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please some1 look and help me im so alone need to know???

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vvvvvvv · 19/09/2006 17:36

had my last period 21 july,but not always reg three weeks on friday i noticed some brown stuff with clear snotty discharge only twice once that day then two days after happened again did a test today but came bk - been having weriod dreams and had some clear snotty discharge now and then but only when i wipe myself also been getting bad mirgrain and feel worn out all the time. my brests dont hert nor do i feel sick but i just have no idear whats going on im waiting for my blood test res but just wanted to know if any1 has had this and been pregnant.also around the time of the spotting i had some period like pains and some sharp shooting pains from my tummy to my lower paRT.AND EVERY NOW AND THEN FEEL SOME PULLING LIKE MY LOWER PART IS TOUCHING THE FLOOR LIKE HWHAT I GERT BEFOR A PERIOD PLZ HELP????/

OP posts:
lulumama · 23/09/2006 22:13

Shhh...V brought up the subject of is judging - trying to tie all the peices together to hopefully give V reassurance as she is obviously desperate to reach a conclusion and get some answers...but as has been pointed out - medical advice from a doc is needed here

hitchcock · 23/09/2006 22:26

ive had pid was told that i prob not be able to have another child,( developed pid because of retained placenta ) when i went to docs and hospital with massive pain and bleeding, i was constantly asked about clamidia and was tested 4 times even thou i had been with dp for over 6yrs.
going back to not having children last dec after only trying for 3 months i had dd!!!

it took hospital/socs almost 6 months to work out what was wrong with me. i then had to spend almost 4 months on double dosed ante b's
so it does sometimes take a while to work out whats wrond .
the fact that you have had clam may meen that you could have devoped(sp) pid

it does sound like it

vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 22:46

i wish i never asked im soooo scared now and having no one in person to talk to. how long till the docs can tell me weather or not its that im gonna go monday and get seen if i can or tuesday. but if its not that what can it be im worryed

OP posts:
hitchcock · 23/09/2006 22:50

speak to yur gp and get him/her to send you for an emergency scan and that will show up any thing going on in your pelvis xxx

but dont worry it will be ok

vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 22:53

i was looking up again and read about thrush and some1 else on here said it too thaT having thrush can cause pain in sex i think well i get that alot and feel like i could have it again as im a bit sore but then again i always get thrush and never hurt in sex...

OP posts:
MarieHannah · 23/09/2006 22:55


could you not speak to ur partner about this??

hitchcock · 23/09/2006 22:57

i think that you should speak to dp and tell him how you feel

Greensleeves · 23/09/2006 22:57

Oh sweetheart, bite the bullet and go talk to your GP. You sound so worried, MN can give support but it can't give you answers. Go to the doctor, and then come back and talk to us about what he said. xx

vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 23:06

i can talk to my partner but hes a man you know what men are like when you talk about women stuff but 100% i will come bk with all the feed bk as soon as i know whats wrong.

OP posts:
vvvvvvv · 23/09/2006 23:24

bump ijust feel for a chat xxx

OP posts:
fussymummy · 24/09/2006 00:25

Hi, i haven't posted on your threads yet.
Just been reading through some of this one.
Bet you can't wait til monday?
You've had all sorts of advice on this one, haven't you????

Hope you're ok.

3andnomore · 24/09/2006 00:26

lulumama...actually, as far as I am aware clamydia can actually make you infertile! Not sugesting that this is the reason for she was treated, just stating a fact!
kittylette...well, I try to help, but sometimes I also can't help but be suspicious or I mentioned before have experienced a troll fooling a whole forum and causing a lot of distress...what do they say...once bitten twice shy.... saying that, I would also always give the benefit of the doubt, and give suggestions or try to help...just incase I am being unecessary suspicious!

3andnomore · 24/09/2006 00:30

V...thrush can cause soreness and pain, as you obviously know, but it does not interfere with your cycles...but then a lot of other things do, like stress...and stressing about ttc...well...your mind is a powerful thing, iykwim...the amount of time I have had myself convinced I was pg, either because I truely didn't want to be or because we were ttc'ing, etc...just crazy....or is that just me ;)

HappyMumof2 · 24/09/2006 08:41

Message withdrawn

carrotcake · 24/09/2006 09:17

vvvvvv, the chlamydia could absolutely have come back, or not have been treated properly and I agree with everyone who says this sounds like PID. I had this ten years ago, was treated twice for it, my dp on the second time, and I still went on to have undiagnosed PID. I actually had my appendix removed unnecessarily, and then was hospitalised again two months later before they realised what was wrong. It was so bad I had to have antibiotic drip, suppositories, and oral drugs. I was only 19, scared and very ill. Then I was told I would 50% chance of infertility! However, I fell pregnant two months later, and now ten years later am pregnant with number 3! It doesn't have to be a disaster, it just needs sorting out. I suggest you ring your GUM clinic first thiing tomorrow and ask for the emergency number, and be seen that day. There really is nothing to be embarrassed about, I know countless people who have had chlamydia. Don't wait for any more results, insist on being seen...

carrotcake · 24/09/2006 09:23

Fairly sure you can't go on a sunday though, happymumof2,think v will have to wait till tomorrow. GUM clinic phonelines tend to be busy on a monday morning though, something to do with the weekend! I recommend findind out the number today and start phoning the minute the lines open, there are a finite number of emergency appointments too, would be annoying to wait until tuesday. Get online and find the number/opening times etc. Good luck!

HappyMumof2 · 24/09/2006 09:31

Message withdrawn

vvvvvvv · 24/09/2006 13:10

i think people are getting me wrong i have not got a s.t.d ok i went to the std clinic about three weeks ago and was told im ok. its not a emergenancy as im not in pain at all and its only some times in bed i feel paqin. aqlso my7 periods are eregular anyway what bothered me was the fact that i spotted brown stuff three weeks ago thats why i thought it was pregnancy as i had that before.

OP posts:
vvvvvvv · 24/09/2006 13:21


OP posts:
shhhh · 24/09/2006 14:00

just to clairify: I didn't say people were being judgemental over the possibility of a std BUT that people were judgemental over the thread she/isn't she a troll etc..

Read my post incorrectly.!

BTW v, I would speak to your gp as really noone on her knows what is/isn't wrong. You need to book in tomorrow to see your gp to discuss the results and to discuss how your "body" has been. It may be something simple as stress thats been keeping af away. You are best getting your gp to check you over though as on mn we can only give suggestions or advice based on our situations. Now you really need medical advice. Let us know how you get on. xx

carrotcake · 24/09/2006 14:20

ok, fair enough if you've been to the clinic recently, it's just that last night around 7pm, you said you'd had chlamydia around ten months ago and asked if that could that be the cause, and you'd go back to the doc next week, it didn't sound like you'd been checked recently...

3andnomore · 24/09/2006 15:49

VVVVVV you obviously want to be pregnant very much, but in the one here will be able to give you any more advice then already been done, iykwim....there is a chance that you might be pg and that it was implantation spotting that you experienced,but, tbh, it is not all that unual to have just minorn lil bleeds inbetween your periods...especially if they are irregular!
But of course there is still a chance you have undiagnosed PID....but only your docs can tell ya!
And ssshhh....well,sorry but it did all make me wonder, and trolls are sadly not uncommon in forums like this, aren't they...this is just a general observation

HappyMumof2 · 24/09/2006 16:11

Message withdrawn

Plumpbump · 25/09/2006 09:48

Not sure which post to reply to (!) but wondered if you've now heard from the doctor VVVVVV? It's nearly ten on Monday morning, so surely the bloods are back?

HappyMumof2 · 25/09/2006 10:53

Message withdrawn

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