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To find Asda rewards annoying

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girlfriend44 · 04/09/2022 14:27

Asda has a new rewards app! I wont be downloading but

When you go round the store you might see a price say on a tub of roses or celebrations for £1. Thats the price you pay if you have a reward not the normal price.

You have to look really hard to see what the normal price is and they are all over the store. At first glance you will think the tub is a pound, you know it cant be but its prominent and makes you think its a pound. So you have to search out the normal price!

Wish they would stop all these reward apps too its very discriminatory to people who dont have apps and who still spend money.

Sainsburys is best where you have a card if you want to join a loyalty scheme and fair to all.

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PurpleButterflyWings · 10/11/2022 20:34

Hmm it is a bit annoying yes. One store that has pissed me off, is MORRISONS though! They said they were getting rid of the storecard some 2-3 years ago, so I went to redeem the £35 I had accrued via vouchers online. So I wouldn't lose the money when the storecards were withdrawn.

When I clicked 'redeem' to get a barcode to pop onto my phone to get £35 off my next shopping, it said 'you have NIL in your account.' I had fucking £35, and it went into the ether. I went in and told them and they told me I must have made a mistake. Hmm I think I spent £3500 to get that twatting £35! I was so fucked off I just cancelled the card instantly.

They were cancelling the storecards anyway, (over the following few months,) but I did it as I was irked. They THEN decided to not fucking cancel them ... Arsewipes!!! Hmm I seethe inwardly every time a cashier says 'have you got a Morrisons card?' I say NO. I am waiting for them to ask why, and ask if I WANT one. I'll say 'NO because Morrisons stole £35 from me 2 or 3 years ago when I tried to redeem my money I had accrued via vouchers, when you said the cards were being phased out.'

I don't care if I sound petty. It fucking annoyed me. Still does.

JoQu11 · 16/01/2023 07:12

These loyalty cards that give you cash as a reward, surely that's just you getting back what you've spent because the cost of the item was higher last month. It's like the worst saving scheme.

Mollytabbyfur · 15/07/2023 11:59

Some of you saying its very rare for people not to have a smartphone in this day and age is true but how many are like me and have one yet cannot load any Apps on anymore. I have an old Iphone. Cost me a fortune and doesn't feel that long ago that I forked out several hundreds of pounds for it. It still works fine for the most things but wont load Apps that require more up to date operating systems and won't let me update to that system as phone is too old. (apparently - more of an apple con if you ask me). Not cost effective to buy a new phone just for a few apps that won't work on it. So not so unlikely that a person can't have apps on their phones that some of you seem to think. In Asda's particular case they don't require a very recent operating system so I can use that one but haven't found it of any use. I don't shop in Asda often but even when I do my cashpot hasn't gone up at all - seems you have to do your main shopping in Asda to make a difference - which I don't do as very rarely are they the cheapest - even Tesco and Sainsburys are often cheaper than Asda in my experience.

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