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please some1 look and help me im so alone need to know???

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vvvvvvv · 19/09/2006 17:36

had my last period 21 july,but not always reg three weeks on friday i noticed some brown stuff with clear snotty discharge only twice once that day then two days after happened again did a test today but came bk - been having weriod dreams and had some clear snotty discharge now and then but only when i wipe myself also been getting bad mirgrain and feel worn out all the time. my brests dont hert nor do i feel sick but i just have no idear whats going on im waiting for my blood test res but just wanted to know if any1 has had this and been pregnant.also around the time of the spotting i had some period like pains and some sharp shooting pains from my tummy to my lower paRT.AND EVERY NOW AND THEN FEEL SOME PULLING LIKE MY LOWER PART IS TOUCHING THE FLOOR LIKE HWHAT I GERT BEFOR A PERIOD PLZ HELP????/

OP posts:
Mellowma · 19/09/2006 18:06

Message withdrawn

flowertot · 19/09/2006 18:11

Seem to remember seeing several of these messages from you. Are you just time wasting? How come your results haven't come back yet. Seems very odd to me........

edie123 · 19/09/2006 18:14

Have you done a pregnancy test? You mention a 'test' but what was it for? Could you be pregnant?

lulumama · 19/09/2006 18:14

you are obviously very distressed - if periods not regular, it;s hard to say, as if period 21 july - then fertile period would be around day 13 /14 which would be 2nd 3rd August - if you ovulate regularly. If conceived then, your next period ( if regular ) would have been due but not arrived -around the middle of August based on a 28 day cycle.

clear discharge can be a sign of ovulation, not pregnancy. early pregnancy symptoms can often be mistaken for period symptoms and vice versa - cramping, spotting etc... need to get a test ASAP - can you get to a chemist? some of the more sensitive ones can detect pregnancy a few days before period due.

had spotting & cramping in both of my pregnancies before found out was expecting if that helps.

Mellowma · 19/09/2006 18:18

Message withdrawn

lulumama · 19/09/2006 18:36

i would just go and get a test from late night chemist or supermarket now - ask friend / partner etc... to get one if you can;t get out, you'll sleep better for knowing either way.

Nicola63 · 19/09/2006 19:50

I agree this seems rather odd. On another threads she said her last period was 23 July, here she says 21 July. This does not add up. Also, many messages all the same, and she keeps starting different threads rather than staying on the same one. And it does seem strange that a simple HCG blood test is taking so long.

Sorry if you are genuine, but. v, if you want support you would be best sticking to one thread, and updating it, and responding to what people say to you rather than just keeping starting new threads.

shhhh · 19/09/2006 19:53

i agree with nicola63. We can help and advise where possible but we don't seem to be getting any feedback just more threads about the same thing.

You are better speaking to your gp. BTW I think your hcg tests were done last thurs/ should have results by now. Ours took a day to come back.

We can only guide you on mn, if you need advice and confirmation then speak to your gp. They will know you better than us. Hope you get sorted.

vvvvvvv · 20/09/2006 15:04

thankyou for the messages but im new to the site and dont really know how to use it. i took a blood test last wed at the doc and i called today but they said it aint came bk as yet so i have to call friday i will let u all know the out come.

OP posts:
colditz · 20/09/2006 15:11

Blood tests can take up to 10 days to come cack sometimes.


If you go to 'threads I'm on' at the top of the page, it will find the thread you were using last time, and you won't have to start new ones every time it drops off the current board, IYSWIM

shhhh · 20/09/2006 17:15

that clarifys it vvvvvvv. Let us know what the results say come fri. Hope they are what you want.

divastrop · 20/09/2006 17:19

why not just do a urine test?if ur in the uk(?)u can get them for 1 or 2 quid in some places.

shhhh · 20/09/2006 17:22

divastrop, vvvvvvvv has but it's come out bfn, thats why she's bfp and no af either.

vvvvvvv · 20/09/2006 20:25

i did a blood test thats why its taking so long to come bk but will let u no friday

OP posts:
edie123 · 22/09/2006 08:55

Got your results V?

JaneNZ · 22/09/2006 13:13

Hi vvvvvvvv, sorry if you are geniune, but I noticed on another post -"Help please" you have stated that you had a mc and then a healthy baby. I am really sorry if you have had a mc - but can't you tell from what happened at the beginning of these two pregnancies what is possibly going on with this one?

3andnomore · 22/09/2006 19:17

VVVVVVV have you had your test results yet...seeing that you were supposed to get them today?

edie123 · 22/09/2006 20:08

She doesn't seem to be here...just been reading about Kat too...facinating stuff

3andnomore · 22/09/2006 21:09


hitchcock · 22/09/2006 21:12

has she not got her results then??????

vvvvvvv · 22/09/2006 21:14

hi just came on i called them today but there are messing around with me but mon they said it better be mon coz ive been waiting so long now.

OP posts:
hitchcock · 22/09/2006 21:16

why is it taking so long???? what the reason????

vvvvvvv · 22/09/2006 21:22

coz they told me it takes a week to seven days for the results to come bk and i had the test last wed. its pissing me off now as its driving me crazy i just want to no one way or the other i still aint come on my period

OP posts:
vvvvvvv · 22/09/2006 21:24

just want to add it is a blood test im waiting on

OP posts:
3andnomore · 22/09/2006 21:33

7 days and a week is the same, btw!
Well, tbh, by now you should be able to check it by Urine test, if you are pg then it would show...if not,'s probably you stressing about it that makes af stay away!
Well...if all this is for real, this still suspicious!

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