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What do you get for free or at a very small cost?

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Freebiefriday · 29/11/2019 12:40

Thought it might be fun, posting here for traffic.
What do you get for free or at a very small cost that others pay for?
This is supposed to be fun by the way...
For example
I never pay for yoga classes (family member is the teacher)
I never pay for stationary or printing (get them from work)
I never pay full price for Fatface or Debenhams purchases as I have good friends working there.

What are your freebies?

OP posts:

AllYouGoodGoodPeople · 29/11/2019 12:57

My brother worked for Vodaphone years ago and I still get the friends and family discount on my phone contract. I am afeared they'll work it out Grin


Igotitfromajumblesale · 29/11/2019 13:00

Is the free stationery an official perk of the job or are you just pilfering?


Freebiefriday · 29/11/2019 13:00

@AllYouGoodGoodPeople!! Love it!!!....say nothing Wink

OP posts:

managedmis · 29/11/2019 13:01

Free coffee at work?

Other than that, nowt. I need new mates


Freebiefriday · 29/11/2019 13:01

@Igotitfromajumblesale free’s a stationary company 🤣

OP posts:

Camomila · 29/11/2019 13:01

free London transport - DH works for tfl. Shame we don't live in London anymore!
Eurostar discounts (DH again)

Haircuts - my DM does it for me using the tip your head upside down method.

Save time rather than money but DBro is a paramedic which is super handy for advice...99% of the time the advice is 'you're fine' Grin


Bickles · 29/11/2019 13:03

Dental care
Guess what I do?Grin


DeathStare · 29/11/2019 13:03

Nothing. Me and my friends all have fairly dull office-based jobs. How do I make friends with people who have discounts to give away?


RaininSummer · 29/11/2019 13:03

Nothing ever that I can think of. Using the work Internet at lunchtime?


PixieDustt · 29/11/2019 13:04

Free dental check ups & dental work.
Always get free toothpaste too.
Big discounts from Phillips, oral b etc. For example a toothbrush that retails for £160 I got for £20.

Good discounts on currys aswell as a friend works there.

I have a blue light card too which gets you really good discounts.


VanessaShanessaJenkins · 29/11/2019 13:04



PixieDustt · 29/11/2019 13:05

Snap, dental nurse?


Igotitfromajumblesale · 29/11/2019 13:05

Freebiefriday lucky you!

I get free accommodation in the French Alps due to having good friends with a holiday home there Smile


Fucck · 29/11/2019 13:09

Milk and cheese! Grin


churchandstate · 29/11/2019 13:09



Buccanarab · 29/11/2019 13:14

Not really a small cost but I get my mortgage at base rate, saving me a few bob and other than my time all my car servicing/mots/repairs are free.

Think I'm doing no bad Grin.


MissSueFlay · 29/11/2019 13:15

I used to work for the FA and got free tickets to any match at Wembley. That was pretty cool


chocolatesaltyballs22 · 29/11/2019 13:16

I get free travel and breakdown insurance through my job, plus half price home and car insurance.


BlackeyedSusan · 29/11/2019 13:18

GP advice from relative... More should we go to our GP or wait it out?

Free WiFi if I manage to park in the right place on school run. (If not I let myself in ex's house to wait)


Bickles · 29/11/2019 13:19

Dentist. They are much stingier with the freebies than they used to be though. Oral B are the best but I hate Oral B toothpaste. The stannous fluoride makes my mucosa peel off Angry


Freebiefriday · 29/11/2019 13:21

@MissSueFlay NICE!!

OP posts:

Ariela · 29/11/2019 13:21

Logs for the woodburner - we have a chain saw and log splitter so are in demand
I used to work for a company whose head office had a box at Kempton Park race course, as I lived nearest I was always invited to help host. Luckily a guy in my office was an avid follower of form, so I always came armed with the best tips and our customers always went home in profit on their bets


Freebiefriday · 29/11/2019 13:22

@Igotitfromajumblesale Love it!!👍

OP posts:

adaline · 29/11/2019 13:23

Cat litter as DH once did work for someone who supplies wood chips.
£800 worth of clothes/year through my job.
Cake on a regular basis as my mum tries all her new recipes out on us!
Haircuts as my SIL is a hairdresser and will do it for free.
Doggy daycare/walker via my in-laws.


Crunchymum · 29/11/2019 13:23


MIL has our almost 2you and collects older two DC x3 days per week so I can work.

She is an angel. Not just for the childcare.... but because she is bloody lovely and a good friend as well as my MIL.

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