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To think three is too young for hot food?

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thefluffysideofgrey · 17/12/2019 06:49

As in very hot, straight out of the oven, will burn you if you touch or bite it hot?

My DH is adamant that our son needs to learn how to deal with it. This has resulted in screams and food being thrown across the room. I don't blame him.

Am I being precious?

OP posts:
Oneborneverydecade · 17/12/2019 06:50

What a dickhead. YANBU

Happyspud · 17/12/2019 06:51

Not precious. But my 3 yr old is somewhat trained to check food first and deal with something appropriately if I say ‘careful it’s hot’. I’d say lots of 3 yr olds aren’t.

LisaSimpsonsbff · 17/12/2019 06:52

My DH is adamant that our son needs to learn how to deal with it.

What on earth is he claiming are the possible consequences of him not 'learning' this by burning himself repeatedly at 3?

Of course you're not being unreasonable.

Gardai · 17/12/2019 06:52

No one eats food straight out of the oven because it burns your mouth.
He’s a sadist (if this is true).

MiniGuinness · 17/12/2019 06:53

They do soon learn though. Unless it’s fucking cheese, that hurts.

ButtonandPickle19 · 17/12/2019 06:53

He’s right but maybe step up and show DC how to blow on it as the food gets warmer and warmer.
My DD burnt herself on hot food when she was a toddler and then refused to eat any warm foods for over a year. She would wait for it to go cold no matter what I did. So definitely introduce it slowly, it’s a life skill but shouldn’t be a disaster lesson

howdyhohoho · 17/12/2019 06:53

My 20 month old knows his food is hot and blows it. I think your husband is right he needs to learn.

LisaSimpsonsbff · 17/12/2019 06:54

Incidentally my 17 month old does know that food can be too hot and holds his hand over it to check (which is frigging adorable). But he started doing that by himself - I didn't present him with plate after plate of lava hot food so that he would learn. And he gets very impatient and cross if he has to wait for food to cool down, because he's a toddler.

thefluffysideofgrey · 17/12/2019 06:54

I do tell him to blow on it etc but when he's tired, he just puts it straight in his mouth.

I can't see why it can't be left on the side for a few minutes.

OP posts:
ZeldaPrincessOfHyrule · 17/12/2019 06:56

Dread to think what your husband's technique for teaching road safety will be...
Of course he needs to learn food can be too hot. But this isn't how you learn about dangers, you learn from other people's experience. YANBU

Sirzy · 17/12/2019 06:56

I would have thought that by the time it is cut up and served to him most foods would be fine to eat. When they are cut up they tend to cool pretty quickly

JustMe9 · 17/12/2019 06:57

My 2 year old knows when its "hot" and blows before eating. He sometimes blows on my food as well lol so 3 is defintely not too young to learn hot/cold :)

WaterSheep · 17/12/2019 06:57

If you let the food sit for a few minutes it will still be warm but not hot. A child can learn to blow and cool down food without it being given to them straight from the oven.

I bet your husband cuts his food up to help it cool down, I doubt he eats it straight from the oven.

BarbaraofSeville · 17/12/2019 06:58

Well I'm 46 and I don't eat food straight out of the oven because, like you say, it burns.

What does he mean 'learn how to deal with it'? You deal with it by waiting a few minutes and I wouldn't expect a 3 YO to wait a few minutes with food in front of them or taste it carefully or blow on it.

Your DH sounds like an idiot.

Oysterbabe · 17/12/2019 06:59

Does he teach him to swim by launching him into the water?

Fatted · 17/12/2019 07:01

You are doing well to get a 3YO to the table quickly enough for their food to still be hot.

It takes my 4YO at least ten minutes of complaining about tidying up and then actually tidying up before he will sit down to eat.

speakout · 17/12/2019 07:05

Is your OH this controlling in other areas?

Iggly · 17/12/2019 07:07

What a bell end.

What next? Letting a toddler take stuff out of the oven?

I didn’t start “teaching” my kids about hot things by effectively giving them boiling hot food when they were too young to understand.

Iggly · 17/12/2019 07:08

It takes my 4YO at least ten minutes of complaining about tidying up and then actually tidying up before he will sit down to eat

Fabulous example of point being spectacularly missed.

Ihavethefinalsleigh · 17/12/2019 07:08

Your DH is completely stupid. Your child has years to learn about hot food. I would dish up his and let it cool before he gets it. Stand up to your utterly unreasonable DH.

Sparklybaublefest · 17/12/2019 07:08

That is ridiculous, why burn his delicate mouth

Ohyesiam · 17/12/2019 07:13

I knew a chaotic household where the father refused a fire guard round a wood burner because “ she has to learn” .
The child fell face long into it and still has very visible scars 15 years later.

Quartz2208 · 17/12/2019 07:15

I’m not sure how this works? Surely when you give it to him you say it’s hot let it cool for a moment or there is a slight lag anyway between getting it out and serving it to the table

thirdfiddle · 17/12/2019 07:15

Wait a couple of minutes so it won't actually burn, it'll still be uncomfortably hot for a little one to eat so he can practise blowing on food without risk of actually hurting his mouth.

FreedomfromPE · 17/12/2019 07:16

My 3 year old knows to check food. But "dealing" with too hot food means chopping it up and waiting for it to cool a bit. The chopping up food is surely where to focus at 3?! Has your husband never burnt his mouth? Does he think we should all only learn from our own experience? Rather than learning from the wealth of human experience and knowledge. Did he invent his own internal combustion engine? No because there is nothing wrong with learning from others Wink

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