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Anyone else's Parents swanning about as if they are immortal?

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Namechange2020onceagain · 17/03/2020 20:45

Just had a chat with my Mum, she then asked if I want anything from B&Q as they are popping in there tomorrow! This is after they went shopping to Sainsburys this morning and then said they are going again on Friday.

I have said I will get any shopping they need, but they keep going out.

FFS they are both over 70 and my Dad will die if he gets the virus. They are not taking it seriously at all.

OP posts:

Alsohuman · 26/03/2020 00:32

They are a very selfish generation. I think that is why

No generation is universally selfish - or altruistic for that matter. These generalisations are so lazy.


Snog · 26/03/2020 13:33

My brother - who has not left the house in weeks - has now got the virus thanks to my mum entertaining guests all weekend.

She is refusing to isolate from my brother (they live together) and also is leaving the house as usual to do whatever she fancies doing. Shopping regularly, having people over, visiting other people. She hasn't notified the people she has been in contact with - the same people she said was sure were definitely "clean" of virus - despite one having recently returned from Spain.

No wonder this thing is still spreading out of control. She won't listen to anything I say as she thinks I am hysterically over reacting because I am following government advice.


CoolCarrie · 26/03/2020 14:51

What a stupid, ignorant thing to say MarieFromStTropez!


LovePoppy · 26/03/2020 15:08

I’m so sorry @snog

Your mother is a public health menace!


Snog · 26/03/2020 15:35

@LovePoppy I am beside myself over her behaviour (although not surprised as she has always been selfish and self centred) and I would contact the police if I thought it would help. She definitely is a public health menace and of course that behaviour can cost lives right now.

The people she associates with have similar views to her so they just reinforce each other's actions.


LovePoppy · 26/03/2020 15:45

@snog, I can’t imagine how upset you are. That’s just horrible.

I hope that your brother has a very quick recovery.


Snog · 26/03/2020 15:50

Thank you LovePoppy
He says his symptoms are mild so I hope it stays that way. He's not worried about it himself and sounds pretty upbeat and healthy on the phone.


FelineUK · 26/03/2020 21:08

Honestly.. I'm the one with a weakened immune system and every time I speak with my father my blood pressure goes up! He's still adamant he's going to drive the 6 miles to his nearest garage to get his daily Times, and 'I don't exchange money!' and 'will continue doing so until I'm told I can't!' - in other words, until the garage is forced to close. And anyway, he says, 'No-one up here has got it' and one of his friend's says he doesn't know anybody that has had or has it, and 'he knows everybody!' and then I turn around and say 'Well nobody knows if they have it or not, so how would your friend know anyway!' Then I just get a childish humph. Really... staggering. I wonder if he would act differently if my mum was still alive (passed many years ago). On the other hand... I can sort of understand his need for the newspaper.. it's his lifeline to the outside world and his daily crossword! If he could have it delivered he would but he's rural based (hence the 'it's not up here!').


7Days · 26/03/2020 22:11

FIL is the same, FelineUK
We are far away from PILs, and neighbours are picking up our slack tbh.
But it wouldn't matter so much only FIL and the need for the newspaper every day, they have plenty of food in the freezer, but since retirement they have 2 daily quests : Mass and The Paper.
Mass is on local radio.
They never bothered with the internet, on the grounds that it is new fangled nonsense, and they have enough sense at their age surely, and what would you read in the internet that you wouldn't be able to read in The Paper?

I'm making light, but I am worried for them.


phivephatphish · 26/03/2020 22:21

I hope they know if they are over 70 they are unlikely to be put on a ventilator if they need it in a few weeks. Rationing will be done first on frailty and then on age. I’m front line healthcare and will be making these decisions.


7Days · 26/03/2020 22:27

I'm sorry for you to be in that position phivephatphish.
I know FILlived through TB epidemics in his youth. I dont know the epidemiology of TB in the 40's or 50's, or more importantly, the perception of it. But I suspect that's where he is drawing from, for good or ill


middleager · 26/03/2020 22:42

I'm so frustrated by my aunt (75). She lives alone, has had cancer twice and various health issues.

Every day she finds an excuse to go out.

Twice this week she has nipped out for prescriptions when I told her the pharmacy will deliver

She's been to various supermarkets as she needs some flour and dishwasher tablets

She popped to Wickes about her kitchen. Wickes came to her house on Tuesday Shock

She's been balancing on stepladders painting her wall


Bouncingbomb · 26/03/2020 22:46

My 80 year old DF is the same. Been to two shops today and is going to Tesco tomorrow. They could eat well for two months without leaving the house. DM had a go at me tonight ‘he is following the guidelines’, apart from he isn’t is he.


allfurcoatnoknickers · 03/04/2020 12:38

Just needed to share that my parents, in their 70s and my mum is very vulnerable have been to Sainsbury's FOUR TIMES in 10 days Angry. They keep popping in for bits. They're still not taking it seriously. I'm furious.


FelineUK · 03/04/2020 17:19

Yes my father still of the opinion that it's not going to affect him. He's now heard of someone having CV in a village about 15 miles away from him (his nearest town and supermarket is 12 miles away) however as he, or everyone he knows, still doesn't know anyone else who has had it or has it, then as far as he's concerned there's no need to be concerned! He's still going shopping once a week, picking up his newspaper daily from the local garage and even mentioned to me that he might ask the garage if they know of any mobile hairdressers as his normal hairdresser is closed down... I did happen to say that he'd find it very hard for someone to make house visits under current circumstances, and he'd just have to jolly well tie his hair back if it gets that long!! Oh and then we had the reference to Easter.. how what a shame it is for me and DH that we can't visit him, and more for him too.. and when I said that it just wasn't possible and not worth the risk of anyone of us getting ill, I simply got a sulky 'I suppose so..' I'm not urging him to take precautions anymore - he's a grown man, he reads his bloody newspaper, he knows the situation and therefore if he chooses to be heedless then that's up to him.

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