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Late July Due Date #2

434 replies

amysara24 · 28/01/2020 19:33

Hi everyone, I thought we were close to filling our first thread so have made another one for when we need it! 💗

OP posts:
LucyLucyT · 28/01/2020 22:01

Thanks @amysara24!
Further to the end of the old thread, I've been having the toilet troubles too! Not fun, I've been using a combination of lactulose (so sickly!) and Senna but it can still be difficult, and yes very painful. Trying to improve my diet as like others been eating too much rubbish and I think that's helped in the last few days.
I've also started getting quite a bit of acid-reflux, kept me awake for ages last night and ended up having to try to sleep propped up.
I'm delighted to be pregnant but I thought the second trimester was supposed to be sweetness and light 😆

amysara24 · 29/01/2020 09:06

@LucyLucyT I’m still waiting on the pregnancy glow turning up too haha! I’ve definitely been going less but “normal” for me is every 2-3 days due to IBS, so I’m not struggling with the symptoms at the minute.
Lactulose can be horrid stuff I hope you don’t have to use it for long 😓
Has anyone else fallen to these bugs that seem to be going around? Today is my second day off work, there are 3/8 of us in my department off! Searing headache, blocked nose, sore throat etc. And I’ve just checked my work emails - after last weeks rubella scare we’ve now had an email saying there’s been a mumps outbreak in the council too 🤦🏽‍♀️ Jeez give me a break!

OP posts:
squirrelnutkins1 · 29/01/2020 15:23

Just got my downs screening results back as 1 in 658 chance and edwards 1:100,000. Both classed as low so feeling some relief x

HairsprayBabe · 29/01/2020 16:23

Glad you got good results @squirrelnutkins1

I haven't had any bum problems, but I put psyllium husk in my smoothie in the mornings and that keeps things moving.

LucyLucyT · 30/01/2020 07:17

I had a bit of a viral thing a couple of months ago with a cough that wouldn't shift but been fairly well since then on that front. My partner is on a drug trial (for cystic fibrosis) and has to keep well for at least another 4 weeks otherwise he is off it. So I'm also trying to be as careful as I can about people around me with illnesses, luckily got fairly good immunity. It's a really important trial as the drug could make a huge difference to his prognosis. It's funny how it's all come at once with the IVF and now pregnancy but so pleased he's got the chance to do it!

Kiki275 · 30/01/2020 20:36

@LucyLucyT I hope he stays well and gets the treatment. What kind of trial will it be? Will there be a placebo group etc?x

LucyLucyT · 31/01/2020 15:39

Yeah, it's placebo versus the active drug, it's double blinded though so he won't know what he's having (but I suspect he'll know if it's effective!). Everyone goes onto the active drug after a couple months though for 2 years. So we have a lot going on at the mo but it's exciting!

Kiki275 · 01/02/2020 07:16

@LucyLucyT fab! I'm sure we'll all keep our fingers crossed for him xx

amysara24 · 01/02/2020 08:04

@LucyLucyT that sounds very exciting, I agree with @Kiki275 I’ll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed. You’ll have to keep us all posted on how it’s going over the next few months!
@squirrelnutkins1 I’m so glad you got your results back, and that they’re both low! 😊

OP posts:
LucyLucyT · 02/02/2020 15:26

Thanks everyone :-)

I went and picked up the Mum to be gift bag from Emma's diary today (at Argos)... rubbish! Plus I messed it up on the app so it thinks I redeemed it twice so only have one bag left to get. Silly thing is the stuff in the bag is all for when you have a baby pretty much, when I say all, I mean the three small things. Got a tester of a bump exfoliating scrub, a water wipe (1) and a pair of nipple pads. Not sure if it worth the effort getting the others.

amysara24 · 02/02/2020 16:26

@lucylucyT I’ve picked up a couple of them too! And the bounty bags. Between them all I’ve actually been pretty lucky, I’ve got 2 dozen nappies, 4 packs of 24 wipes, mini sudocrem and mini bepanthen, the nipple pads, always pads, 4 mini palmers, pregnacare vitamins and 5 or 6 comfort / fairy / persil samples!
I think it definitely depends where you pick them up and when! The bounty packs were better than the Emma’s diary ones though for me.

OP posts:
LucyLucyT · 02/02/2020 16:59

Thanks, I was thinking of doing the bounty ones. I think you're right, they can be very different in different places!

amysara24 · 02/02/2020 17:03

@lucylucyT I definitely found more in them, my midwife gave me the first one at my 12 week scan and the rest can be collected from Tesco with the app I think!

OP posts:
Ethellsmum · 02/02/2020 21:23

My packs weren’t that great.
If you haven’t already joined it’s worth signing up to the boots parenting club. I have the app on my phone and there’s a few freebies that can be redeemed with your advantage card.

Mialain · 03/02/2020 04:13

Hi ladies
I wanted to join, i am due july 21st and currently going into my 16th week.
My main concern like most of you is constipation, and severe migraines, i am constantly drinking water but the migraines will not subside, also insomnia, is a reoccurring theme that is following me into second trimester it seems. Also used to be an avid gym goer, due to the migraines ive not been able to, feel really miserable at the moment. Hoping it gets better as we go further along into second trimester.

squirrelnutkins1 · 03/02/2020 08:23

The insomnia is awful isn't it. I've had that from very early on 🙄 I'm 15+1 and still nauseous. Feel horrid this morning. I was the same with the gym, 3 times a week but I've barely been, just can't face it. Looking forward to the second trimester energy burst that's meant to happen!

I'll have a look into the packs. Thanks for the tips @LucyLucyT

LucyLucyT · 03/02/2020 08:57

I'm 17 weeks today, I'm waiting for the energy burst too. Before I started IVF I was playing netball 3 hours a week, gym or running 3 times a week and lots of gardening. I just haven't felt up to anything. This week I'm determined to go for at least a 30 minute walk each day if I can, then gradually build it up. I started antenatal Pilates a month ago which is so lovely but need to do other exercise that works the heart a bit more!

I know the issue with sleeping, I find it hard to get comfortable and yep, wake up and can't get back to sleep again!

pottypotamus · 03/02/2020 09:03

I thought the nausea would get better by now but for me it's seems like it's gotten worse in the last week! It really is getting me down now. Everything I used to enjoy eating/drinking, I just turn my nose up at now.

squirrelnutkins1 · 03/02/2020 09:08

Last week I went to the gym on Monday but then didn't manage to get again after that. I've been doing a few YouTube videos and went on a 45 min walk so I'm doing bits but it's just not the same. All I want to do is go to bed when I get in! Or eat. Or both!!!

squirrelnutkins1 · 03/02/2020 09:09

I'm really not enjoying pregnancy. I thought I'd love it but I really don't ☹️ it'll all be worth it in the end tho 😊

Kiki275 · 03/02/2020 21:48

@squirrelnutkins1 sack the gym off and get yourself a yoga ball. Then you can chill at home whilst working your core, later in pregnancy it'll help get baby in the right position x

Kiki275 · 03/02/2020 21:50

Yoga balls also make a really good footrest for when your ankles are the size of an average oak tree x

Mialain · 03/02/2020 22:57

@squirrelnutkins1 @LucyLucyT insomnia certainly is super hard to deal with, feel tired all day.

Have any of you felt the baby move yet? If so what does it feel like?

LucyLucyT · 04/02/2020 07:16

I thought I might have had some quickening the other day (I was 16+4) but it's my first pregnancy so it probably isn't, hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll feel more.

HairsprayBabe · 04/02/2020 08:22

@squirrelnutkins1 I'm not enjoying it either
I am still feeling sick all the time, still being sick at least once a day, I am getting horrible headaches in the evening that paracetamol seem to do absolutely nothing too and now I have thrush.

Nothing about it has been enjoyable or exciting I am just miserable all the time Sad

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