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To think she was rude! Trick or Treating, am I a CF?

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forwhatyouare · 31/10/2018 20:23

Long story short, we went trick or treating as an extended family tonight. About 5 kids in total, including my 1 year old.

I came to the door for every knock (we only knock on decorated houses or those with a few pumpkins), and collected sweets in a bag for my DS.

On one of the knocks, I collected a sweet in the bag and the woman who answered pulled me to the side and said "He looks cute, he's getting these for you though I suppose "

I said "haha", thinking I had mistaken her tone and she was joking. She was not. She said "I saw you eating them from across the road".

If truth be told, I was eating a sweet a little earlier.

AIBU to say this is bloody rude?!

Just give sweets to wherever is dressed up or don't at all. It would be different if I was dressed for Halloween and there alone, but I was standing with DS in my arms, with 4 little children surrounding me... Hardly the cheeky fucker of the century.

OP posts:

Ochillvale · 31/10/2018 23:32

My house isn’t decorated, never is. Man came knocking on the door with little kids at around 8:00 shouting to “open the fucking door.” When I declined he called me a cunt.

That's unbelievable. Literally.


Ochillvale · 31/10/2018 23:36

When I was a girl trick or treaters were far scarcer and money seemed to be expected or given. That's more like begging, a few mini chocolate bars, bought for purpose, is not.


Aridane · 31/10/2018 23:38

Unfortunately sounds quite believable Sad


pallisers · 31/10/2018 23:43

My house isn’t decorated, never is. Man came knocking on the door with little kids at around 8:00 shouting to “open the fucking door.” When I declined he called me a cunt.

If that happened where I lived, people would call the police. Seriously.

Am in commercialised america which has exported the worst of its culture to the UK (inexplicably the UK has lapped it up but that isn't its fault - it is the commercialised americans don't you know) where halloween is a very child-focused holiday that communities (have some lovely memories of school events) and towns and cities embrace as a chance for kids to be out on the streets part of the community.

Meanwhile in my street in the commercialised US we've had 3 incredibly sweet tiny kids come by, one of whom was being photographed by her parents because it was her first halloween. All of whom took one piece of candy. We had a lovely time being neighbourly and feeling nice. Wish more kids would come by.


snapnfarter · 31/10/2018 23:44

Oh my God. Really? Who are we to police what other women feed their children? And it's just a few sweets. How tight or uptight is this woman to give a fuck who ate a mini bag of Haribo?
I'd be annoyed too. You were doing something with a group of children to bring them happiness. Should you have left the baby at home? Some people... really!


WitchesWeb · 31/10/2018 23:45

@Ochillvale no it isn't at all.


WitchesWeb · 31/10/2018 23:46

Pressed too soo. It isnt unbelievable at all.


Flyaway78 · 31/10/2018 23:48

She's crazy. It's always lovely to see cute 1 year olds dressed up and for the pleasure you get to hand out sweets that cost pennies. No need for sly remarks to be made at the door ffs.


snapnfarter · 31/10/2018 23:50

And also for the American who expresses disbelief that the Brits are celebrating Halloween now. It's an old Celtic tradition! The Americans appropriated it and bastardised it!


Devillanelle · 31/10/2018 23:51

'I was born and raised in the U.K. and when I lived there they didn't celebrate Halloween with trick or treating. It is an American tradition they have copied.'

England maybe, not the U.K. The Celtic nations of the U.K. have celebrated Halloween with trick or treating since any of us were children, and before.


Powerless · 31/10/2018 23:51

@Rtmhwales Are you kidding? I'm 34 and have grown up trick or treat'ing.....


JaneJeffer · 31/10/2018 23:55

I'm just here for the "stealing candy from a baby" gag...


Mirali · 31/10/2018 23:55

I enjoy opening the door to people and giving out sweets and really couldn't care less if a mum ate a one year old's sweets. She sounds like she's taking it a bit too seriously peering out at you and commenting on you having the audacity to eat a sweet. Shock


giantbanger · 31/10/2018 23:56

I am really fed up with the complete and utter ignorance of the history of Halloween. It has always been celebrated in the Celtic nations.

Irish here. Don’t you dare tell me it’s an American import when we did it first.


SleightOfMind · 01/11/2018 00:00

You stole candy.
From a baby!

If I saw you, I’d have egged you Grin


mathanxiety · 01/11/2018 00:03

You encountered an utterly weird woman tonight, OP.

I always ate a good deal of the DCs' trick or treating haul when they were small.

To be fair to Charolais and others - the actual phrase 'trick or treat' and the candypalooza are American.

'Trick or treat' was never uttered afaik even in those parts of the UK where Hallowe'en was celebrated, or in Ireland, until a few decades ago. When I was growing up (70s) in Dublin, we used to traipse around the neighbourhood in costumes and masks knocking at doors and asking for apples and nuts. Then we all gathered around a huge bonfire. I think candy was beginning to take over by the 80s but I am pretty certain nobody would have been caught dead saying 'trick or treat' back then.

There was a certain amount of mischief associated with Hallowe'en way back then (and especially long ago in rural areas) but even still, trick or treating wasn't a phrase used.


missperegrinespeculiar · 01/11/2018 00:12

begging, really? how does that even make sense? let me tell you, I have spent a hell of a lot more on costumes and decorations than the few pounds worth of sweets we collected, not to mention that we have given out more sweets than we collected anyway, how on earth would it make sense if all you wanted was a freebie?

of course there are going to be some who engage in anti-social behaviour, there always are, but is that a reason to ban a long-standing holiday and tradition? what about New Year's eve? we certainly get more damage and noise from that than Halloween, but I have not heard any cries of "ban it!"

We had a lovely night, everybody on the street had gone to a lot of trouble with decorations, and it was lovely to see people out and about and chatting, this year it was really almost like a huge street party, it was delightful


Willow2017 · 01/11/2018 00:13

where halloween is a very child-focused holiday that communities (have some lovely memories of school events) embrace as a chance for kids to be out on the streets part of the community

You mean like many areas of Scotland and Ireland?


Poloshot · 01/11/2018 00:20

So, was she wrong in what she said? Sounds like she was bang on the money


FrancisCrawford · 01/11/2018 00:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChanklyBore · 01/11/2018 00:28

Kids of all ages go out trick or treating here. 1 year olds are definitely part of the fun and tiny little dressed up babies and toddlers running up and down the paths and saying ‘ta’ is very cute. My children have trick or treated every year since they were born, so I don’t get the hand wringing about being too young. Of course they won’t eat all the sweets. Or even any, but it doesn’t matter. And not all houses give out sweets. My children have satsumas, apples, money, mini cheddars, glow sticks and plastic spiders from tonight’s events.


prettybird · 01/11/2018 00:30

I'm a 57 year old Scot who enjoyed going out guising when I was wee (my poor mum had to carve not one, but two lanterns out of neeps - one for me and one for my brother Shock never did fully appreciate the effort she went to Blush), doing my turn/trick or treat in return for sweeties, fruit or nuts and occasionally money.

Have never heard of Mischief Night. Confused


Belina · 01/11/2018 01:28

this doesn't sound offensive to me


1forAll74 · 01/11/2018 01:59

I would not even consider taking a one year old child out to trick or treating rubbish.. You know, there was a group of hoodie type teenagers going round my village tonight for trick or treat stuff, most of them were smoking cigs and eating bags of crisps etc.. fortunately,I was walking down a track to go to my car to go out somewhere, so glad I wasn't in my house. in case they knocked on my door. would have set my three cats on them otherwise !!


RuggerHug · 01/11/2018 02:16

The way I read it, OP was out with her baby and cousins of baby and OPS siblings so she wasn't a cheeky fucker. Just having an evening with the family. Did no one else get that?!

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