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5 weeks today! Sep 23 Thread

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RosyCheeks93 · 07/01/2023 15:24

Hi all, I found out I am expecting my second baby on Wednesday, and I'm 5 weeks today. Early days, but wanted to start a thread for those with similar due dates so we can go through the motions together. ☺️
I'm due 10th September. My little boy will be 2 and 3 quarters by then, so a good little age gap.

Any anxieties? For me, less so about the pregnancy this time around, far more chill. My anxiety is surrounding timing. Baby 2 wasn't planned for just now, but a happy surprise and very much wanted. However, the most instrumental career opportunity for me is coming up in the next 2-4 months or so, and I was hoping to get this role. It may or may not have come off anyway, but I don't want my pregnancy to be the determining factor (I don't think my company would outwardly discriminate, but they might find a 'business reason' I wasn't successful), so I ideally need to keep my pregnancy hidden from work for as long as possible. If I get the role, I will have no worries in taking Mat leave around August and return next year, as I know I'll do a damn good job for them once I'm back, and for the foreseeable future. Anyway... that's my one thing at the mo! ☺️

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

OP posts:
northernmam · 18/02/2023 07:57

Maraudingmarauders · 18/02/2023 07:54

@Lhdale oh goody 😂
@northernmam oh wow, what an exciting time. At least you have some idea what you are doing going into it! What a wonderful noisy and bustling house you will have with them all growing up 😍do keep us updated on your progress, I know it's a nervous time for us all but now doubly so for you. We're all here for you!

Aw thank you, I really appreciate that! I feel as though I'm going to have to break it down into milestones as its obviously now classed as a high risk pregnancy. So I'm really hoping both babies are still there and healthy at 12 weeks and then we will set another milestone from there, fingers crossed! Xx

Daisy0909 · 18/02/2023 12:10

@northernmam oh wow both sides! I'm a twin, it's an amazing bond.

@Maraudingmarauders I keep having the pain when I cough/sneeze! Sometimes feels really sharp in where I'd imagine my ovaries to be?!

FarmBaby3 · 18/02/2023 12:49

@Maraudingmarauders I have the ligament pain too. It's been my first symptom of pregnancy in this and my last pregnancy. I also get it if I stand up too quickly from bed. It's like I've pulled a muscle. Sometimes it goes away immediately and other times it takes ages.

PCOSunfortunately · 18/02/2023 13:57

I get the ligament pain to if I sneeze sometimes it pulls my stomach muscle tight xx

winningeasy · 18/02/2023 15:10

@northernmam amazing news! How wonderful

Yes to the coughing and sneezing, such a weird sensation, like something is going to fall out!

Anyone doing the Squeezy app? I am finding my pelvic floor is nowhere near as strong as before I had my first baby 😬

Lhdale · 18/02/2023 19:40

@winningeasy I should be but I keep forgetting! Thanks for the reminder.

my boobs hurt a lot less today and have shrunk the last couple of days so I’ve had a little freak out but trying to tell myself it could be the hormones dropping as my placenta takes over. My anxiety gets worse the closer I get to 12 weeks!

FarmBaby3 · 18/02/2023 19:55

@Lhdale mine too. I have my 12 week scan on Thursday and I know I will be a mess on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

northernmam · 19/02/2023 08:10

Thank you everyone 😊

Sorry for the silence. I spent all afternoon on the antenatal day unit yesterday, hooked up to a drip as I was severely dehydrated and was told I have hyperemesis 😩 thankfully I've been given some cyclizine to take going forward and I'm feeling a little better this morning.

Hope everyone is doing well xx

Daisy0909 · 19/02/2023 08:23

@northernmam ahhh sorry to hear that but glad the tablets seem to be helping!

@suz2285 how did you get on yesterday? X

suz2285 · 19/02/2023 08:54

@northernmam oh no! Least they're taking it seriously now and hopefully you'll start to feel better!!

@Daisy0909 not great tbh, they only did external scan as they don't do internal and they couldn't really see much, asked me to come back next week but do not feel reassured! I've had some small spotting overnight and haven't slept much so I called epu and they're going to see me tomorrow morning to see what is going on. So at least I might have an answer soon!

suz2285 · 19/02/2023 08:55

@winningeasy I downloaded that app, but it kept notifying me so many times a day I turned the notifications off 😂😂 I def need to do them tho!

northernmam · 19/02/2023 08:55

@suz2285 aw I'm so glad EPU are seeing you tomorrow. Has the spotting stopped? Xx

northernmam · 19/02/2023 08:56

@Daisy0909 thank you, I do feel slightly better this morning xx

Daisy0909 · 19/02/2023 09:01

@suz2285 glad EPU are getting you in. Hopefully nothing to be alarmed about & that going tomorrow will put your mind at rest. If the spotting continues maybe push for them to see you today? X

PCOSunfortunately · 19/02/2023 11:20

@northernmam hope you're okay glad you've got some medicine to help you out!

@suz2285 sorry to hear this! I understand your worry! So glad EPU are listening to you and seeing you. You will definitely be able to get a clearer idea of what's going on ❤️ xxx

suz2285 · 19/02/2023 12:38

@northernmam yeah the spotting wasn't bad and seems to have stopped but I feel like my symptoms aren't as bad as they have been recently so I think my brain is just preparing for the worst tbh! If there really is only a sac at '8 weeks' then I'm definitely out... will have to wait and see tomorrow

@Daisy0909 they said if it was heavier or I had any pain to call them back but I'm ok just now just having a quiet day and see what happens tomorrow

@PCOSunfortunately thanks! Will let you know when I know more!

Laul89 · 19/02/2023 12:55

Struggling to keep up with logging on here and reading the messages but had to just stop by and say hope you are ok @suz2285 and you get some answers tomorrow! Today must be totally dragging for you 🥺 sending positive thoughts 💖 xx

northernmam · 19/02/2023 14:19

@suz2285 awww I will keep everything crossed for you tomorrow and thinking of you! Take care and try your best to think positive xx

winningeasy · 19/02/2023 15:15

@northernmam hope you're having a restful day and glad you got some medicine, I think others have said those
Meds work well so hope they have a positive effect. I am guessing you have double the hcg flowing around the body and body working twice as hard to grow those babies

@suz2285 hope you get some answers soon, i have faith it will be ok, you could see more on your external scan than I could on mine at 8+4 and all was fine with me when they do the internal. Have you tried testing recently? X

northernmam · 19/02/2023 15:17

@winningeasy yes that's exactly what the midwife said to me 😊 they've made a huge difference and I've actually managed to eat today! Not a lot but I'm focusing more on my fluids xx

suz2285 · 19/02/2023 15:30

@winningeasy thank you, that's reassuring, I hope that's the case with me, so confusing! Exactly why I wasn't sure about getting an external scan but here we are!

I haven't done any more tests as even if it was a miscarriage I'd still prob test positive for a few weeks just trying to wait for tomorrow and see what happens x

Daisy0909 · 19/02/2023 17:06

Does anyone else just feel completely wiped out? I'm 9+1 today and I feel guilty because this weekend all I have managed to do is the odd dog walk & the rest I've just laid about on the sofa! I know tiredness/exhaustion is a symptom but I'm just feeling so guilty because I can only do the odd jobs & my house definitely needs a deep clean!
Hats off to anyone on here who is going through this with other children.. you are troopers! I've already told my other half I don't know if I'd ever manage to have a 2nd! 🤣

Lhdale · 19/02/2023 17:11

@Daisy0909 absolutely. From about 8 weeks I’ve been totally wiped. Work has been such a struggle and all I’ve been able to do when I get home is sit on the sofa. It’s just been half term and I’ve been sleeping in and watching so much tv that I would never have let myself do normally so I really do understand the guilt! Was doing a bit of exercise before 8 weeks but have had to completely stop. Also had similar thoughts about how on earth people who already have a kid/kids manage!

@suz2285 it does sound like it could well be that external just can’t pick anything up at this point. Every scan I had up until my 10 week scan was done internally. Must be an awful wait though and will be thinking of you tomorrow. I know if I was in your position I would be freaking out but as someone a step away from and able to think a little bit less emotionally it I really do think all will be fine 🥰🥰

winningeasy · 19/02/2023 17:15

@Daisy0909 yep fully wiped out, I was with the first baby too but having a toddler this time around means I just have no bandwidth for anything but essentials - work, very necessary chores, very basic food prep, anything my child needs, naps and self-care, dog and husband don't get a look in anymore

Missing out on social stuff but 🤷‍♀️ there was a Mardi Gras parade that would have been nice to go to but I couldn't face it

Managed to haul my ass out to soft play with my DD, driven by pure mum guilt

Anyone else addicted to crisps? Currently prawn cocktail walkers and nik naks x

Daisy0909 · 19/02/2023 17:19

@Lhdale I think mine has been the last week or so too so like you, around the 8 weeks mark! It's reassuring to know you feel the same though!

@winningeasy oh wow I'll say it again, you're a trooper! Not currently addicted to anything as such personally but each day I'll need something to curb my sickness & get me through.. crisps do help me with that!

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