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So, my job is under threat (again) because of Brexit.

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KenDodd · 02/12/2019 16:12

Some jobs were cut last year as a direct result of Brexit, I survived the cut. Now it looks like the whole company might collapse (hopefully not) all because of Brexit, I didn't vote for any of this.

Aibu to be angry and blame the people who did vote for it?

OP posts:
KenDodd · 02/12/2019 16:13

Sorry, not last year, jobs were cut earlier this year.

OP posts:
libdumps · 02/12/2019 16:19

What's your job? Private sector? Public sector?

NegroniOnIce · 02/12/2019 16:20

Oh come now OP - they've got their BLUE passports back. What's not to love?

Yes. Bitter. Same boat as you.

Theworldisfullofgs · 02/12/2019 16:21

I'd be furious.

I am furious.

Just getting Brexit done is going to make this shit a whole lot worse

Velveteenfruitbowl · 02/12/2019 16:22

Out of curiosity what kind of business do you work for? YANBU to be put out but ultimately this is a part of life, I’m sure you’ll be able to dust yourself off. I hope you don’t loose your job or find a new one of you do Flowers

Crunchymum · 02/12/2019 16:23

What industry are you in?

KenDodd · 02/12/2019 16:24

Don't want to go into too many details as I just found out today and it's outing. My (racist, leave voting) mum is coming for Christmas, last time my job was under threat, her comment was that I could just get another job. She sees my job as completely sacrificable for Brexit. So, sick of this shit that I didn't vote for, it's not fair that me and my children should have to pay the price.

OP posts:
Fairyliz · 02/12/2019 16:25

Are you happy to tell us what you do?
Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet so I am bemused as to how your employer knows the exact effects of it happening.
Sounds to me like the company is doing badly due to poor management but it’s easier to blame Brexit.

RonaldMcDonald · 02/12/2019 16:30

Both my brother - a contractor on an EC contract no longer extended to U.K. and in my ex H’s company (10 people lost their jobs due to Brexit.) Ex H’s company had contracts go elsewhere in Europe due to presumed problems which would arise post Brexit.

We know many many people will lose their jobs it is annoying when people pretend it isn’t real

Bluetrews25 · 02/12/2019 16:32

Turkeys voted for Christmas. Looks like they might do it again.

BarbourellaTheCoatzilla · 02/12/2019 16:34

I don’t think what op does is relevant to be honest. The industry she works in is obviously affected by the decision of the “many” meaning more companies than hers will be affected. Come brexit how many jobs that op is trained in will be available in a Shrinking market with a surge in unemployed people in that sector. Get another job isn’t really an easy solution.

CanIHaveADrink · 02/12/2019 16:34

@Fairyliz, of course nothing has happened in the last 3 years has it? no uncertainty, no company witholding investemenst etc... and certainly not slowly down of the economy..... or any company moving from the UK to europe either.

I'm staggered at how hopelessly naive some people are.

Mrskeats · 02/12/2019 16:35

I wouldn't be having your mum for christmas
How can you vote to damage your child's future? Madness

Theworldisfullofgs · 02/12/2019 16:36

Tell your mum you've sacrificed her invite for christmas on the altar of brexit. She can get another christmas somewhere else. (I cant bear my sister for much the same reasons)

BarrenFieldofFucks · 02/12/2019 16:36

Yup, yanbu at all. Whole thing is shit.

Tetraread · 02/12/2019 16:36

Is it the uncertainty of Brexit? Considering it hasn't happened yet and people still have no idea how things will be affected? I'm not for Brexit, but it being dragged out has caused a lot of damage, more so at the moment than Brexit itself (although this will undoubtedly change).

Theworldisfullofgs · 02/12/2019 16:37

fairy are you telling yourself that, in order to feel better?

CanIHaveADrink · 02/12/2019 16:37

@KenDodd, I dont know the answer tbh.
I saw my PIL recently. Convinced Leavig is for the best. Spout stuff about immigrants and how theyve invaded britain. Log conversation with my teen dcs about it.
I am european and my dcs are dual national (incl british).

It hasnt crossed their mind that saing that sort of things could be hurtful to their own grand children. Go and figure....

mumwon · 02/12/2019 16:42

(not all retired people voted for Brexit - some actually can remember what it was like in the 70's & the reason why so many people voted to go into the common market) I am so sorry for people who are affected - we all will be & there is no magic fairy that is going to create new contracts & businesses that will make life better than it was before this. I fear for our country & the future of the new generation & our remaining industries, our NHS, our science, our Universities, our cutting edge research, our finance sector, etc etc etc

TheElfFellOffTheShelf · 02/12/2019 16:44

Yanbu. I feel so angry when I think about it that I've had to try and stop thinking about it because I've done all I can (petitions, tactical voting, marches and demos, sharing info etc) and it doesn't feel like it's achieving anything.

You shouldn't have to, but if Brexit will affect/is affecting your whole industry, start thinking about what transferable skills you have and if there's the possibility of retraining and doing something different.


LochJessMonster · 02/12/2019 16:46

Companies collapsed and people lost their jobs long before Brexit was a thing...

adaline · 02/12/2019 16:47

Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet so I am bemused as to how your employer knows the exact effects of it happening.

Sure, because negative has happened in the three years since the Referendum, has it? Hmm

No slowing down of investment, no increasing costs, no economic uncertainty...

Mrskeats · 02/12/2019 16:48

Here come people to state the obvious.
Of course companies collapsed but the fall in the pound since the idiotic vote has damaged many businesses.
That's just one factor.

Mrskeats · 02/12/2019 16:49

And be aware that many companies that trade with Europe are avoiding taking on anyone that voted for Brexit.
It is not hard to find out especially if people put stupid flags etc on social media.

CorBlimeyGovenor · 02/12/2019 16:51

Sorry, but yabu. People had the right to vote. Most people who voted to leave didn't expect the uncertainty that had dragged on and on over this. What's the point at feeling angry at people who you don't know. I day this as a remainer and as someone who has been made redundant.

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