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To find Asda rewards annoying

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girlfriend44 · 04/09/2022 14:27

Asda has a new rewards app! I wont be downloading but

When you go round the store you might see a price say on a tub of roses or celebrations for £1. Thats the price you pay if you have a reward not the normal price.

You have to look really hard to see what the normal price is and they are all over the store. At first glance you will think the tub is a pound, you know it cant be but its prominent and makes you think its a pound. So you have to search out the normal price!

Wish they would stop all these reward apps too its very discriminatory to people who dont have apps and who still spend money.

Sainsburys is best where you have a card if you want to join a loyalty scheme and fair to all.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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girlfriend44 · 04/09/2022 15:59

MomwasCasual · 04/09/2022 15:24

No comment on how you completely misunderstood how the Reward works then OP?

I like it personally, after a few of my usual online shops I checked and saw that I'm building quite a nice pot

not really, its still confusing to have all different prices everywhere in the shop.

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 04/09/2022 16:01

girlfriend44 · 04/09/2022 15:59

not really, its still confusing to have all different prices everywhere in the shop.

There arent different prices in asda though. You all pay exactly the same but those with the app get a reward added to their cashpot that they can spend on shopping at a later date

Bubblebubblebah · 04/09/2022 16:02

Wait when you see topcashback shich is only online and you have to register

Thesearmsofmine · 04/09/2022 16:02

itsgettingweird · 04/09/2022 15:28

I took 4 adults to a theme park for £6 entry purely for using Tesco when it's convenient to do so. I don't even do my main shop there!

We’re the same with Tesco, don’t really shop there often but managed to get all 5 of us into The Deep for £10 or so using club card vouchers and that also gives us a years pass so we can go back as much as we want. So good!

Bubblebubblebah · 04/09/2022 16:05

Looks like all asda shops had free wifi since 2013, prices are VERY clear. There is literally no issue let alone discrimination. Use it or don't but stop whining over imaginary issue

MomwasCasual · 04/09/2022 16:06

girlfriend44 · 04/09/2022 15:59

not really, its still confusing to have all different prices everywhere in the shop.

Well clearly for you yes, as you seem to have got in a bit of a pickle about it.

But I think most people would probably just read the signage.

Bubblebubblebah · 04/09/2022 16:07

This and the thread few days ago remind me of one saying back from my motherland. (Excuse wobbly translation)
The people are like this. If you have a one goat and their neigbour has 2, they don't wish to have 2 as well. They wish for his to die.

If that makes sense

Bubblebubblebah · 04/09/2022 16:08

If they not you

dottypotter · 04/09/2022 16:09

There is alot to read going round a supermarket and take in. Tescos are bad too. Now you have to see the Clubcard price and the normal price.

The shops dont care about you anyway with all these schemes, they are just trying to suck you into spending your money with them and getting to know all your business.

Zuve · 04/09/2022 16:09

Yes you save a pound on the app and, add a pound to the waist.

Thoughtful2355 · 04/09/2022 16:10

everyone is so entitled ! You arne ENTITLED to have everything just because someone else CAN have it. If you would prefer Asda to go back to not rewarding people for shopping then complain to Asda but Its literally just a reward scheme for having the app. Chill.

Willbe2under2 · 04/09/2022 16:13

sweeneytoddsrazor · 04/09/2022 15:59

You have 6 months to spend your rewards from the date of earning them.

I am not sure that is correct. You have 6 months to convert them from your cashpot to a voucher but not sure if you have longer to spend the voucher

I think I read somewhere that once converted the vouchers are valid for a month but not 100% sure and I tend to just convert and use the following week anyway.

dementedpixie · 04/09/2022 16:16

I think its 6 months to convert to vouchers and then 1 month to use the voucher

itsgettingweird · 04/09/2022 16:17

SantaCarlaCalifornia · 04/09/2022 14:37

I like it but I do only shop online.
If you see something with £1 rewards, you still pay the same price but you get £1 back into your rewards pot.
I've earned £31.59 in the last 2 months just buying what I'd normally buy.

Can you get rewards if you do an online shop?

If so - how?!

sweeneytoddsrazor · 04/09/2022 16:18

But there aren't different prices around the shop. Not Asda anyway. Its one price and a sign saying if you buy this product x amount is added to your rewards app

Willbe2under2 · 04/09/2022 16:19

itsgettingweird · 04/09/2022 16:17

Can you get rewards if you do an online shop?

If so - how?!

Yes. You need to link the two accounts by using your online shopping log in for the app. Then your cashpot automatically gets updated once the shop has been delivered. When you convert your cashpot to a voucher it's automatically applied to your next shop 😊

iklboo · 04/09/2022 16:20

Which of the protected characteristics is being discriminated against, exactly?

Is it discriminatory that some people can buy six-figure-sum houses and I can't because I don't have the same job?

not really, its still confusing to have all different prices everywhere in the shop.

But there isn't. PP has posted a pic very clearly illustrating what the scheme is.

dementedpixie · 04/09/2022 16:20

You need to register on the app with the same email address used for online shopping

To find Asda rewards annoying
itsgettingweird · 04/09/2022 16:22

Thanks will be

I've just downloaded the app and logged in with my online shopping email and password.

I'll wait and see what happens next shop Smile

GreenOwl · 04/09/2022 16:22

You have one month to use the voucher. I found out the hard way and lost all of my cash pot. I deleted the app after that as I didn't have enough storage on my phone and the app annoyed me.

AlexCabot · 04/09/2022 16:30

I used to work in Lidl and there was a customer who used to come in all the time and shout at us because the Lidl plus app discriminates against people without smartphones.

I won't tell you our nickname for her but it wasn't polite.

thinking123 · 04/09/2022 16:30

Also with regards the nectar card. You get way way more points jd you use the app alongside the card. Absolutely tons of offers and incentives, same with the boots card

Morph22010 · 04/09/2022 16:45

dementedpixie · 04/09/2022 15:28

If you go on the app you will see products you can get extra rewards on or missions that earn you more e.g. buying fruit and veg or cleaning products, etc

Yeah I’ve seen those but there’s not been anything I’ve needed to buy, except the fruit and veg one

TeddyisMydog · 04/09/2022 16:46

girlfriend44 · 04/09/2022 15:00

cant you understand its not possible for everyone to have the app.

You may only have a basic payg phone with no internet access, thats just one thing.

You still shop in the store so you should be treated the same as other people.

My mum doesn't have the app, I scan my barcode (as confirmed by staff in store that this is allowed)
But if I wasn't with her, she doesn't give a shit
She doesn't want the app, she doesn't get to complain about not getting a couple of quid back. No need to be offended on someone else's behalf

Plumbear2 · 04/09/2022 16:59

girlfriend44 · 04/09/2022 15:50

Do you always stalk peoples threads?

it still dosent change anything people who cant get online or dont want to dont get the same money off as others even though they spend the same or more.

What judge are you to say whether threads are boring or not you cant be that bored or you wouldnt be reading it.

And who are you to judge the Asda app before trying it and before you understand how it actually works?

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