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To think six month olds don't talk?

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Findingthingstough18 · 15/03/2019 15:09

I'm part of a Facebook group that relates to baby care. The other day someone 'introduced' their six month old with a list of their achievements (!), including "I have said 'Mommy' three times". Someone questioned this in the comments and was bombarded with other people insisting that their six month old says - with meaning and intention - 'Mama/Mommy/Mummy', 'Dada/Daddy', and a small selection of other words, such as 'Hi'. AIBU to think that this is a sweet but harmless delusion - their six month old is making random sounds but is not 'talking' - or is this really possible and I'm being mean? To be clear, either way I'm not going to say anything or be rude or anything, I'm just genuinely curious?

OP posts:
namechangedyetagain · 17/03/2019 07:21

Ds pointed and said duck at 6 months. We were in Morrisons and the old couple nearby looked amazed. He was speaking in full sentences by about a year but he couldn't be arsed to walk until he was 17 months.

However he has always been very verbal never stops talking and articulate. Dd came along and didn't speak (apart from odd words) until she was 3.

They're all different aren't they. Can't be doing with competitive parenting. Doesn't stop when they start school either...

PookieDo · 17/03/2019 08:59

When I asked my HV about my tinybald, non walking, fully talking in sentences, all her teeth child she just gave me the theory that some areas of a child develop faster than other areas! So whilst one area was developing at speed (her speech) she wasn’t really growing. We had to put butter and full fat milk in her food because she was right at the bottom of the growth charts for a very long time.

DD1 had a dummy but she was also a very easily frustrated child and started very early temper tantrums. I think speaking early was a natural development for those frustrations - she was very intense in staring at you and I spent considerable 1:1 time with her as my PFB.

When poor DD2 arrived I had a demanding DD1 toddler and there is amusing video footage of them both where DD1 is yelling over the top of DD2’s attempts at speaking age about 18 months - poor kid couldn’t get a word in! DD2 developed a strange babble language of odd words (that only I knew what the words meant) and still now DD1 can be over powering in conversation and DD2 is more reserved

woodcutbirds · 17/03/2019 16:33

Pookie that's what DS2 was like. Bald, couldn't walk and absolutely tiny for his age. Weighed as much as many new borns when he was twelve months old. He used to freak people out on buses because they'd be assuming he was a few weeks old and then he'd point out of the window and say: 'Look, mum, digger!' Or 'I did see dog!'

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