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Pregnant and bleeding

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Worried22 · 17/05/2014 18:40

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and waiting in a walk in centre to see a GP. I have a thread in Pregnancy, but thought I might get more responses here.

I started bleeding a week ago, but today it's much heavier and red. I've got a splitting headache and my temps a bit high. The nurse said they can't do much, they don't scan here. I'm worried the GP is going to say the same and u just need to go home bleeding, not knowing what's going on.

Has anyone experience of this? Can I ask to have an internal, or a scan elsewhere, or go to the early pregnancy unti to be checked out? I don't know what to do, bit scared.

OP posts:
spiderlight · 17/05/2014 18:43

Ask the GP to refer you to EPU

eurochick · 17/05/2014 18:43

Can you self-refer to your EPU? I did that to my local one and they were brilliant.

Worried22 · 17/05/2014 18:45

But will I go there this evening or will they make me wait until tomorrow. I waited all week last week for the midwife to arrange a scan, wish she'd bloody done it now. It was only light bleeding then so she wasn't concerned.

OP posts:
CheeseandGherkins · 17/05/2014 18:54

You'll most likely be sent Monday or early in the week. Most aren't open after hours or weekend in my experience. So sorry you're in this position :( hope everything is ok. You could try for a private scan tomorrow if that's doable.

DeputyPecksBentBeak · 17/05/2014 18:57

Hand holding Worried. Sorry I can't offer more

LaceyLee · 17/05/2014 19:01

You could go to a&e who would scan you, since your epu may be closed at the weekend (mine is). It's not strictly an emergency but you would understandably be very stressed about it and want it sorted ASAP. Best of luck - it could be nothing. If it gets very heavy then definitely go to a&e

Worried22 · 17/05/2014 19:42

Still waiting. This is the sort of thing that you think will never happen to you. I had a really tough time at the start of the pregnancy as ex wanted me to have a termination. I feel this is my punishment for making this decision. I want this baby now Sad

OP posts:
Loverofpeas · 17/05/2014 19:47

I bled with all 4 of mine and all at different points. I also had a harmless blood clot in the womb which bled at one point.

I hope things are ok xx

Loverofpeas · 17/05/2014 19:50

It's v stressful. I hope a scan is arranged soon

Worried22 · 17/05/2014 20:40

Got to wait until Tuesday. I just know I'm losing it, I feel I am. Was meant to be at a BBQ tonight, couldn't face it but don't want to sit here worrying.

OP posts:
juneau · 17/05/2014 20:54

Just bleeding on its own doesn't necessarily mean a miscarriage.

Worried22 · 17/05/2014 20:57

I know. I'm trying to reassure myself, at least I'm not in pain.

OP posts:
WaitMonkey · 17/05/2014 21:01

Good luck. I bled in all my pregnancies, thankfully I didn't loose any and now have three children. Bleeding is very scary, but doesn't always mean the worst. Impossible not to worry though. Thanks

Worried22 · 17/05/2014 21:18

I keep thinking I'm having cramps but I think it's all in my head!

Thank you for the reassurance and nice responses.

OP posts:
Anaisa · 17/05/2014 21:24

I had bleeding with clots, cramps, was convinced I was loosing the baby...she is now a beautiful 7 week old. Hang in there. Sorry you have to wait till Tue to find out Hmm

Dannie22b · 17/05/2014 21:36

I too bled through my last pregnancy. It was apparently the cervix. Keep positive x

SuburbanCrofter · 17/05/2014 21:38

I had a bleed at 13 weeks. I now have a strapping four year old. Smile

Have you already heard the heartbeat at your midwife's appointment? Can you go to an EPU or similar that can listen for a heartbeat for you now? You won't have to wait for a scan then.

Worried22 · 17/05/2014 21:47

My midwife forgot to turn up for my appt last week so I haven't heard a heartbeat yet. I can phone the labour ward if the bleeding gets heavier, but I'm not going to ring anyone else, I feel I'm making a fuss. I think I'd feel wrong phoning the labour ward as I'm only 12 wks.

Dreading waking up tomorrow and seeing how much I've bled in the night.

OP posts:
littlewaltham · 17/05/2014 21:51

I also bled bright red (and various other shades) through whole pregnancy. Was told it could have been a clot or low placenta. Never found out the reason. Healthy DD no complications.

I also had awful cramps.

Keep positive. X

littlewaltham · 17/05/2014 21:54

Don't think that you are making a fuss push to get the medical advice that you need.

havenever · 17/05/2014 21:58

I think waiting until Tuesday is unacceptable. When is your EPU open? Go to AnE? Or phone the labour ward as suggested

WaitMonkey · 17/05/2014 22:00

It's a little bit early to hear the hb yet. Try not to worry. Get some sleep and phone the EPU in the morning if your still bleeding.

Blondiebrownie · 17/05/2014 22:03

I bleed all the way through my pregnancy and I was sent to the EPU at 12 weeks due to a heavy bleed, to my surprise the baby was fine. I had bleeds every few weeks after that.

Hope everything is okay and if it gets any worse go to A&E and they will send you for a scan Thanks

slithytove · 17/05/2014 22:04

Where are you based? We can google local epaus which are open on the weekend.

personally, I'd go to the labour ward, they have ultrasound machines there, I couldn't wait all weekend.

I hope baby is ok Thanks

Worried22 · 18/05/2014 05:07

I don't think any of the local epu's are open at weekends, but thanks anyway.

I've just got up to go to toilet, it's like a heavy period now. Toilet was full of blood. Cramps are becoming more like period pains now. The GP said to worry if it's worse than a period or excruciating pain. I'm worried now Sad. I'm full on bleeding.

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