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Naked in a family changing room

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apple0pie · 09/12/2019 00:00

Before I complain can i just check Im in the right?

We joined a gym that has a 3 changing rooms. Male/ female / family. I have older boys and little girl so we use the family room that had lovely big cubicles for changing.

We went for a swim this afternoon and a women was dressing after her shower next to the the lockers with her toddler. My 12 yr son and husband were both with Me and felt uncomfortable. I think I was so shocked I didn't say anything and now wish I had as she could of used the massive female changing room that is for women and children under 7.

Should I of said something or is this normal ?

OP posts:

Illstartexercisingtomorrow · 09/12/2019 00:04

Do you mean the woman was naked in a mixed/open area?

If so then it is not normal. Flag it up with staff.


apple0pie · 09/12/2019 00:16

Yes sorry In the mixed /open area in the family room

OP posts:

sweeneytoddsrazor · 09/12/2019 00:19

Well why couldn't your son and dh use the male changing room? I would have thought family changing room was for small children.


HanginWithMyGnomies · 09/12/2019 00:23

Bit of strange behaviour from the woman. Family changing areas could have men or woman in there, I wouldn’t want to be seeing bits outside of perfectly spacious cubicles!


Thestinkycheeseman · 09/12/2019 00:36

Why did your 12 yr old son and husband need a family changing room


Bufferingkisses · 09/12/2019 00:38

If you have older boys, a little girl, you and your husband why weren't you using male/female yourself? No need for your husband or older boys to feel uncomfortable at all?


Purpleartichoke · 09/12/2019 00:40

No Open nudity allowed in our family changing rooms. All the doors are solid and have locks. I would have reported her.


sweeneytoddsrazor · 09/12/2019 00:40

Were the cubicles full?


nespressowoo · 09/12/2019 00:42

There have been a couple of threads lately similar to this scenario. If you don't want to see naked people in a unisex area - go elsewhere.


Whatsnewpussyhat · 09/12/2019 00:43

Why are you all missing the point that this woman was naked in the family room when she could have easily gone in the womens or in a bloody cubicle.

The OP was in the family changing room with her family so they wouldn't have to separate.

If it was a man naked there would've been the same issue.


gokartdillydilly · 09/12/2019 00:45

FFS! This again! What is the problem here? You are! It's a changing room, where people get changed from clothes to swimmers and back into clothes. If you don't want to see perfectly normal nudity, get yourself into a cubicle. They are not perverts, they are getting changed. It really is you with the problem, so you need to either change your own attitude, or get changed elsewhere.


ASandwichNamedKevin · 09/12/2019 00:47

Why are people questioning what the OP's husband and son were doing there, they are a family using a family changing room.
This means the family can share shower gel or shampoo or help each other etc.

Personally I wouldn't care about the woman being naked but I can see others would and therefore she should stick to the female changing area.
I have been told off before in an open plan female changing area for being naked (putting my underwear on, was told I should have a towel wrapped around me and do some kind of awkward shimmy dance).


HanginWithMyGnomies · 09/12/2019 00:49

@gokartdillydilly bit much there! They were in a family changing room, with family changing cubicles. No one should be naked in the communal area of a family changing space. So not really OP being a prude now is it. Jeez, RTFT!


sweeneytoddsrazor · 09/12/2019 00:53

Family changing rooms have big cubicles so you can manage with little ones not 12 year olds.


GrumpyHoonMain · 09/12/2019 00:54

Family changing is for families of young or disabled kids. Not parents of healthy 12 year olds!! Next time send the 12 yo with his dad to the men’s changing area and you and your dd should use the family / female areas.


DecemberSnow · 09/12/2019 00:56

Dad and son in male changing room

You and daughter is female changing room

Really isnt a need to be in family chnaging room


IceBearRocks · 09/12/2019 00:57

Wasnt the woman with her toddler and OP was with her 12 year old DS, Husband and other kids. Surely this woman has priority over 12 year old.
My 12 year old has ASD but still manages to get changed in a Male room alone!


Hopoindown31 · 09/12/2019 01:04

Well done MN thus proving that it is indeed the men's fault that a woman was naked in a communal mixed sex area of a gym changing room because they were present. They clearly should have known their place and pissed off to the men's changing rooms and then every thing would have been okay.

She shouldn't have been naked in that area, regardless of who was there. Is that really a hard concept to grasp? The family area has cubicles for the purpose of changing.


Notsurehowtofixit · 09/12/2019 01:08

I think it's okay to get changed in a changing room. Yeah.


Purpleartichoke · 09/12/2019 01:09

We all prefer family changing because there is privacy. Our men’s and women’s changing are open plan. No cubicles, you have to change in front of wveryone


DecemberSnow · 09/12/2019 01:15

Not where we are PURPLE


gokartdillydilly · 09/12/2019 01:17

@hanginwithmygnomies but she is being a prude. She has a problem with another person's nakedness, which is prudishness. Either don't look/ogle/glare, or get yourself instead into a cubicle, and tell your husband and son to get changed in the male changing rooms. Some people just aren't that fussed by a bit of naked flesh, and if you are, you have the option to get changed elsewhere.

What will be the outcome of starting a debate on here? Some may have a problem with nudity, but many don't, and this has sparked a debate, which actually doesn't solve the original question.

The gym must have a policy, OP, so just complain to the manager and you'll get the real answer!

Also, this was in reverse on an earlier post, so I'm not entirely convinced it's not a reverse.


Blondebakingmumma · 09/12/2019 01:17

Why did you need the family changing if you don’t have young kids plus you had your husband who could accompany your son to the men’s changing room?
If you were alone with your 12 year old son I could see you wouldn’t want him going alone into the men’s, but your husband was with you


HanginWithMyGnomies · 09/12/2019 01:28

@gokartdillydilly I think they were getting out of the changing rooms? There’s still no need for the woman to be naked outside of a cubicle in a family changing room, in a womans only changing room, she can flaunt what she likes imo.

Point taken on the restore your post though, to be fair.


HanginWithMyGnomies · 09/12/2019 01:29

*rest, not restore!

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