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Sorry, but my children bore me to death!

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MrsBigD · 26/07/2006 16:54

Not meaning to start a major debate here (that already seems to be happening on the articles own board), just thought it was quite well written and touching on one of the things 'us bad mums' don't dare bring up... imho she's a bit extreme in her attitude but simultaneously have to admit that I have had some of the thoughts myself at times

here is the article

OP posts:
southeastastra · 26/07/2006 16:56

can't be bothered to read it all, she sounds selfish and boring herself

anthonykiedisbitontheside · 26/07/2006 16:59

I don't understand how she can be bored by her children when she seems to spend hardly any time with them at all!

motherinferior · 26/07/2006 17:00

I think she's being deliberately provocative but would also say that I kind of do see some of her point.

wanderingstar · 26/07/2006 17:04

Ooh, saw this on front of the Daily Mail when i went to buy petrol earlier, leaving all 4 children in the car.

Was wondering when it would all kick off !

anthonykiedisbitontheside · 26/07/2006 17:08

I don't like the way she keeps on referring to a university education as though she's shocked that university educated people can enjoy being mothers!
Yes it does get tedious at times but if you find children that boring and avoid spending anytime with them at all why bother having kids in the first place?

willow2 · 26/07/2006 17:10

I think most mums would admit that life with kids is never going to be 100 per cent fascinating. But to write a piece exclaiming how you take no pleasure out of your child's existence, that you find them unutterably boring, I find incredibly sad.

southeastastra · 26/07/2006 17:11

also what will they think when they read the article when they're older

wanderingstar · 26/07/2006 17:11

My view is that of course a lot of the day to day care of children is very repetitive and boring. We'd all agree on that surely ? But to get paid for beefing it up and going on and on about it in the Daily mail, well, that's pretty boring and predictable too.

anthonykiedisbitontheside · 26/07/2006 17:13

Exactly wanderingstar, especially when she doesn't seem to be doing much of the day to day care of her children.

Greensleeves · 26/07/2006 17:15

She's an insufferable narcissistic bitch.

I wouldn't be her nanny for all the tea in China.

sobernow · 26/07/2006 17:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Furball · 26/07/2006 17:16

'They know better than to expect me to sit through a cricket match, and they've completely given up on expecting me to spend school holidays taking them to museums or enjoying the latest cinema block-boster alongside them. (I spent two hours texting friends throughout a screening of Pirates Of The Caribbean the other day)'

'They stopped asking me to take them to the park (how tedious) years ago. But now when I try to entertain them and say: 'Why don't we get out the Monopoly board?' they simply look at me woefully and sigh: 'Don't bother, Mum, you'll just get bored.'

Why bother having kids? I think this is sad

Angeliz · 26/07/2006 17:18

Don't see the point of having kids tbh if you feel that strongly.
Yes we all get a wee bit bored at times, but to that extent. Why bother really?
I mean we only have them for a few years and then they'll be independant anyway so their childhood should be our joyful time with them.

(Only read half the article as i got bored halfway down)

speedymama · 26/07/2006 17:18

Besides the tedious name dropping, I understand some of the points she is making, particularly about the narcissism that appears to afflict too many children these days but imo, that is a result of the parenting they have received.

I work 3 days week because I want to but I also love being with my boys. I love taking them to the park, reading with them etc. I also let them generate they own acitivities by using their imagination.

Overall, I personally found her boring, naricisstic and self-indulgent. If her children are well adjusted, then it is because they have not had to spend a great deal of time in her company.

hulababy · 26/07/2006 17:20

I think her children are really missing out. She may think she loves them as much as any mother, but how does she really know if she never spends time with them (well hardly). I think her children are missing out hugely on what should be a lovely relationship with their mummy, sharing their interests together. So sad that they have given up hoping she might go to such events with them; hardly something to be proud of surely

FairyMum · 26/07/2006 17:22

She most bore her kids to death.

anthonykiedisbitontheside · 26/07/2006 17:24

I hope her children find her boring and tedious when she reaches old age and never invite her to stay

motherinferior · 26/07/2006 17:24

Read it properly now. Yep, she's a twerp. I get bored with the things my kids want to do sometimes, but not all the time.

speedymama · 26/07/2006 17:25

Another point, everybody gets bored. People get bored at work, people without children get bored so why is it such a big deal for parents to be bored now and then?

If she spends so little time with her children, is her life exciting all the time she is not with them? Is she saying that she is only bored when she is with her children? The more I think about it, the more I realise that this woman is ridiculous as well as pretentious and I pity her children.

MaloryTowers · 26/07/2006 17:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

foxinsocks · 26/07/2006 17:29

lucky her to be able to have the choice to have a nanny

she comes across a bit smug but I suppose there is some sort of point hidden in there - yes, being with your children all the time can be very tedious but what did she expect? I certainly don't enjoy getting up at 8.30 to take ds to football on a Saturday but the fact that he enjoys it is enough for me! There's no rule that says ye must enjoy every waking minute of your child and if she thinks there is, then she's obviously set herself up to fail.

fullmoonfiend · 26/07/2006 17:29

Not sure she even knows her own kids - the article claims they are 10 and 12 but check the age of the children in the picture!!! Either she grabbed 2 random boys for the shoot (presumably invited over by her sons, as she can't be bothered) or that was the last time she allowed herself to be in the same place as the boring, tiresome little darlings...


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Blu · 26/07/2006 17:30

Blimey! I'd be the last one to deny that I find taking part in endless role plays about aliens and superheroes has kept it's novelty for me, but this woman is bizarre! yes, lots of tasks involved with looking after a child are routine and not challenging (packing up sports kit is one she mentions) but then there are boring tasks associated with each and every area of our lives.
She sounds spoilt, whingey and horrible.

But hey - maybe she exaggerated in order to get her article published! She probably has to write any old sensationalist claptrap in order to fund her Gym-Harvey Nicks-Highlights lifestyle!

Medullathestalker · 26/07/2006 17:31

Got bored half way through - what an awful woman. All of a sudden I feel so much better about myself - I quite enjoy my children's company!

southeastastra · 26/07/2006 17:35

yes children when you were little you bored mummy so much, she just had to write an article about it - to keep for you to look at when you're much older

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