you all know how we get on.
I have to admit I'm finding it hard to want greens. The only green thing I'm craving is avocado, not sure my bank balance (or the environment) can cope with a run on those. But trying to make a concerted effort and the salad has been a hit but I think mostly because of the eggs and potatoes if I'm honest haha! Though I did manage some asparagus with some frittata yesterday.

@suz2285 how are you getting on, have things progressed naturally or are you looking at needing intervention? Don't answer if you are at all uncomfortable ❤
@NessiSD Wishing you luck and reassurance x

suz2285 · 22/02/2023 10:27

@Maraudingmarauders progressing naturally over here, I don't want to freak anyone out by going into details 😂 I think I saw some of your comments on other miscarriage forums on here, assuming you've been in this situation before too?

I'm fine, just waiting to see what happens now... I'm really hoping the worst will be over today as we have a big exam at work tomorrow that I'm running so it's a full on day, and I don't really want to not be there!

I was told to call the EPU back so I'll do that today I assume so they know if things are progressing and so I have a contact for if I have any other issues or need any other intervention

Daisy0909 · 22/02/2023 11:31

@Maraudingmarauders Eeeek exciting, let us know how you get on!

I am slightly concerned about having to drink a pint of water before, mine is quite early in the morning and i'm not keeping much down at that time!?

Maraudingmarauders · 22/02/2023 14:47

@suz2285 I'm glad things are moving naturally for you, probably less distressing than needing interventions. Good luck formyour busy work days, it's amazing what us women can achieve despite things going on in our lives/at home isn't it!!

@Daisy0909 thank you, scan went well. Baby all fine, two legs, two arms and a heartbeat. Unfortunately they confirmed I'm 11wks which was too early to give me the screening for downs etc and finalise my due date, so I'm back in again next Friday. Happy to see baby again, less happy about having to ask for another couple of hours off work. Thankfully DH works a shirt day on Friday and we managed to get an afternoon slot so he can come with me again.
I think regarding water, just do what you can. If you're 12wks they will hopefully be able to see anyway. Maybe just avoid going for a morning wee?

suz2285 · 22/02/2023 14:58

@Maraudingmarauders right? I'm running a full day exam tomorrow in the middle of a miscarriage no one knows about! It is a bit crazy, I could technically be off on pregnancy sick leave but I'd rather just continue on, and not have work know anything as they'll be just waiting for me to fall pregnant again! 🙈

Interesting about the scans, I also read anywhere between 11-14 was ok too! But it's good that you get to see baby again in a week

I spoke to EPU today and I have a rescan in a few weeks to check all is ok with me and then hopefully just back into tracking my cycle again...

Daisy0909 · 22/02/2023 15:06

@Maraudingmarauders Yay amazing news congrats that everything is all good! I'll be 11 weeks when I go for mine next week so I won't be able to have the screening either but glad it means they'll just book you in for another scan as I've said yes to all the screening tests. Not ideal if getting time off work is difficult, I ended up telling my manager early confidentially to avoid any awkward time off requests, it felt easier than making up excuses!

Thank you, I'm probably just overthinking it and I won't be the first person to not be able to hold a pint of water in, I'll definitely not be going for a wee!

@suz2285 ahhh such bad timing with everything going on personally, if that's your way of coping though then you do what is right for you!! x

suz2285 · 22/02/2023 15:48

@Daisy0909 yeah I'm very much a just get on with things person, it's exam season so it's like this all the way until august now so not really much choice but to just get on with it 🙈

It's so exciting seeing everyone have their scans though! Good luck for next week!

My early scan I drank 1 litre of water in the hour before, was making me feel yuck but think it's easier to see things once baby is a bit bigger so I'm sure it'll be fine

ShellNor · 23/02/2023 12:22

@suz2285 I hope that exam goes well today. Hope you are going OK.

@Maraudingmarauders Such a shame that you're going to have to go back again, but at least you get to see bub twice🙂

We have our 12 week scan tomorrow. We wanted the screening test and they wouldn't book in in before 12 weeks, so ours has ended bu being beginning of 13 weeks. With the chaos of trying to plan an international relocation around 36 weeks I wanted to be really certain of the timings as we wanted to tell my husbands work early (as they are organising our re-location) so we got an early dating scan at 10.5 weeks. They confirmed our dates were pretty much spot on, so im expecting that they'll be able to do all the screening tests available tomorrow.

Managed to get some veggies back in the diet the last two days. A mixed veg risotto and a veg only pasta. Anything with lots of chilli, tomato or things that are too rich have me right back to being ill. I'm really hoping this eases back soon.

colourPink · 23/02/2023 18:38

Sending love to everyone! Really exciting to hear about everyone's 12 week scans.

My letter came through today for mine. It's the 10th March. I was a bit surprised as I'll be a couple of days off 13 weeks but happy we have it booked in. Now I just need to think about what to say to work as it's such early days 😬

PBandJs · 23/02/2023 18:57

Hi all,

Hope everyone is good.

in a bit of a flap here and EPU is closed and my GP won’t speak to me until I make an appt in the morning so my heads in a bit of a tizz. don’t think it warrants a trip to urgent care but again I dunno.

I had spotting before because of cervical ectropion, but it was so minimal I didn’t even think it was until they confirmed it. My discharge was just ever so slightly darker.

tonight I’ve gone to the toilet and there’s a little spot of blood in my knickers and when I’ve wiped there’s brownish blood throughout my discharge. I think it looks a lot more because it’s spread out in the discharge but I’m just wondering - others who have spotted, what was yours like?

I know I can’t do anything and what will be will be, but knowing I’ve got to sit on it all night is hard😞

thank you x

FarmBaby3 · 23/02/2023 22:03

I had my 12 week scan although I was sure I would be 11 weeks. They managed to get a measurement of 48.8mm so that puts me at 11+4 and a due date of 10th September. They were able to take the combine test measurements. All looked good.

It was a trainee scanner and she couldn't find the baby. She asked a few times if I was sure of my dates then told me she couldn't see a baby that showed 12 weeks. She got in a senior scanner who found the baby with heartbeat in seconds. Heart in mouth moments.

It looks like I'll have growth scans and have consultant care due to my two previous births and their birth weights.

I hope everyone is doing okay.

FarmBaby3 · 23/02/2023 22:04

@PBandJs the fact you are seeing brown blood is a good sign. It's old blood rather than fresh blood. It's a shame EPU is closed. Do you have a number for your midwife that you can phone first thing as well? They might be able to reassure. Fingers crossed it's all okay x

winningeasy · 24/02/2023 07:16

@PBandJs brown blood is ok. I think it's really common to have this around now as the placenta is getting into action and into place, option that can result in some blood. It happened with my last baby, and again at 33 weeks.
I know it's hard but try not to worry.

PCOSunfortunately · 24/02/2023 07:50

@FarmBaby3 I was going to say the same. Brown blood is good and I presume as long as there isn't lots it's very common as we're all in a position soon enough where the placenta should be taking over. If you can I would contact your midwife. I had my midwife appointment Wednesday and she advised a little bit of spotting isn't a concern but to still get checked xxx

PCOSunfortunately · 24/02/2023 07:51

Sorry @PBandJs tagged the wrong person 🫣

Tinkerbell098 · 24/02/2023 10:00

@PBandJs I had brown discharge at around 9 weeks. EPU scanned me and everything was fine. I spotted for about 2-3 days and it just stopped. So, hopefully it would be the same for you. As everyone said on here, brown is OK and is very common X

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