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5 weeks today! Sep 23 Thread

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RosyCheeks93 · 07/01/2023 15:24

Hi all, I found out I am expecting my second baby on Wednesday, and I'm 5 weeks today. Early days, but wanted to start a thread for those with similar due dates so we can go through the motions together. ☺️
I'm due 10th September. My little boy will be 2 and 3 quarters by then, so a good little age gap.

Any anxieties? For me, less so about the pregnancy this time around, far more chill. My anxiety is surrounding timing. Baby 2 wasn't planned for just now, but a happy surprise and very much wanted. However, the most instrumental career opportunity for me is coming up in the next 2-4 months or so, and I was hoping to get this role. It may or may not have come off anyway, but I don't want my pregnancy to be the determining factor (I don't think my company would outwardly discriminate, but they might find a 'business reason' I wasn't successful), so I ideally need to keep my pregnancy hidden from work for as long as possible. If I get the role, I will have no worries in taking Mat leave around August and return next year, as I know I'll do a damn good job for them once I'm back, and for the foreseeable future. Anyway... that's my one thing at the mo! ☺️

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

OP posts:

winningeasy · 27/02/2023 16:12

@primhutch I'm also 11 weeks and have a 16 month old girl!


Daisy155 · 27/02/2023 16:29

Good luck to everyone getting their scans today and next week and welcome @primhutch @MinBins

wishing you all the best


MinBins · 27/02/2023 16:31

Thanks @Daisy155 and @Lhdale - I'm looking forward to my scan this week in equal levels of excitement and anxiousness 😅🤞🏼


ThirtyEight38 · 27/02/2023 17:35

Hi everyone, late joiner on here, I just had my scan and found out I’m 11 weeks and 5 days, and also that I’m expecting twins! I am completely shocked. I’m happy but also nervous as this pregnancy is going to look a lot different that I imagined. I already have 2 children, so worrying about logistics even more now.


PCOSunfortunately · 27/02/2023 17:58

Thanks everyone for being so reassuring 😊 I'd be lost without you lot and definitely going out of my mind!

Good luck to those that all have scans today /this week wishing you nothing but the best ❤️💫 xxx


Daisy0909 · 27/02/2023 18:16

Welcome @MinBins


Daisy0909 · 27/02/2023 18:19

Argh I just posted that before I was finished and can't delete! Welcome to the ladies who have joined today!

@ThirtyEight38 wow twins! 😮 I can imagine that's a lot to process. Have you had bad morning sickness or anything that would've indicated you're having twins or was it completely out of the blue?


Jenny2001 · 27/02/2023 18:30

Hi everyone, I just wanted some advice on my pregnancy test they have taken a couple days ago

5 weeks today! Sep 23 Thread
5 weeks today! Sep 23 Thread

ThirtyEight38 · 27/02/2023 18:30

I do feel awful, but I haven’t been sick a lot, nothing really to suggest it, apart from there are twins in my family and I already can’t fit in my jeans.


Daisy0909 · 27/02/2023 18:35

@ThirtyEight38 interesting! The reason i ask is because I'm a twin myself & I keep having a niggling feeling of what if I turn up & they say there's two babies in there (it's my first pregnancy so I would feel very worried if they did) x


ThirtyEight38 · 27/02/2023 18:48

@Daisy0909 well if it’s any comfort my sister who is a twin has had 2 singleton pregnancies.


colourPink · 27/02/2023 19:23

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Daisy155 · 27/02/2023 19:50

@colourPink aww 🥰 I love all these new scan photos so adorable! Glad that all was ok for you 💕


Purplegiraffes · 27/02/2023 21:33

@Tinkerbell098 I hope your scan went well today.


Maraudingmarauders · 27/02/2023 22:17

@Lhdale I have this really badly. I have to hold my belly if I'm going to cough or sneeze otherwise it hurts so badly!

How is everyone? Sorry I've been a bit awol! We had a mad weekend of family - we told my parents and both sets of DH's. It was MIL's birthday so ahe was absolutely over the moon.
Technically a bit early - we had our NHS scan on Wednesday last week but as 11wks couldn't do the testing, I have that this coming Friday instead. But we decided to go ahead anyway as won't have the chance to see family in person for a while again. My parents were more excited than I expected!

How is everyone's tiredness? I'm struggling so badly at work, just getting through the day is tough. Today I had to drive to a different site, about an hour each way from my normal work place) and I thought I was going to have to pull over for a nap! I know they say it improves in the second trimester, but it can't come soon enough.


Lhdale · 28/02/2023 09:12

@Maraudingmarauders ah glad it’s not just me then! It was just the one off weirdly, I’ve been coughing lots recently as have picked up a bug and no issues but must have been the position I was in with this particular cough

so exciting to share with people! I haven’t been able to wait so already told a fair few

my exhaustion has really eased up the last week and a bit (though not helped by being ill), gone from the totally cannot function, must lie down exhaustion to just being slightly more tired than usual. So crossing fingers yours does too!


Tinkerbell098 · 28/02/2023 10:32

@Lhdale I have the same pains, specially if I'm lying down in a particular position. Coughing, sneezing or laughing can trigger the same pain. I think it's normal.

Thanks everyone for your wishes. The scan went well yesterday. Just waiting on the blood results now. So I'm officially in the second trimester! Can't quite believe it. We ended up telling all family and close friends last night. Was so overwhelmed by all the phone calls and messages we had. It's starting to feel more real now!


Lhdale · 28/02/2023 10:40

Congrats @Tinkerbell098 such lovely
news! Mines this afternoon ahhhh. I was going to ask at some point when the second trimester starts, confused as to whether it was now or at 14 weeks?!


Tinkerbell098 · 28/02/2023 11:29

@Lhdale good luck for today X I always thought 12 weeks, maybe I'm wrong!

Girls I think we need a new thread as this will max out soon!


Daisy0909 · 28/02/2023 12:08

@Tinkerbell098 Glad to hear all went well! :)

@Lhdale Exciting, hope this afternoon goes well - let us know how you get on!

I think the midwife told me 2nd trimester was from 14 weeks x


Daisy155 · 28/02/2023 13:30

@Tinkerbell098 thats so exciting that it all went well and lovely you have told everyone now that’s so exciting

I think ends at 12 weeks and then 2nd trimester begins can’t believe how fast it’s all going now wow 😯

@Lhdale good luck 💕


Lhdale · 28/02/2023 20:40

Scan went well! And we also found out separately that we’re having a girl because we did the harmony test last week and results coincidentally came back today. Obviously I would have been happy with either but I definitely have preference for girl so v happy. Bit confused though as they pushed me forward from 12 weeks to 12+3 when I know that’s impossible as a) didn’t DTD around then, was doing ovulation tests so I know I ovulated exactly 10 weeks ago (so add 2 to take back to LMP) and b) I’ve had a few early scans and each one has been bang on what I thought it should be. Strange! Does dating get less accurate by 12 weeks as there’s just more variation in length? I would have expected baby to have been on the small side as I’m 5 foot 1!


Daisy0909 · 01/03/2023 08:54

@Lhdale yay glad all went well! What's a harmony test? I don't think I've heard of this!

I don't know re dates but I would imagine a matter of days won't matter too much and maybe baby is just ever so slightly on the bigger side? I remember my sisters second baby they moved her date on at least two or three occasions by a day or so x


winningeasy · 01/03/2023 08:55

Congrats on your baby girl 🎀 bet you are over the moon! And what a relief that you have done the harmony too

I am getting the bloods done for it today x


winningeasy · 01/03/2023 09:00

Re dates, just something to be mindful of towards end of the pregnancy. They start trying to push inductions from as early as 39 weeks in some cases, often for no good reason. So if you know that actually your baby is less cooked than they are saying then you can have confidence to hold firm.

I went to 42+5 and was 39 when I had my first. She was a completely average size at 7lb 7oz so clearly I just take a bit longer to make babies, and/or possibly they got my dates wrong and over estimated how far along I was.

I am the same as you I know full well I was 7+6 at my reassurance scan and they dated me at 8+4. But I guess that means baby is growing well which is positive.

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