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To think it's weird that she used the family bathroom?

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FairfaxAikman · 28/12/2019 12:59

Friend of mine visited the house yesterday.
She's been here before and knows we have a downstairs guest loo but yesterday when she asked to use the loo she went upstairs to the main bathroom (which was in a bit of a mess as wasn't expecting anyone to see it)
To do so she had to navigate two baby gates, so it's not like it's the easier option.
AIBU to think it's weird?

OP posts:
knittedgoldfish · 28/12/2019 13:01

That is weird. Is the door stiff? Maybe she thought someone was in the WC?

traveller11 · 28/12/2019 13:01

Possibly needed to poo or fart really loudly and didn't want you to hear?

That's usually the only reason I'd go to a further loo

AhoyMrBeaver · 28/12/2019 13:01

She probably needed a poo and didn't want to do it in ear/noseshot of everyone downstairs.

IVEgotthetinselBITCHES · 28/12/2019 13:01

Do you have a bin in both?

nutellalove · 28/12/2019 13:02

I was thinking poo too!

NoMorePoliticsPlease · 28/12/2019 13:02

She just needed privacy, not strange at all. Downstairs loos are rarely private enough

covetingthepreciousthings · 28/12/2019 13:04

I hate using downstairs loos, three family members have them and whenever we visit their houses, I'll always opt for upstairs.

gamerchick · 28/12/2019 13:04

I'd be thinking poo as well..I'd hate to crap in someone else's downstairs toilet.

Dipsydoodle · 28/12/2019 13:05

I'm not sure it would register with me really. I always make sure both bathrooms are in a decent state before visitors for this reason!

AppropriateAdult · 28/12/2019 13:05

I never use the downstairs loo in MIL’s, it’s right off the kitchen and very small and cramped. I don’t think it’s odd at all to opt for the more private one.

Dipsydoodle · 28/12/2019 13:06

Plus our downstairs loo is quite small so I wouldn't like to change a tampon/sanitary towel in it, etc.

APatchyTomCat · 28/12/2019 13:07

I hate using downstairs loos in other people’s houses. Everyone there seems really nearby

nikkylou · 28/12/2019 13:07

Is your downstairs bathroom an under the stairs type thing, or adjoining to the living room with rather thin walls?

A number of perfectly normal reasons spring to mind.

Its that time of the month - she doesn't want everyone to hear her rustling, or you have neglected to put a bin in the downstairs loo.

Perhaps she needed a poo and didn't want to stink out the area, especially if it leads from the hallway or kitchen.

Perhaps she needed a bit more space to sort out some misbehaving clothing.

It's not weird per se

Topseyt · 28/12/2019 13:10

If your family bathroom is more private and further away from everyone then I can see why she might prefer that one. Not weird at all.

Plenty of people prefer not to be taking a shit with the rest of the household too close by.

lovemenorca · 28/12/2019 13:12

What is odd, as in really very very odd - is you starting this thread on the matter

CatintheFireplace · 28/12/2019 13:13

I agree - she needed a poo and was worried she'd be overheard Xmas Grin

TheJoxter · 28/12/2019 13:13

I never use our downstairs loo or the downstairs loo in my mums house unless I have to because they’re very small and cramped and everyone feels too near by.

JoGose · 28/12/2019 13:14

She probably needed a poo/to change a pad and didn’t want people to hear

DesdemonaDryEyes · 28/12/2019 13:14

I've done this in people's houses when I've been gripped by an urgent bowel movement and didn't want to do it in the toilet adjoining the kitchen where everyone was eating. A lot of downstairs loos offer very little privacy.

Tableclothing · 28/12/2019 13:15

We have a downstairs loo and upstairs bathroom. I direct everyone to the upstairs bathroom because I'd rather not have to hear what they're up to.

PinkiOcelot · 28/12/2019 13:15

I don’t think it’s odd tbh. I don’t even use the downstairs loo in my own house. Just prefer upstairs bathroom.

WeeDangerousSpike · 28/12/2019 13:16

It's pretty obvious she just wanted to be further from the other people in the house while she was doing whatever she went there to do. Seems pretty normal.

Bluntness100 · 28/12/2019 13:17

What is odd, as in really very very odd - is you starting this thread on the matter

This. Not sure anyone wants a friend that if you need to shit and use the upstairs loo they come onto mumsnet, start a thread about uou and call you odd

Batshittery · 28/12/2019 13:19

I'm amazed that so many people poo in other people's toilets [shocked] unless there is a pressing medical need of course.

Batshittery · 28/12/2019 13:20

Not sure anyone wants a friend that if you need to shit and use the upstairs loo they come onto mumsnet, start a thread about uou and call you odd

good point Bluntness

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