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Fleeing with my child

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xx200xx · 03/02/2023 22:48

Hello everyone. Please no hide judgement.
I have fleed to a refuge with my 1 year old.

I feel like the worst mum ever, my son adores his dad and always smiles at him. I don't want to say he's a bad dad.
However the relationship became toxic the moment I was in it. It was rushed i was very stupid for believing he loved me at the start. I have been emotionally abused aswell as some s*xual abuse that happened durning my pregnancy. There's been times he's pushed me over and left me with bruises. He's cheated on my via social media before, I tried to leave him 7 months ago and he was threatening to kill himself etc so I stayed. It became more toxic because I wa struggling to cope with the betrayal but I felt so bad on leaving him. Hes recently decided he don't want me know more and things became so bad for my mental health. We was living together and he was doing everything he can to get a reaction or upset me so i had to leave because my mental state got so bad. Him, his dad and my own mother have turnt against me and trying to get my son took of me, there constantly ringing and saying stuff to social services and childrens center . Luckily the social worker can see what there trying to do and said she's proud of me. Parts of me feels like I have let my son down massively because he loves his dad so much and his father is very upset but still trying to hurt me in ways. I had to put my mental health first. But now Im just over thinking it all. What if I'm being dramatic about this and have caused my son to be apart from his dad?? He will see his dad again once it goes through court as he's already has threatened me with my son. I just feel like I have maybe gone to far by coming to a refuge and taking him away for a while? It's so hard my heads all over. I just wish people could see it from my perspective and that I done it for a reason. But what if I'm genuinely overreacting and it's not as bad as it seems? I read some stuff saying if a mother takes a baby away from there father then the mother must be a monster and not love the children 😢 just want some opinions on the situation as my heads all over. Tia x

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Helena1993 · 15/07/2023 22:05

Oh dear. That really sounds like you had a terrible relationship. Don't feel bad for fleeing with your child. I wish my mum had the guts to do that. I ended up being abused by my own father. I hate him more than you can imagine and just wish my mum left him. I even told her many times when I was around 12?
You made the right decision. And I know it's hard when the baby smiles at his dad, but he can still see his dad. Just not as often.

Hope everything goes well

xx200xx · 16/07/2023 22:00

AdviceOnLife · 11/07/2023 14:10

Fantastic news about your house @xx200xx! I hope you and your son will have a very happy home.

How are you?
Is there any progress with the grandads case?

I'm good thankyou I guess, dad still making up lies saying my son is turning up unclean and in small clothes, so that's got to me. But got to focus on the positive.

Grandads court case should be happening when me and my sons father goes back to court in October!

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xx200xx · 16/07/2023 22:01

Ohhh dear!! Hope your okay now!!

Life teaches us lessons unfortunately but we know the right thing to do for our children now❤️

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