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please some1 look and help me im so alone need to know???

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vvvvvvv · 19/09/2006 17:36

had my last period 21 july,but not always reg three weeks on friday i noticed some brown stuff with clear snotty discharge only twice once that day then two days after happened again did a test today but came bk - been having weriod dreams and had some clear snotty discharge now and then but only when i wipe myself also been getting bad mirgrain and feel worn out all the time. my brests dont hert nor do i feel sick but i just have no idear whats going on im waiting for my blood test res but just wanted to know if any1 has had this and been pregnant.also around the time of the spotting i had some period like pains and some sharp shooting pains from my tummy to my lower paRT.AND EVERY NOW AND THEN FEEL SOME PULLING LIKE MY LOWER PART IS TOUCHING THE FLOOR LIKE HWHAT I GERT BEFOR A PERIOD PLZ HELP????/

OP posts:
vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 18:16

bliedh ovum what the hell is that???? i

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 23/09/2006 18:19

Message withdrawn

Creena · 23/09/2006 18:20

To be honest, VVVVVV, I think your choices now are;

  1. If you don't feel that your symptoms are in any way serious, life threatening or pose a risk to your health (like an ectopic pregnancy, for example), then wait and see what your GP has to tell you on Monday. Only your GP can examine you, check your blood test results and diagnose your condition. No one on mumsnet can do that for you, unfortunately.

  1. If you do feel that your symptoms are serious etc, phone your GP's surgery to obtain details of their 'doctor on call' or locum service (there's usually a message on the surgery ansamachine giving instructions on how to do this) and use that or get yourself down to your local A&E for further i8nvestigation.

  1. Whatever you decide to do, you've been given lots of good advice and helpful information from mumsnetters so far and I think you're at a point where no one can really do any more for you here. Even using the magical powers of the internet won't enable any of us to examine or diagnose you!!

I hope you get yourself sorted out soon and wish you luck.
3andnomore · 23/09/2006 18:23

Hi, posted this link on the Health thread aswell...but HMO2 might be onto somehting with that pelvic inflammatory disease hting...a friend of mine had that and was unable to conceive until the infection was treated!

HappyMumof2 · 23/09/2006 18:26

Message withdrawn

HappyMumof2 · 23/09/2006 18:27

Message withdrawn

vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 18:49

im not that worry7ed to run to the nearest hospitial but am concerned. the pain in sex has only just started sdo if anything is wrong then hopefully can be treated quick as its only just come about.

OP posts:
vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 18:51

hapymum-did u fell pain in intercourse with pid like just in some position. plz excuse my spelling.

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 23/09/2006 18:59

Message withdrawn

hitchcock · 23/09/2006 19:11

sorry i have a question have you got a new(ish0 partner??? you can get pid from many dif ways i got pid because i had a piece of the placenta left after ds 3 yrs ago was cleared after 3 months on anti b and a d&c and 1 more month on anti bs

kittylette · 23/09/2006 19:15

i think alot of you are very rude & cynical, this womans asking for help not an earbashing

hitchcock · 23/09/2006 19:16

there is another huge thread maybe you should read that as well

vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 19:18

well been 2gether for eight months why? also i had clymidea about ten months ago its cleared up now could that be the course i feel a bit shamed saying that on here but if u all knowing that it might give u more of a reason to know what could be wronge. but i am def going to the docs monday.

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 23/09/2006 19:23

Message withdrawn

vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 19:30

yea we both went together and i still go for check ups even no i have a parnter. i went not so long ago and was told im in the clear so i know for sure sure i have no std for sure.

OP posts:
lulumama · 23/09/2006 20:00

clamydia is absolutely a reason you might be having difficulty conceiving - pelvic inflammatory disease? does that ring a bell with anyone - sorry if already suggested - partner also needs treating with antibiotics i think if it is clamydia - might be totally wrong ! sorry to be vague - i really think you need to discuss the pain with the doc regardless of blood test results as any underlying infection etc... must be treated as a matter of urgency if you are trying to conceive....

lulumama · 23/09/2006 20:00

Sorry HappyMum - just read your post

edie123 · 23/09/2006 20:11

V God just read this and your other thread and it seems as though loads of people have given their opinions!...

My advice is as before...I agree with you, this is not an emergency that needs to be dealt with in A&E.

However, you do need to speak to a PROFESSIONAL and I think you should ring NHSdirect. You speak to a nurse on the phone and you don't have to be embarassed. It should put your mind at rest.

Good luck xx

vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 20:12

yeah i no i will go and gtet checked with the nurse on mon. but i just wanna make it clear that i do not have clymidea and nor does my parnter

OP posts:
edie123 · 23/09/2006 20:23

That's fair enough, although I will say that chlamydia is not something to be ashamed of, I get checked for it regularly despite having a long term stable relationship! It's apparently VERY common!!


MarieHannah · 23/09/2006 20:51

To say you dont know how to use this site, your abbreviations are pretty good and accurate.

egypt · 23/09/2006 20:59

to be fair, i think they are common abbreviations used in texting?

shhhh · 23/09/2006 21:00

God..! Give the poor girl a break!!!
She's come on asking for advice on a possible pregnancy and now there's discusions of possible std's.

To many judgemental people imo.

Hope you get things sorted v.

HappyMumof2 · 23/09/2006 21:13

Message withdrawn

edie123 · 23/09/2006 21:17

Yes and as I have said there is no reason to be ashamed of having an STI (not saying she has) but generally speaking, they are soooo common nowadays that we need to have a better attitude about them I think.

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