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Late October babies - 3

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Mc3209 · 02/05/2020 16:26

To continue our conversation! ☺️

OP posts:
1990shopefulftm · 02/05/2020 16:37

reorganised the contents of our kitchen this morning as I had the energy to but lost the energy quickly afterwards, maybe a sign the tiredness could be easing a bit and now I know where I'll be putting the babies bottles in the kitchen :)

Clalou83 · 02/05/2020 16:46

In the 1st week I'd lick down I sorted all the kitchen cupboards. We only have a small kitchen. I did manage to clear one small shelf now it is full of bloomin snacks lol we don't usually have so many snacks in the house but so useful at the mo especially salty ones, really help with nausea in the evening.

Mc3209 · 02/05/2020 16:48

@Clalou83 salty snacks, yum. They are my weakness.

@1990shopefulftm you are really on the ball with getting everything baby-ready!

OP posts:
Clalou83 · 02/05/2020 16:50

@justtb yeah that's why I didn't ask as thought it be a no, kinda felt silly to ask. My partner looked so sad when he had to walk out.

So these private scans, are they at clinics? And they let your partner in now?

UpsyDaisy1234 · 02/05/2020 16:58

@roarfeckingroar Wow! A little boy! You must be really excited. Congratulations!

-I'm really sorry for everyone having body/back aches. Same here but pregnancy pillow does really ease it. I hope we all feel better soon.

-I agree asda maternity bras are really good, i have a couple. I think nursing bras are not really necessary for anyone not planning on breastfeeding. I always bf my babies for a year, 6months exclusively, so I buy really pretty sexy nursing bras from They sell maternity bras too. Their flexi wired ones are really comfortable. I tried a fitting with m&s years ago, comfy bras but was ugly & frumpy. Lol. Debenhams does fittings too.

  • I always loose a lot of hair with pregnancy. A former work colleague recommended argan oil then, i wasn't sure if it worked but a couple of months after birth, i noticed it had stopped.

Welcome! to all the new ladies & congratulations!💐
roarfeckingroar · 02/05/2020 16:59

Thank you everyone for such lovely wishes.

justtb · 02/05/2020 17:01

@clalou83 I was gutted when they sent him away.. the letter said they'd let one person in, personally I think they should update the 12 week scan letter for COVID guidelines..

There's a couple private clinics near me. One is closed during lockdown but the other is open and letting partners in.. worth a google :) I'm finding my energy comes and then just as I'm about to do a job it depletes.. I'm still on the sofa a lot.. feel so guilty 😩

UpsyDaisy1234 · 02/05/2020 17:02

@1990shopefulftm Wow! You are so organized!

1990shopefulftm · 02/05/2020 17:03

@Clalou83 Asda do brilliant salty crisps, I ve been eating so many of them.

@Mc3209 I have a very bad short term memory so want to go through the whole house so everything has its place and we don't own stuff we don't need before sleep deprivation kicks in and it gets much worse.

roarfeckingroar · 02/05/2020 17:04

@mc3209 I'm struggling with him feeling his choice to know or not is so important. Apparently he wants to have that amazing surprise on the day - selfish git - you get to have a baby with none of the hard work.

roarfeckingroar · 02/05/2020 17:07

@Clalou83 yes most private places will allow your partner in.

Eatsleepbakerepeat · 02/05/2020 17:21

Hope youse dont mind me joining
Was just going to ask if anyone else is feeling pretty rough, constantly full and uncomfortable but hungry and sick it's awful dont know what to do to help alleviate it
I have had pretty bad morning sickness but that's well controlled at the moment just this awful bunged up feeling :/

Clalou83 · 02/05/2020 17:37

@justtb I've just been looking on groupon for offers on private scans. I'm not sure where your all based. Not sure if to book one before my 20 week scan as that's 6 week away so my partner can see or wait till after or do both 2D now then 4D later on. Thought I could surprise him with one soon.

Clalou83 · 02/05/2020 17:41

@Eatsleepbakerepeat we're all different I guess. I get sicky in the evening but it does seem to be easing (13 wk) Do you have small meals I try and have 5/6 meals a day helps to keep that feeling at bay. Boiled sweets help, salty snacks, hot lemon water. I'm sure you heard most of this though and obviously we all react differently x x

DressingGown87 · 02/05/2020 18:00

Wow so much to catch up on today. Thank you for the well wishes about the business, hopefully all completes tomorrow! Still have my FT job, and two other businesses so doubt I'm going to be bored.

DressingGown87 · 02/05/2020 18:00

Wow so much to catch up on today. Thank you for the well wishes about the business, hopefully all completes tomorrow! Still have my FT job, and two other businesses so doubt I'm going to be bored.

DressingGown87 · 02/05/2020 18:08

@sls668 My hair seems ok for now (fingers crossed) however I don't seem to be brushing it washing it much in lockdown Blush, as I am loosing track of the days.

@roarfeckingroar Aww congratulations on your little boy! I can understand your frustration with your partner not knowing. You going to hide the 'blue' stuff. I'm questioning my gut feeling / nub theory of girl now!

@Gloorb Sorry to hear about your bloods, doesn't sound the nicest position. Hope everything is ok with your results.

@1990shopefulftm You sound so organised! I'm trying to slowly go through mine, I started with the garage of all things, as I need to move my (unused) gym so I can have a spare room for friends to stay and help.

Amazon Prime had an offer on bottles today and a starter kit, so I did my first (direct) baby purchase!

Sls668 · 02/05/2020 18:37

I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with hair loss, I thought I was the only one!!

I’ve also made my first proper purchase today and bought a breast pump, I checked reviews and this seemed to be a good one and it was in the sale. I can’t believe how expensive some of them are!

Mc3209 · 02/05/2020 18:46

@roarfeckingroar he might cave in...

I've got a spreadsheet with all the stuff, including costs, I will need to get before the baby gets here, but not going to start buying until after 20 week scan (although I am itching to start buying, I am just being cautious - my 20 week scan has been pushed forward few weeks after consultant appointment as a precaution. I want to see everything being fine on that scan before diving head first into baby shopping).

OP posts:
Mc3209 · 02/05/2020 18:47

@Sls668 I know! I am planning on getting one too, the cost can be eye watering if not careful 😂 Apparently you can rent them too.

OP posts:
AdventureAhead · 02/05/2020 18:50

It's been busy on here over the last few days! Welcome to everyone new that has joined.
@DressingGown87 congratulations on selling your business, can't imagine that was an easy decision but hopefully feels like a weight has been lifted having made the choice?!
@roarfeckingroar it sounds like you've had a really exciting day! I can't wait to see baby again at our next scan (unfortunately I've got a few weeks to wait!)
To everyone organising cupboards and buying baby bits, you all sound very organised! I think I need to take a leaf out of your book. I haven't even thought about any of that yet!
I seem to have "popped" today. A bump has appeared that very much wasn't there yesterday!

Sls668 · 02/05/2020 19:03

@Mc3209 I couldn’t believe the price of some! Mine was reduced from £150 to £100, it’s double and electric so hopefully it’ll be a good one. It’s so hard to try plan or prepare anything for breastfeeding or labour as it’s a completely new experience and you just don’t know what will happen!! I’m totally baffled about combi feeding too as I've seen lots of advice not to start until 8 weeks and then also a lot of people who started straight away and said it worked really well for them

Clalou83 · 02/05/2020 19:03

@Mc3209 I agree about buying I'm also going to wait till 20 week. Think it will feel more real after this scan.

Sls668 · 02/05/2020 19:13

@Clalou83 I was planning to wait for everything too but the offer seemed too good to ignore. My boyfriend said to buy it before all the Quarantine pregnant mums started buying Grin. I’m not buying anything big until later and don’t want to buy any clothes until after I know the sex

KitKatKit · 02/05/2020 19:26

@Mc3209 Thank you for starting a new thread!

@Eatsleepbakerepeat Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy, hoping it gets easier for you.

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