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New 'due in July' thread

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Quackers · 24/03/2004 12:30

Hello all!! Hope you find me!!!

OP posts:
madgirl · 24/03/2004 12:41

Hey quacks how's it going? And everyone else!
I am 24 weeks today. Sore throat and a bit coldy but otherwise fine. 4 weeks at work left!

littlerach · 24/03/2004 13:19

Found you!!!!
Had bad BH last few days, as DD was prem, got all worried, but MN helped me - again!!!
Still got yucky bleeding nose quite a lot.
21 wks today, hurrah!!!!!

Quackers · 24/03/2004 14:17

Littlerach, I'm 21 weeks too! Try not to worry too much about B/H. It's amazing how strong they can be isn't it! As long as they're not close togther or painful!

OP posts:
carwillin · 24/03/2004 16:28

I am 23+5 today with first. All going well, I am really starting to show now and people in the shops are smiling at me 'knowingly'

Has anyone got any cravings yet? My craving is just food in general I have to eat every couple of hours to stop the headaches.

Helsbels · 24/03/2004 17:48

Hi everyone - have you set this new thread up to hide from me??!! I'm 23+2 today and just feel knackered. Having a 2 year old, working, running a home and being 5 months pg isn't condusive to looking or feeling your best is it? Oh and I'm at college some evenings too. Don't finish work until June but we are on hols in 5 weeks can't wait. Hope all are well.

littlerach · 27/03/2004 13:26

How was Mothers Day?
Am now officially wearing maternity trousers, much more comfy!!
Where are you all?!!

Quackers · 28/03/2004 23:09

Hi all!! How are you??
I feel so big already! I was big quite quick with DD, lots of fluid apparantly, but I look more like about 28 weeks or so not 22!! Ah well hopefully slow down a bit like last time! I'm just pleased all is well!
2 more weeks and baby will be viable! That feels great to get this far!!! It's my last day at work on Friday.

OP posts:
madgirl · 29/03/2004 00:16

ditto on the gi-normous front. i am 25 weeks on friday and i am being utterly serious when i say i look 35. dh cannot believe how much bigger i am this time - and starving hungry all the time- already put on 21 pounds so well on track for my 3 stone from last time! gosh quacks you must be so happy to be giving up work. i give up on 13th april. ds starting to talk about the baby brother/sister in mummy's tummy- ha he doesn't quite realise the bedlam to hit the household! carwillin my cravings are just for things i can't have- sushi, rare beef, red wine, silk cut (whoops did i say that?)

bossykate · 30/03/2004 17:30

oh yes, same here, i am huge considering i've got 4 more months to go!

how come you ladies are giving up work so early? i'm planning to hang on till 4 wks before due date.

bought first lot of little baby girl clothes yesterday - they are so cute. i'm not superstitious, but still, perhaps it is a little early to be buying things.

current fave name is isabella bridget, which means bump now has pet name at last - "iddy biddy". last one was "miffy".

littlerach · 30/03/2004 18:39

Don't worry, BK, I am working until 34 wks, so plenty of time left!!

Quackers · 30/03/2004 23:12

Oh gosh yes BK, I'm only leaving my job because I have had serious problems with my boss. Aside from taking it to a tribunal I have had to quit. I've been put elswhere in the company for the last 2 months of my notice period and it has been better. I intend to try and find another job in the new year. If I was working I would leave at late as poss to leave too!! We reckon we'll scrape by for a bit!
Glad it;s not just me then who is enourmous. I'm sure people think I'm on the home straight and actually am only just hitting the 6 month mark! As long as they're healthy!! My craving is digestive buscuits!!! It was weetabix with DD so a bit more naughty this one!
Littlerach, are you finishing completely then too???

OP posts:
Quackers · 30/03/2004 23:13

OOps, meant to say MG not Littlerach - sorry!!

OP posts:
hermykne · 30/03/2004 23:16

i am craving digestives too, adore them actually, i rang my sister having has one too many and asked her how many would she consider a binge and she said no limit shes been known to eat a pkt too! and shes not pregnant and size 8!!

bossykate · 30/03/2004 23:20

quackers, i am sorry to hear about your work situation

littlerach · 30/03/2004 23:36

Anyone else have nose bleeds?
Or bad wind?!!!

Quackers · 31/03/2004 14:25

Thankyou BK xx It's fine, last day today and it;s all over!! So last time I'll be mailing from work! Will be from home from now on!

Littlerach, Yes I've had a couple of nosebleeds and wind well, er yes.
Jems, where are you honey bunch??

OP posts:
madgirl · 31/03/2004 17:53

quacks, yes i won't be coming back to this job (maybe same company dependant on what's on offer) but what i 'm doing now is pretty full on sales with overseas travel and dh and i and have found it too hard going this past year, just haven't felt like i've spent enough time with ds. i will wait until the baby is 6 months before i really think seriously about what i am going to do-am considering either starting my own business or going into teaching.......
my nose bleeds quite a lot too, and the WIND!!! i am so paranoid about constipation that i eat 6 pieces of fruit a day and eat all bran every morning and i think my body can't cope with it all.

madgirl · 31/03/2004 17:54

ps forgot to say- have a funny feeling jems is sunning herself on hols (pretty sure it is canaries lucking thing)

madgirl · 31/03/2004 17:54

i mean lucky

Quackers · 31/03/2004 18:05

Ah, of course!!!! I'm sure she's having a wonderful time!!

MG, I went back to my job after having DD and had to be away from home all the time for up to 8 days and couldn't hack it either. Just had to finish, but it was lovely to know I didn't have to leave her again for so long. Just didn;t feel right! Hope you enjoy your time!

OP posts:
madgirl · 31/03/2004 18:08

god yes i am so relieved not to have to go away again. i am sure that is what turned ds from a good sleeper into a nightmare at night time. it broke my heart leaving him. and that worry when he was ill. mind you, bet in 6 months time i will be yearning yearning for a renaissance/hilton hotel room and mini bar!!

Quackers · 31/03/2004 19:03

OOH yes, I do miss that. Room service and a movie with a glass or 2 and a bath!! I don't regret it though, I really appreciate putting her to bed every night. I suppose it could upset him a little at bedtime, although they're very adaptable to all that they not daft are they!
Remember DD getting chicken pox and my DH calling me and I was so upset I couldn't be there for her. Never again though!! When do you finish then? Sorry, bit of a mushed brain today!!
OOH BTW, I just got some vouchers from work! They got me a prenatal Clarins treatment and a postnatal treatment and a stash of creme eggs!! Really nice of them!!

OP posts:
SpringChicken · 03/04/2004 11:55

Morning everyone, first day back at work from holiday

Hope everyone is doing OK - Got lots of catching up to do..................will be back when i have trawled through all the posts i have missed

madgirl · 03/04/2004 12:10

hey jems, how was your holiday?

SpringChicken · 03/04/2004 12:16

Was lovely thankyou MG - Not overly pleased at being back at work but can't really complain when i'm going to be off for 6 months soon

How has everyone been? Can quite honestly say now that I am huge and very houselike
Know what you mean about people looking at you knowingly - i keep getting over to jump the toilet queue now

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