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Anyone else's Parents swanning about as if they are immortal?

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Namechange2020onceagain · 17/03/2020 20:45

Just had a chat with my Mum, she then asked if I want anything from B&Q as they are popping in there tomorrow! This is after they went shopping to Sainsburys this morning and then said they are going again on Friday.

I have said I will get any shopping they need, but they keep going out.

FFS they are both over 70 and my Dad will die if he gets the virus. They are not taking it seriously at all.

OP posts:

Namechange2020onceagain · 23/03/2020 16:41

Mine are now self isolating apart from getting perscriptions. Me and my brother have both told our mum to ring the docs and arrange for the perscriptions (there are many) to go electronically to the pharmacy and they will deliver the meds. She didn't look keen.

I know it not just old people, but why are people thinking it doesn't apply to them? I am baffled.

OP posts:

Kitten124 · 23/03/2020 19:27

Alsohuman - it was a couple of weeks ago when I suggested doing a trial internet shop, you are right no slots now! They probably only have enough food for a few days and we are 3-4 hours drive away...


Snog · 23/03/2020 21:58

Perhaps now my ignorant and selfish mother will be forced to behave more responsibly. As I feel at the moment I would be happy for her to be kept in prison for the next 3 weeks. Her friends and her brother are just as bad.


Overthegardenfence · 24/03/2020 09:46

My next door neighbour has just come back from popping to the co-op to get his usual daily mail selfish idiot, parents are still on holiday in Cornwall they ‘might come back to London on Thursday because stepmums pills are about to run out! ‘Parents are still in complete denial I hoped they might have taken what was said last night on board But it looks like they are going to continue to be selfish. I’m so disappointed in them really.


Hoppinggreen · 24/03/2020 12:16

I just phoned my mum ( many health issues)
Sdad has gone to Boots for a hearing test and because he “fancied a walk”.
I explained he wouldn’t be having a hearing test but apparently he was because they had had a letter about it a few weeks ago and if it had been cancelled they would have phoned. Also he needed to pick some things up for her (non essentials) and I couldn’t expect them to just stay in the house
I asked if she understood the concept of a lockdown and they do but it’s ok to go to the shops.
Sdad has impaired lungs


ScatteredMama82 · 24/03/2020 21:35

Just had an email from MIL. She's 74, has a pacemaker and an as yet undiagnosed chest issue that gives her pain and shortness of breath. She's been out to post a few things for the kids. The first time she went the post office was shut, so she went home and went back out later. I've just emailed her and asked her if she missed the PM's address last night. I also pointed out that they are unlikely to be creating a 4000-bed emergency hospital just for shits and giggles. I despair, I really do. What will it take???


AdoraBell · 24/03/2020 21:40

Mine have already passed away decades ago but before the shops where shut down it was mostly elderly people wandering around the shops.


PowerslidePanda · 24/03/2020 21:57

Mum was ill in bed all of last week with flu symptoms - I've phoned every day and she sounded terrible. I rang friday and was greeted with a chirpy "I'm so much better. We've been to tesco, had lunch in the cafe..."

Sounds a lot like my mum! Both my parents are recovering from what is almost certainly CV - textbook symptoms, but fortunately only mild. I phoned my mum on day 4 and was talking about how hard it is to buy certain items at the moment.

"Oh dear, well I can have a look for you when I pop out."

"Pop out?! You can't 'pop out'!"

"But I'm feeling so much better!"


I did eventually convince her that she needs to stay in but she clearly thinks I'm over-reacting.


ScatteredMama82 · 24/03/2020 23:04

I’m actually really cross now, she’s replied saying she is being careful, she’s gutted that her partner can’t get the train to visit her just now so she’s going to drive into London to collect him so he can come for Easter. I sent back a bit of a rant. So bloody selfish 😡


Collidascope · 25/03/2020 04:33

I'd thought that my dad was taking it seriously, but in fact, he's just been using it as an excuse not to do any of the things he doesn't want to do while still doing all the things he does want to. He's been told off by both my brothers and me, and is now sulking and behaving like a spoilt brat. I'm going to do their shopping for them tomorrow, but don't really know why I'm bothering when he keeps popping to the news agents and to his friend's house for the very crucial task of "having a fire" in the garden. Ffs. I'm really annoyed.


fullofpolroger · 25/03/2020 05:46

So incredibly frustrating. Mine were still going to go out to "check if a few (non-urgent) appointments were going ahead, as they are not answering the phone we will just drive round and check". "Then I'm just going to pop out and get flowers and a card to take to my sick friend". I told them they were not allowed to do any of this and my mum got upset saying I couldn't stop her from seeing her sick friend. I told her it was the Prime Minister. They do not get it at all. They will be the first in line crying for healthcare if they get sick. I'm so mad, if there was a 'Do not ventilate because I selfishly went out multiple times and I don't deserve it' sign I'd make them wear it. Isn't that awful.


Roselilly36 · 25/03/2020 05:55

MIL, so far this week, she has attended a non-urgent hospital appointment and picked up her prescription that we said must be delivered to her, she is late 80’s. Won’t listen to a word we say.


Greenpop21 · 25/03/2020 07:06

To be fair, the hospital should have cancelled the non urgent appointment!


Alsohuman · 25/03/2020 09:29

if there was a 'Do not ventilate because I selfishly went out multiple times and I don't deserve it' sign I'd make them wear it

They wouldn’t get ventilated anyway, none of us over 60 would.


LightNC · 25/03/2020 10:10

There is no more ‘popping’ or ‘driving round’. By government INSTRUCTION. Reinforced by police presence - and stronger measures if we don’t comply.

Really, by now, there is no excuse for all this :(


TinselAngel · 25/03/2020 11:48

I've had to point out to my Mum this morning, after she was telling me that her gardener is still coming, that nobody ever died from not having their lawn mowed.


GingerbreadTeen · 25/03/2020 12:05

My DM has multiple, major health issues and recently spent almost three months in hospital and a rehabilitation unit due to major problems with out of control diabetes. She is still going out on her mobility scooter twice a day and insists she isn't getting up close to anyone. I have told her numerous times to stay in as she is still at risk outside.
She has a fantastic garden that she should and could use for her fresh air.
I've given up.


Bathroom12345 · 25/03/2020 21:04

These people, words fail me! Seems to often be older people who think they know better. If they are on ventilators and are passing away the family won’t be around. They will die alone surrounded by nurses who might or might not be able to pass on messages from the family.

It’s so, so selfish. My DS did a shift today at supermarket. Still couples out together, still families taking up multiple slots because only 40 at one time are allowed in. Utterly utterly selfish stupid behaviour.



Alsohuman · 25/03/2020 21:07

If they are on ventilators and are passing away the family won’t be around

They won’t get anywhere near a ventilator, nobody over 60 will.


GhostsToMonsoon · 25/03/2020 21:27

My mum is 70 and had a letter advising her to self-isolate for 12 weeks as she is considered vulnerable. She said there is no way she is doing that (she is still doing 9-mile walks and would be doing dancing if it was still on). Then she said she didn't survive having an emergency operation for ovarian cancer and an ileostomy bag last summer just so she could sit at home on her own and not see anyone. I think getting her shopping delivered might be her only concession.


speakout · 25/03/2020 21:38

My 86 yo mother caught the bus and went to Morrisons today- it was a huge adventure to her.


FelineUK · 25/03/2020 22:50

To some extent my father has now accepted that this is serious but keeps saying, oh it's not in my area yet but admits he doesn't know that of course. He has done his weekly shop and understands he shouldn't go out now for a few weeks BUT he still insists on going to his local garage to get this daily newspaper, despite me telling him that they probably have a lot of passing customers and to take precautions, or not go at all. Nope, he's adamant he's still going to go. He was also talking about finding a mobile hairdresser to go to his house and cut his hair! What I cannot understand is how a highly intelligent man, albeit 77, seems to think that he is 'safe'! I despair.


Kitten124 · 25/03/2020 23:01

Mine went to M&S today, bought some food and flowers, but was disappointed she couldn’t look at clothes while she was there!!


Inkpaperstars · 25/03/2020 23:36

I am hopeful that some over 70s have been on some form of lockdown for weeks now, I know many who have. So maybe that will have some effect sooner than the wider lockdown. Although I think in my original home town there were several early cases that got a lot of attention as it was early on and so people there locked down earlier.

The early cases were over 70s back from trip to second home in Italy, swanning around the pubs saying they were fine.


MarieFromStTropez · 25/03/2020 23:39

They are a very selfish generation. I think that is why.

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