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To ask what you have eaten today? (lighthearted)

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BobbyBiscuits · 24/01/2024 19:22

I love reading/ hearing about what people have eaten for some reason!
I like telling people what I have eaten too but often they think I'm weird, haha.

So, would you share what you had today and if it was good or bad? (Taste wise, not judging the health benefits)

Mine so far was...
Half a pack of cadbury mini eggs (omg sooo good! will finish them after dinner!)
4 quorn mini eggs (there's a theme here for some reason!)
3 x tea with 2 sugars and milk (twining english breakfast)- my new fave. PG have changed the recipe the bastards!
2 glasses white wine (yummm)
2 satsumas, one with too many pips (why everything is round shaped today?)
& and going to have quiche lorraine with potatoes and salad...(not my fave but my my nice fish is in the freezer and the quiche will go off tomorrow).

Come and share your day's meals with me : )
Or, think I am a weirdo for asking such things? ; /

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tennesseewhiskey1 · 24/01/2024 19:22

3 cups of tea and a bowl of coco pops. I’m poorly tho :-(

DingDongDenny · 24/01/2024 19:24

roll with ham and salad and cheese and onion crisps
Carrots and homous
Handful of corn snacks
About to have beef and brocolli stir fry and rice

VinegarTrio · 24/01/2024 19:27

Half a pain au chocolat with coffee this morning (it was DS’s leftovers, not some ‘oh I could never manage a full one’ thing)
Melon, guava (with lime) and banana with some Greek yogurt and honey at lunch.
Vaguely Chinese-style pork stir fry with rice, green beans and carrots for dinner.

afkonholidaynearleek · 24/01/2024 19:28

Two croissants
A bag of M&S mini wafer biscuits
Stir fry
2x bowls of Coco Pops
Spaghetti with garlic butter and sage

It's been a very day bookended by bad news, and I think I've stress eaten 🫣

Walking2024now24days · 24/01/2024 19:28

Latte & indecent amount of almond biscotti (yum)

nothing else yet but the open packet of frazzles is calling me, in fact it's yelling.

afkonholidaynearleek · 24/01/2024 19:29

I forgot four carrots and an apple 😆

Lastqueenofscotland2 · 24/01/2024 19:30

Toast with marmite
Pasta with mushroom Bolognese
Veggie Thai curry is on the hob for dinner

BobbyBiscuits · 24/01/2024 19:30

Thanks so much folks, I love this stuff! We are seeing coco pops, pastry, stir fries as popular entries! They all sound lovely...@afkonholidaynearleek Sorry to hear you had bad news. Hope you are OK.

OP posts:
AhBiscuits · 24/01/2024 19:31

A pot of chocolate Protein pudding.
A ham and cheese sandwich (the cheese was Wensleydale with cranberries which I need to use up, it worked)
A chicken and sweet potato tray bake kinda thing. I just flung loads of vegetables and cajun seasoning in. It was nice.

UsernameTaken76 · 24/01/2024 19:32

black coffee
chocolate diet protein shake made with water
beef & feta filo pie and a small side salad
spaghetti with garlic, olive oil & parsley
4/5 fruit tea infusions & about 2.5l water

annoyingly I’m still hungry

GintyMcGinty · 24/01/2024 19:32

Bacon, egg, beans, toast
Chicken salad
Scone with jam and cream

BobbyBiscuits · 24/01/2024 19:32

@AhBiscuits Awesome. The tray bake thing sounds banging. x

OP posts:
twiddlingthumbs69 · 24/01/2024 19:32

Two imperial mints
Lamb and mint mini pie
Cheese and onion crisps
Jacket potato with cheese and cucumber
4 veinneise whirls (so far)

Nightscroller1 · 24/01/2024 19:33

Quorn sausage, cheese slice, tomato sauce and mustard bagel thin
Packet of crisps
Mini roll
A cup of tea
An options hot chocolate
And some left over belvita biscuits

Dinner is flatbreads with fake meat and honey halloumi!

About 7 cans of coke zero... The shame

BobbyBiscuits · 24/01/2024 19:33

@UsernameTaken76 That filo pie sounds great, you must have another slice if you are still hungry! : )

OP posts:
YeahIsaidit · 24/01/2024 19:35

A bacon and egg sandwich
A can of red bull
A bottle of coke

As you can see I am a very healthy woman 🙃

Flamingogirl08 · 24/01/2024 19:38

Skipped breakfast but had coffee.

Chicken and coleslaw sandwich, cup a soup, apple and crisps for lunch.

Thai green curry with loads of veggies basmati rice and a mini naan bread


Debating a curly wurly.

WingsofRain · 24/01/2024 19:39

An M&S ham, cheese and pickle sandwich, a packet of popped potato crisp thingies and a pain au raisin. Several cups of decaf tea.

Some pineapple and coconut juice drink, quarter of a little quiche Lorraine and three tablespoons of baked beans. I’m way over my calorie goal for the day. 😞

LuluBlakey1 · 24/01/2024 19:39

Bowl of home made veggie soup
3 Ryvita dark rye with no fat plain cottage cheese and gherkins and a sliced tomato.

Carrot and swede mash
broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts boiled
2 x quorn sausages

2 cups of black coffee
3 glasses of water

Idratherbepaddleboarding · 24/01/2024 19:39

A protein bar
2 bananas
2 dark chocolate digestives
3 sausages, mashed potatoes, peas and gravy.

UncomfortableSilence · 24/01/2024 19:39

Tea with toast and marmite.

Another cup of tea accompanied by a rather lovely raspberry and white chocolate cupcake courtesy of my very lovely colleague.

Soup and a roll.

Shepard's Pie with mixed veg for dinner.

devildeepbluesea · 24/01/2024 19:40

A few Tesco frazzles and lidl happy bears.

Egg on toast (at 3pm)

Wine 🤣🤣

I do have steak and veg for later.

butterflytattoo123 · 24/01/2024 19:40

Wheatabix, blueberries, raspberries and grapes with some sugar
Flask of tea
Ready meal chicken and bacon pasta, yoghurt and a penguin
I've not eaten since lunch as I've started with an upset stomach while I was at work

Diamondcurtains · 24/01/2024 19:41

chicken soup for lunch
2 short bread biscuits
roast chicken, roast pots and veg for tea.

probably 6 cups of coffee.

BobbyBiscuits · 24/01/2024 19:41

You are all making me hungry, haha! Must get the tea on! : )

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