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To think six month olds don't talk?

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Findingthingstough18 · 15/03/2019 15:09

I'm part of a Facebook group that relates to baby care. The other day someone 'introduced' their six month old with a list of their achievements (!), including "I have said 'Mommy' three times". Someone questioned this in the comments and was bombarded with other people insisting that their six month old says - with meaning and intention - 'Mama/Mommy/Mummy', 'Dada/Daddy', and a small selection of other words, such as 'Hi'. AIBU to think that this is a sweet but harmless delusion - their six month old is making random sounds but is not 'talking' - or is this really possible and I'm being mean? To be clear, either way I'm not going to say anything or be rude or anything, I'm just genuinely curious?

OP posts:
PreseaCombatir · 15/03/2019 18:14

My first could say 2 or 3 words at 7 months, with meaning and in context.
My second, no chance at that age.
All babies are different.
I’ve known two babies to walk by eight months as well

UnicornRainbowsRain · 15/03/2019 19:00

Not read all the comments but my child did start at six months. Did very little else but hasn't shut up. I know someone who walked at six months too, unusual but true.

UnicornRainbowsRain · 15/03/2019 19:03

And yes the words they used were absolutely in context and often pointing directly at the thing.

Flatwhite32 · 15/03/2019 19:17

Hahaha! That's a crazy claim! My 7 month old cant even babble, and has only just started sitting well. Her motor skills are good though!

StealthPolarBear · 15/03/2019 19:29

A friend of mines DD walked at nine months. I know her age as she is nine days older than my ds. In general we were amazed at the textbook nature of their development, she would do something (get a tooth or whatever) and a week or so later ds would do the same. But not this!

BlackPrism · 15/03/2019 19:35

@BertrandRussell love the talking cottage loaf 😂😂😂
My sister was speaking well at 8 months apparently

thirdfiddle · 15/03/2019 19:36

Why are people so insistent on believing that something outside their experience must be impossible? I see it over and over again on MN, I find it really odd. Humans can do so many odd and unexpected things.

Findingthingstough18 · 15/03/2019 19:45

Why are people so insistent on believing that something outside their experience must be impossible? I see it over and over again on MN, I find it really odd.

Again, I'm not saying that no babies talk earlier than mine, or earlier than the babies I personally know - I don't know any that have had words earlier than 11 months, but I totally believe an 8 or 9 month old can. I don't believe a 5 month old can, and nothing in this thread has really convinced me otherwise. You can see videos of walking 6 month olds, but not (convincingly) talking ones.

We all agree that there is a lower age, right? Two week olds categorically don't talk. Or if I say my two week old talked and you don't believe me is that you being close-minded and refusing to accept anything outside your own experience?

OP posts:
Findingthingstough18 · 15/03/2019 19:48

Also, when I disappeared for a bit in the middle of this thread my DS (now in bed) CRAWLED FOR THE FIRST TIME! And given how excited DH and I am about him reaching this completely normal milestone at an absolutely average age - and how many times we've used the word 'genius' - it's pretty lucky that he didn't say 'I say, Mamar, could you pass me that bottle?' at four months because we'd be bloody unbearable about it.

OP posts:
Smoggle · 15/03/2019 20:04

This thread is so funny Grin

I've worked with hundreds of babies over 15 years and three countries and have never come across even one who has said words at 6 months.
Talking in sentences at 18 months is impressive, 12 months would be very remarkable.

And yet here on the mumsnet there are loads of infant prodigies...

Babies babble. Parents interpret Grin

blackteasplease · 15/03/2019 20:13

Dd said the odd word at 7 months like "dadda" "mumma" etc. And so did my db according to my Mum's records- but he's grown up to be exceptionally good at languages

I didn't speak that early and neither did my d's.

I'd say it's v unusual.

blackteasplease · 15/03/2019 20:19

My friend's son could walk a little bit at 8 months. But u think that's remarkable. He's gone in to be vg at sport. I think her dd walked extremely early too.

Rixera · 15/03/2019 20:28

Mine was talking extremely early, the HV was stunned but I didn't know any other children so just thought it was normal. Fully missed out on parental bragging rights Grin

She did everything conversational very early; complex sentences, 'why/because', explaining emotions, imitating non verbal communication in play. Still very articulate for her age and does a bit of acting as she can memorise lines & perform very convincingly including crying on cue.

She's slow to read though, slow to write and was slow to walk. It all balances out.

thirdfiddle · 15/03/2019 20:38

If you look up studies of gifted kids, talking before 6 months is within the range. Very rare but exists. I'd be surprised if it didn't tbh, 8-9 months would be unsurprising and distributions like this usually extend well beyond unsurprising.

catsandshoes · 15/03/2019 20:40

Two of mine said words in context from 6 months old, all my dc by 9 months were saying recognisable words in context- so point to eyes on a toy and say 'eyes' unprompted etc. Both very early talkers also could crawl at 6 months too (one rolled from 4 weeks, crawled 4 months, and was sitting as well at 5 months- photos/video etc of him at that age- all I can say is, we always had a playpen and a lot of safety gates! early crawlers have no fear!).

It wasn't something we announced at baby groups because people think you/your child is weird if they can say words that young, especially when your baby sits there pointing and speaking.

I don't know any other dc who spoke so early. It's not like it matters beyond that age really.

Although neither dc have shut up since they spoke their first words...

MitziK · 15/03/2019 20:42

One of mine could definitely have simple conversations by nine months largely arguing with her sister. She was clearly saying Mama? (never taught it, babbling was completely different in pitch and tone and I was officially Mummy ), Cat go Owwww, Dog go Oofff, No and Go 'Ay at six months. Didn't get around to learning to walk until she was over a year old, though. She only stood for the first time at 11 months and then promptly sat back down again for another three. I suspect that she found it easier to sit there and talk than to put the effort into walking over. By a year, she was very vocal argumentative. Nothing ever changed there [sigh].

Her sister, however, was largely unintelligible to everyone except myself and her father until she was 7. Her father would claim she had a vocabulary of over 250 words at a year old. Bullshit. It was nearer three - Mumum, Daaa and Tat (cat).

They've both got good degrees. The eldest, who had the most trouble speaking (and writing) got a first.

UnicornRainbowsRain · 15/03/2019 20:43

Flatwhite32 were you saying my claim was crazy? Which one?

BoobiesToTheRescue · 15/03/2019 20:46

My 8 week old said "hello".
I've got it on film.

But he's just copying the noise of me saying hello. That's what they do at that age.

So I think perhaps she is hearing her baby babble and believes it's more deliberate than it is.

MRex · 15/03/2019 21:58

Well done on the crawling!

My DS started saying "boob" just before 7 months and in context from a few days later. He said it clearly enough for strangers to comment on it as he pulled at my top in public. The word "No" followed quickly with a shake of the head, but he only has 5 more words 5 months later did hardly a prodigy! He managed to parrot hiya and bye early on, but unless he kept saying something in context we don't count it. Babies understand a lot more nouns than you might think, I remember being surprised that he knew what his drumstick was just from the word, and he's been able to pick any specific teddy out of the line-up by name since about 8 months.

Flatwhite32 · 15/03/2019 23:12

@UnicornRainbowsRain No, but I find it crazy that a 6 month old can talk! Maybe it's because my own nearly 8 month old DD can't even babble, so I can't imagine it!

chocolatemademefat · 15/03/2019 23:50

Mumsnet must be the home of parents with baby Einstein’s. What a load of rubbish. Just more pointless boasting to bore the arse off those of us with more sense. And normal expectations.

thegreylady · 16/03/2019 00:07

My dgs said ‘tat’ whenever he saw the cat from about 7 months then at 10 months he would whisper ‘shus’ and point at my shoes.

Bubblegumgal · 16/03/2019 00:11

It’s such a weird thing to boast about I think! It’s not a reflection on parenting or precursor for them becoming a doctor aged 7. It’s like a weird superiority complex some parents have ‘ooo look what a genius my genes have produced’ sort of thing.

Pinkkahori · 16/03/2019 00:24

When my nephew was 6 weeks old I went on a day out with him, SIL and my dds. We were on a train and he was asleep in his pram when he suddenly stirred and then made a sound that sounded exactly like 'Where are we?'. Smile
He's 9 now and to this day my dds are still convinced he talked at 6 weeks old.

StillMedusa · 16/03/2019 00:34

One of mine had lots of single words by 9 months, and by 18 months could talk in long complicated sentences . He also was walking by 9 months. Another didn't talk til 4 or walk til he was 3...massive delays. You can't tell which was which now! I did think maybe I had a very bright baby but he turned out to be totally average (and a lovely guy)

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