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Friend not speaking to me because I eat eggs

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Upthebracket22 · 19/07/2022 13:18

I am a lifelong veggie- my parents were 70’s hippies & so I have never eaten meat and was raised vegetarian & I don’t eat dairy either but I am not a vegan as I eat eggs - I find I need the protein & generally benefit from eating them.

my friend turned vegan last year and is really militant- sends me horrible videos of baby chicks having their heads cut off etc. i asked her to stop as it was upsetting & I didn’t feel I needed to justify my dietary choices to anyone and now she’s stopped speaking to me. Says she finds it difficult to engage with anyone who eats animal products.

Aibu to feel upset and also a bit like- go & try to covert some meat eaters if that’s your thing but preaching to the converted anyway - I am already trying my best and have had over 40 years of not eating animals - she’s had a year of it. She’s used language like murderer to me etc.

I do feel really upset about it all to be honest.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Dontwanttoberudeorwastetime · 19/07/2022 13:20

Why would you want to be friends with her anyway?
I’d happily accept a ghosting

puffyisgood · 19/07/2022 13:20

yep, this is an easy one, cut off all ties.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g · 19/07/2022 13:21

Sounds like you're well out of that 'friendship'! What a pain in the neck she sounds.

PinkWisteria · 19/07/2022 13:21

Shenis not behaving like a friend - just block her and move on.

Daffodilsdance · 19/07/2022 13:21

She is not a friend , sorry .

Ohtoberoavingagain · 19/07/2022 13:21

There’s always one — the newly converted who must target everyone.
Shes bang out of order, do you really need her as a friend?

inmyslippers · 19/07/2022 13:21

She sounds awful. When her militant vegan arc completes and she tries to get in touch. Make sure you let her know how awful her behaviour was.

SleeplessInEngland · 19/07/2022 13:22

I'm sure this will turn into a vegan bashing thread, but as someone who knows a few I'm glad this kind of behaviour is uncommon and frowned upon by them, because they know it doesn't help.

Notagain76 · 19/07/2022 13:22

I’d just laugh and ignore.

yonce · 19/07/2022 13:22

She's horrid - definitely not a friend! Eat what you want 😊

Thebritisharecoming · 19/07/2022 13:22

Eugh militant born again Vegans are the worst. Sounds like telling her to stop or you will block her is the only option.
Your quite right - you don’t need to justify your dietary choices to anyone.

Alltheseasonsaregreat · 19/07/2022 13:23

It may be that she becomes less avid. She is quite a new vegan, she will be learning etc. Things are likley to settle down in my experience anyway .

lochmaree · 19/07/2022 13:23

sounds like its a good thing she stopped speaking to you! she sounds awful.

I'm generally plant based, but sometimes eat cheese or eggs, so I guess I'm similar to you! its not up to her what you eat and she's being ridiculous to try and police your diet.

darlingdodo · 19/07/2022 13:24

So in her newly adopted vegan life she's going to stop engaging with anyone who's not a vegan? Sure she is. Just let her get on with it and distance yourself from the batshittery.

Wolfiefan · 19/07/2022 13:24

So don’t engage with her.

Upthebracket22 · 19/07/2022 13:25

Honestly- I don’t want it to be a vegan bashing thread at all as I get it- my mum has been vegan for 20 years - I just choose to eat eggs as I feel healthier on them and find I have more energy. My mum just takes a ‘do what you want’ approach & probably would have been fine with us eating meat growing up if we had asked but we never did. It’s just made me feel horrible

OP posts:
DialsMavis · 19/07/2022 13:26

She sounds awful, I hope she is embarrassed and apologetic when she calms down. She is the sort of dick head that gives vegans a bad name

Clarice99 · 19/07/2022 13:27

Dontwanttoberudeorwastetime · 19/07/2022 13:20

Why would you want to be friends with her anyway?
I’d happily accept a ghosting

I agree with this!

I can't stand it when people try to force their lifestyle choices on others. She'd be a 'friend' I'd happily see the back of.

Enjoy your eggs 🥚 🐔

Dontwanttoberudeorwastetime · 19/07/2022 13:27

It reminds me of when my parents quit smoking when I was in my twenties. Within a couple of years they were revolted with how much smokers and their homes smelt and smugly commented on how little they must care about their children to smoke in their home, exposing their children to second hand smoke and making their children’s clothes smell for school…. Like I say, I was already in my twenties 🙄

MissStarry · 19/07/2022 13:28

She sounds awful, I’d be pleased of the peace the “unfriending” would provide after receiving that kind of ongoing barrage from her tbh.

QuestionableMouse · 19/07/2022 13:28

Just had a giggle at the add that popped up on this thread. (it's not something I've searched for either 😂)

Honestly I'd let her get on with it and be glad she's not talking to you.

Friend not speaking to me because I eat eggs
Upthebracket22 · 19/07/2022 13:30

@QuestionableMouse ha ha classic!!!

OP posts:
puffyisgood · 19/07/2022 13:31

Make no mistake about it, veganism [or at least flex-veganism] is the future, the idea of a planet of [before too long] 10 billion humans all sustainably eating meat &/or fish at both meals is pure fantasy. But, as explained above, a newbie vegan pushing out rabid, unsolicited, lectures to a 40+ year vegetarian who also doesn't eat dairy, is very far from on.

Christinatheastonishing · 19/07/2022 13:31

You could:

  • tell her to get fucked
  • act like you find every comment she makes absolutely hilarious
  • go on the counter attack. Point out her hypocrisies, there's always something if you look hard enough. Pesticides on her veggies? Vaccines tested on animals?
Precipice · 19/07/2022 13:32

"go & try to covert some meat eaters if that’s your thing" That's not on either. She wouldn't be any less unreasonable to do this to a meat eater like me than to a vegetarian like you. It's ridiculous and inappropriate behaviour no matter the target.

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