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To think she was rude! Trick or Treating, am I a CF?

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forwhatyouare · 31/10/2018 20:23

Long story short, we went trick or treating as an extended family tonight. About 5 kids in total, including my 1 year old.

I came to the door for every knock (we only knock on decorated houses or those with a few pumpkins), and collected sweets in a bag for my DS.

On one of the knocks, I collected a sweet in the bag and the woman who answered pulled me to the side and said "He looks cute, he's getting these for you though I suppose "

I said "haha", thinking I had mistaken her tone and she was joking. She was not. She said "I saw you eating them from across the road".

If truth be told, I was eating a sweet a little earlier.

AIBU to say this is bloody rude?!

Just give sweets to wherever is dressed up or don't at all. It would be different if I was dressed for Halloween and there alone, but I was standing with DS in my arms, with 4 little children surrounding me... Hardly the cheeky fucker of the century.

OP posts:

Alfie190 · 31/10/2018 20:57

Adults should not be collecting sweets from houses. You were being rude and greedy, leave it for other children and buy your own sweets.


SheCameFromGreeceSheHadaThirst · 31/10/2018 20:57

Yes, I did eat most of the sweets

So you're annoyed because she was right?


00100001 · 31/10/2018 20:57

So, you were collecting "for the baby" because the other kids didn't want him to miss out?

surely you could have just said "hes too young for sweets and besides he's having fun with you little monsters!"


gamerchick · 31/10/2018 20:59

I'm American and didn't know the UK is doing Halloween and trick or treating now, or at least they weren't when I was living there

Eh? How old are you, I'm 43 and went trick or treating as a kid Confused

To be fair OP it was a bit cheeky to collect for your baby as it's obvious they were for you. Just let it go, it hardly matters.


JeanPagett · 31/10/2018 21:00

I think taking sweets for a baby and then eating them yourself is very CF, and it's hardly rude to point that out. Trick or treating is for the kids, not the adults with them.


WitchesWeb · 31/10/2018 21:00

It's fun and it's only miserable buggers who don't take part

FFS people are not miserable for not taking part!


SummerGems · 31/10/2018 21:01

Funny how the ones who claim it’s not begging are the ones who go out .. begging. Wink

So, given it’s “trick” or treat, what tricks do you have lined up for those who say “trick”?


Glumglowworm · 31/10/2018 21:04


she was right. You were using your 1 year old to collect sweets for yourself. You’re just pissed off that she called you out on it.


Starlight345 · 31/10/2018 21:04

I went to a Halloween party 3 children today . Didn’t take for the baby .

I find it odd ..

Like taking candy from a baby is very literal here


HellenaHandbasket · 31/10/2018 21:04

We never trick or treaters, but even I can see it isn't begging 😂

It's a well established tradition dating back a long time. Some people are arseholes, as per your visitor. But the type of person who swears like that is an arsehole everywhere.


Celebelly · 31/10/2018 21:05

Have a look at 'guising'. It's been going on for donkeys' years in Scotland and has quite a long tradition behind it. Almost everyone who came to my door tonight (out of 30-40 kids) had a joke to tell or a dance to perform. It's considered standard here to have something prepared before you get your treat!

My English DP was unfamiliar with the concept of 'doing a turn' though.


Aaaahfuck · 31/10/2018 21:06

Pp saying they didn't know uk did halloween. I'm 33 and we've been doing trick or treating in the UK since I was a toddler.


WithAFaeryHandInHand · 31/10/2018 21:08

I'm American and didn't know the UK is doing Halloween and trick or treating now, or at least they weren't when I was living there.

Well, seeing as it originated in Scotland and Ireland, this is a bit strange... When exactly did you live here?


Snappedandfarted2018 · 31/10/2018 21:09

You’re annoyed because she right you collected for yourself, ds is 2years a 6months joined us today and loved it only did our street before he went home to bed but that was enough of him and I took the other two out for avid longer previously he has just sat in his pushchair whilst the other two knocked.

Plenty of the community here in the north east joined in the fun and even the non decorated houses participated, one elderly couple who were considerably lonely loved seeing my children dressed up and invited us in and told us how they never see anyone and we are welcome to call in anytime. There’s plenty of positives unfortunately people only seem to focus on the negative aspects...


frostywalkshotchocolate1 · 31/10/2018 21:11

Hmm your 1 year old could of joined in
Without you taking sweets then really if he can't eat them anyway


SummerGems · 31/10/2018 21:11

In scotland they also have “mischief” night on the 30th don’t they?

I remember hearing a discussion on the radio about it and they interviewed a group of lads and asked what they do, to which they responded “oh,we go round, stealing cars, smashing windows that sort of thing.” Shock.

I think trick or treating was around when we were kids but certainly not in the abundance that it is now, and it was only ever little kids, now there are plenty of teenagers out on the streets as well... people’s houses get egged,cars get pelted with eggs and flour and damaged etc,the going to only decorated houses is one thing, and tbh I wouldn’t have paid much attention to someone saying that the sweets were obviously for the parent as of course that was true, so the op getting upset about that says more about her really.

But going to undecorated houses is most definitely a thing and there are very valid reasons why so many people do lock their doors and turn out all the lights on Halloween.


SheCameFromGreeceSheHadaThirst · 31/10/2018 21:12

So, given it’s “trick” or treat, what tricks do you have lined up for those who say “trick”?



mikado1 · 31/10/2018 21:13

Why did you collect for him tho op? I'd not bat an eyelid if he had his own bag but if he wasn't even bothered, I'd not bother if that makes sense.


ProfessorMoody · 31/10/2018 21:13

We always have a trick too, in case anyone asks.

I'm not sure why you keep insisting that it's begging though, when people want children to knock for sweets.

If some aren't visiting only the decorated houses, then that's a parenting issue. Nothing to do with the thousands of people who do it politely.


minipie · 31/10/2018 21:14

she was right. You were using your 1 year old to collect sweets for yourself. You’re just pissed off that she called you out on it.

Yep this. I’ve taken my baby out with my older child, wouldn’t have occurred to me to collect sweets for the baby since obviously she wasn’t going to eat them.

Sounds a bit like you think you should get sweets as a reward for dressing your baby up? Confused


useruseruseruseruseruseruser · 31/10/2018 21:14

So you literally took candy from a baby?

Tut! Tut! Wink


AiryFairyUnicornRainbow · 31/10/2018 21:16

If truth be told, I was eating a sweet a little earlier

Not rude, stating a fact

TBH, I wouldn't have given any sweets to kids, where I saw parents eating them....I think it is ruder to be trick and treating and eating the sweets yourself, in full view of the people you are asking for sweets


ragged · 31/10/2018 21:19

Gosh, OP, couldn't you have taken it lightheardtedly, made a joke out the comment? Why do people so enjoy being offended? I thought the Brits were good at self-deprecation.


HauntedPencil · 31/10/2018 21:21

I often used to joke that I'd be the one scoffing sweets or Easter egg etc for my toddler.

She was just making a joke.


StoorieHoose · 31/10/2018 21:24

In 43 years of living in central Scotland I’ve never heard of ‘mischief night’ @summergems

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