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please some1 look and help me im so alone need to know???

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vvvvvvv · 19/09/2006 17:36

had my last period 21 july,but not always reg three weeks on friday i noticed some brown stuff with clear snotty discharge only twice once that day then two days after happened again did a test today but came bk - been having weriod dreams and had some clear snotty discharge now and then but only when i wipe myself also been getting bad mirgrain and feel worn out all the time. my brests dont hert nor do i feel sick but i just have no idear whats going on im waiting for my blood test res but just wanted to know if any1 has had this and been pregnant.also around the time of the spotting i had some period like pains and some sharp shooting pains from my tummy to my lower paRT.AND EVERY NOW AND THEN FEEL SOME PULLING LIKE MY LOWER PART IS TOUCHING THE FLOOR LIKE HWHAT I GERT BEFOR A PERIOD PLZ HELP????/

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vvvvvvv · 10/10/2006 20:53

well there is somthing wrong as im having pain down below in intercourse,my gp said that it can be a fungal cyst? and that she has reffured me to a gynac.soz about the spelling]

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HappyMumof2 · 10/10/2006 21:21

Message withdrawn

MKG · 10/10/2006 22:24


I just started reading your thread, and your pain during sex and cramp like feelings remind me of my sil's endometriosis.

It may not be what you have, but ask you doctor about the possibilities

I hope you figure things out.

check it out at

lulumama · 10/10/2006 22:26

well, the gynae will be able to help - if GP says it is a cyst, at least you have an idea what's going on.

3andnomore · 10/10/2006 22:45

Could I just add...if I remember correctly you said, in another thread, you had pain when having deep penetrating sex, and pain is not necessarily uncommon with this!

lulumama · 10/10/2006 22:47

yep - try different position!

and don;t fret -nothing bad shown up in any tests so far...

vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 14:56

hey everybody,strange stuffs been going on,the pain seems to have stoped after going docs and getting admitted to the hospital and had a exzamaction. this morning i had real bad period pains going at the tops of my legs.and now bleeding really heavy i have super plus tampons and even leaking a little bit through them. its a good things i think i have came on but is it poss that i could full pregnant next month or maybe bye some ov kits?

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vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 14:57


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lulumama · 14/10/2006 15:02

if you are menstruating then yes, there is a possibility you could become pregnant next month - but in all likelihood it will take longer.

sound like you are having a really heavy period - all your examinations and tests came back clear so you have nothing to worry about, hopefully...

vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 15:12

when do i test with a ov kit coz im gonna bye some?and how will i no when im ouvlatin? soz to be a pain but getting pregnant means alot to me.

OP posts:
lulumama · 14/10/2006 15:19

i've never used a kit

you usually ovulate around day 14 of your cycle, based on a 28 day cycle. so try making love around days 12 - 16 to be sure....sperm can survive 48 hours or so aswell....

the first day of your period is day 1, so just keep counting.

there will also be changes in your cervical mucus at the time you ovulate - it is clear and stretchy and snot like (!) so watch out for that

i suggest you post on TTC board. and i bet the ovulation sticks will have the instructions in with them

good luck!

vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 15:42

thankyou fot that i will go in the ttc.

OP posts:
vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 15:46

can i just ask do i say day one today up to 16 then say i could be ouvlatin or is it the day i finish my period?just coz my period is so erregelr

OP posts:
ready4motherhood · 14/10/2006 15:51

It's probably none of my business, but don't you think it would be best to find out the cause of the pain during intercourse? This could be something that needs addressing? Before trying for another baby??

Good luck.

lulumama · 14/10/2006 15:58

today will be day one as you have started your period

if your cycle is irregular, there is no guarantee that you will ovulate within the normal time frame. so that is where you need to use the sticks, which i have not used.....

might be good to not TTC this month and count , starting from today as day one and count until the first day of your next period. then you will have an idea of how long your cycle is .

or TTC and see what one else can tell you when you will ovulate.

vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 15:58

well i have been checked and told that its not serouis and that the pain could be me tenesing up and as i said the pain seems to have gone since i got exzamined and have came on my period too so i think it was just all in my head as i have had blood tests and al suorts of tests that have all came bk ok

OP posts:
vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 16:00

thanks i will do just that. thanks so much as i though u do it in the middle withch starting from the day you finish your period shows how much i no lol.thanks againxxx

OP posts:
lulumama · 14/10/2006 16:04

no worries...hope all goes well...

Whoowhoobewhooooooh · 14/10/2006 16:10

Hi v.

I'm sure they'll tell you this on the conception boards, but:

a) ov sticks are rubbish. You can have more than one FSH surge in a cycle, and it may only last for a couple of hours so if you don't happen to test at the right time of day you won't get a reading.

b) Some people I know have conceived as early as Day 6 of their cycle. I conceived on Day 11. Best to have sex every 2-3 days from the day after your period finishes, and try to relax.


vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 16:21

for whoo,i think i will do just that coz ov tests are not cheap i will just have lots of sex lol and relax and hope for the it true if you lie there with your legs in the air and not go to the toilet its easyer to full pregnant?

OP posts:
lulumama · 14/10/2006 16:25

legs elevated for 15 - 20 mins after sex is good..but do go to the loo after as need to wee out any bacteria that may have found their way into your bladder during sex......

vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 16:36

i cant belive how much im learning about it all on mums net i think its good for mums.xxalso thanks again for thAT i will carry on doing that is there any other tips or suggestions or food or anythink to take to help me and my hubby are really despreat and its taking so long now?sad

OP posts:
lulumama · 14/10/2006 16:39

how long have you been trying -

12 months is not unusual and that is the minimum time you need to try before docs will investigate infertility

do you have any children already? and if so, how long did it take to fall pregnant....

i don;t know about food/drink but zinc is supposed to be good for fertility and you should take a folic acid pre natal supplement while you are trying and for the first trimester

stop ( or cut down at the least!) on cigs - if you smoke, that goes for hubby too...stop ( or cut down at least!) on alcohol , that goes for hubby too! eat a healthy balanced diet and try not to stress ...

3andnomore · 14/10/2006 20:35

VVVVVV...a few years ago I did not have a period in a very long time....almost a year (due to me going through a very heavy phase of crash dieting, etc.....), andyway, when my period finally came along....gosh it was horrid...just really heavy and I needed tampons and pads and still bled through within an hour (now usually I am more of a light bleeder), and I htink it was just to do with me not having a period for so long...but it's a good sign that your af appeared, and hopefully it will stay regular, well...or you jsut fall pg next month definately possible! Just have sex once a day or every other day al through your cylce rather then trying to time it to ovulation, that tends to work the best

3andnomore · 14/10/2006 20:40

V....the reason they say you o on day 14 based on a 28 day cycle is, because basically most women will o around 14 days before the start of their next period...say you have a 37 day cycle you would possibly o onday 23 and so on....but it is a individula thing! Some women find the oldfashioned temp measureing throughout the cycle good to pinpoint o day

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