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Friend has said she couldn’t be friends with me if I took the job

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lnterviewWoes · 21/09/2023 16:30

I’ve been offered a really fascinating job that would involve a lot of travel and meeting lots of interesting people.

It involves working for a former politician. Not directly but closely. I don’t support most of their views but the role is independent of their politics.

I have a small group of close friends. I told one friend and she’s said she couldn’t be friends with me if I took it, which has really dampened things. It also comes with a 20% wage increase. I want to take the role but I don’t want to lose one of my oldest friends. I’m really not sure what to do.

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OnlyFoolsnMothers · 21/09/2023 16:31

Bye friend….sorry they’re being pathetic.

unluckyinlife · 21/09/2023 16:31

If their friendship comes with that kind of 'threat', chances are they weren't that good a friend after all.

ChillyB · 21/09/2023 16:31

You take the job. Your friend is not a friend.

Tinkerbyebye · 21/09/2023 16:31

Take the job it sounds a brilliant opportunity. She’s no friend if she gives you ultimatums.

PhantomUnicorn · 21/09/2023 16:32

Take the Job, friends don't force their morals on other people.

Comedycook · 21/09/2023 16:32

A friend should not have that level of control over you.

Alstroemeria123 · 21/09/2023 16:32

If the job’s nothing to do with their politics then I think your friend is being very unreasonable.

Dacadactyl · 21/09/2023 16:32

I'm sure she only meant it in jest.

I'd take the job and if she really means it and cuts you off, then it's her hard luck. But I'd be surprised if she did.

McIntire · 21/09/2023 16:33

She’s all talk and possibly jealous

BeagleMum1 · 21/09/2023 16:34

She's jealous and a controller. Need to bin her.

ILikeItWhatIsIt · 21/09/2023 16:34

Yep, she's jealous.

Marchmount · 21/09/2023 16:34

It’s not Nigel Farage is it? If not then what exactly do they have a problem with? Assume they’re one of these sanctimonious left wingers who hate anyone who does not meet their purity standards?

And before anyone jumps on me- no I’m not a right wing nutter - I just hate the new breed of illiberal progressives who think everyone they don’t agree with is Hitler.

Rabbitbrain · 21/09/2023 16:35

Even if the job was political, there is no justification for cutting you off unless it’s someone like Tommy Robinson. It’s a terrible thing for democracy if we can’t tolerate alternative mainstream views.

gogomoto · 21/09/2023 16:35

Depends who, there are some that I couldn't work for because it would be wrong to take a wage from such a person even indirectly. Others i could even if I don't share their politics

CoraPirbright · 21/09/2023 16:36

Definitely take the job!! I can’t believe she said that especially in view of the fact that your new role is not linked to the actual politics of this individual! Bloody awful of her!

Redshoeblueshoe · 21/09/2023 16:36

Does it include a lot of train travel ? If so I'd take it

Poppyseed14 · 21/09/2023 16:36

Is is being a fluffer for Boris?? 😏

Oliotya · 21/09/2023 16:36

I mean it depends who it is and what the job is really. If it's Nigel Farage or Tommy Robinson or something and your friend is a Muslim from an immigrant background, I kind of get it.
Some people are so despicable I would seriously question the integrity of anyone who could choose to work with them.

Secondaryschoolblues · 21/09/2023 16:36

Depends who it is. If it is someone who stokes hate (eg Nigel Farage) or is responsible for real harm (eg Boris Johnson) I’m probably on the side of your friend.

if it’s liz truss then you’re a lunatic.

Sarah2891 · 21/09/2023 16:37

Take the job. Your friend is being weird

MrTiddlesTheCat · 21/09/2023 16:37

Well she's not bothered about losing you as a friend is she, so why would you turn down a job you want out of loyalty to her?

JamSandle · 21/09/2023 16:38

Go for the job.

Giard · 21/09/2023 16:38

I'm not sure there's any such thing as a former politician. I'd struggle to work for anyone whose moral views are completely opposite to mine, whatever the context it's going to come through, but if you know all that and still fancy the role, go for it.

BMW6 · 21/09/2023 16:39

That'd be a Fuck Off from me! Who the hell does she think she is? Does she dictate your political vote too?


HelpMeGetThrough · 21/09/2023 16:39

"Hey friend, you don't control my life, I make the decisions on my life, now piss off".

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