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To save for baby's nose job

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DressedInBinBags · 29/08/2017 16:56

DH has a very large nose. I like it and I think it makes him look handsome. He really doesn't like it. DD looks like she is going to take after her father in the nose department.
AIBU reasonable to put some money aside each week incase she wants a nose job when she is older? If her nose isn't like her dad's or it doesn't bother her she could use it for other things.
Obviously she would still be gorgeous to me. I'm just concerned she will be self conscious as other people make remarks to DH and he had been teased about it in the past.

OP posts:
MargotLovedTom1 · 29/08/2017 16:57

You can't possibly know what a baby's nose will look like when she's an adult!

PurpleDaisies · 29/08/2017 16:58

Is this a joke?

RedBlackberries · 29/08/2017 16:59

Don't forget to start saving for implants for her 18th.

DressedInBinBags · 29/08/2017 17:00

Margot yes that's why I want some money put aside. I read on here earlier about someone whose child wanted help financing loose skin removal and thought I would hate it if I couldn't help DD if she was unhappy with her looks.

OP posts:
ILoveMillhousesDad · 29/08/2017 17:00

How old is she? I've never really seen for example, primary aged kids with big noses.

Sisinisawa · 29/08/2017 17:02

Yanbu to save money for her.
Ywbvvu to suggest to her that she have plastic surgery.

But as someone who inherited an ugly facial feature and subsequently was bullied for it I applaud your planning.
I got surgery on the NHS aged 17 and it changed my life so I'm not judgmental if people want to alter their appearance.

hesterton · 29/08/2017 17:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coffeekittens · 29/08/2017 17:03

I wouldn't think about starting to save until shes in her teens tbh, and I don't agree with cosmetic surgery in under 21s, there was a list longer than my arm of cosmetic procedures I wanted in my teens. If you do decide to go ahead with saving then please do NOT ever let her know, that'll shatter her self esteem.

DressedInBinBags · 29/08/2017 17:03

I would never ever suggest it. It's just if she came to me to ask I would have it. If not I would gift it to her for something else. She already has savings account for a car.

OP posts:
Emmageddon · 29/08/2017 17:03

How mortified will she feel when she finds out you've been saving for cosmetic surgery since she was a baby?


ApuskiDoo · 29/08/2017 17:03

It's your job to make her feel beautiful and have a great sense of self worth regardless of her nose

Save for her to go to university or whatever she wants to do instead.

If she ever finds out you have a nose job fund that's her self esteem and your relationship destroyed.

Cornettoninja · 29/08/2017 17:04

I don't think yabu, but she must never ever know that's what you started saving the money for and I would be having words with your dh about not influencing her feelings on it if he can help it.

anon97528996 · 29/08/2017 17:05

This is so sweet of you. You will love her nose and hopefully so will she! 😊 Saying that though, DP and I have pretty big noses and I have the odd daydream of giving birth to an elephant when we finally have kids. I know two friends who had nose jobs at 18 and it truly changed their lives for the better. Perhaps save for her a little nest egg she can have when she's 18 - towards uni, a car, going travelling, a house, or plastic surgery if she's that way inclined!

WhooooAmI24601 · 29/08/2017 17:06

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Sunbittern · 29/08/2017 17:07

So many threads today about looking like the ideal human..... Sign of the times?

Sunbittern · 29/08/2017 17:08

You are a lunatic. Save the money for the inevitable counselling she'll need with a mother like you

Completely agree.

LifeofClimb · 29/08/2017 17:08

Please don't ever remark on her nose!

My family did and I grew up thinking my nose was going to be huge and horrible. It is a 'thing' in our culture to remark on appearances and also to alter using cosmetic surgery.

It took a long, long time to realise I actually had a small nose, they were worried for no good reason, and there is nothing wrong with my adult nose. It's actually on the smaller than normal side (luckily) but imagine if was large - I'd feel even worse about it.

SilveryFlowers · 29/08/2017 17:08

In the nicest possible way, YABRidiculous.

For a start, people's faces grow and change until they are adults and getting a nose job before you are an adult is rarely a good idea. By then she can make her own decisions.

Secondly if you want to have a savings account for your DD that's fine. But maybe you are ovethinking this a slight bit, and she might want to do something else with it? Gap year / deposit on a house / whatever?

Thirdly... if you are THIS paranoid about her nose now you might as well just use the money for her inevitable sessions with a psychiatrist. Trust me, I have a DMum who was obsessed with my looks and I have been in therapy about it for years.

(All of the above I have some first hand knowledge about. I inherited my nose from my father's side..... 'referred to as the ..... family-nose'. Apparently from my mother's side I inherited the family hips. Guaranteed way to make a young girl's self esteem fairly shit... although I have some pride in the fact that I am LITERALLY the only woman on my dad's side of the family who has not had rather extensive plastic surgery. Despite the frequent recommendations).

Seachangeshell · 29/08/2017 17:10

Whatever this is- it's not sweet!
My nose is like my dad's - fairly big - sort of on the wide side.
a) the way I look is definitely not the most important thing about me.
b) I'm attractive enough as I am - to the right person- my lovely husband.
How come it's ok on your husband but wouldn't be on your daughter?

ShapelyBingoWing · 29/08/2017 17:11

You want to start a cosmetic surgery fund for your baby? Confused You realise that's batshit, right?

TieGrr · 29/08/2017 17:12

How old is she? I've never really seen for example, primary aged kids with big noses.

I went through a stage of being called Pinocchio in primary school, so it does happen.

Still dislike my nose but I have grown into it as I've gotten older.

endehors · 29/08/2017 17:13

Leg pulling, OP? Wink


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1234hello · 29/08/2017 17:13

YABU! You're totally bonkers and, worse, run the risk of seriously damaging your child's self esteem if you think this way.

Mrscropley · 29/08/2017 17:13

My friend has an awful nose. She hates it and wishes she had the courage to have surgery. Her words, never paid no mind to it tbh.
Her dd is primary school age and has a nose the same as dm.
Bet she will do the same as op if dd shows upset about it. .
I know a few dc who have had ears pinned back. Not as invasive but still to prevent school yard bullies and low self esteem.
Wouldn't consider anything at all for my dc - they are perfect to me. .

Flobulous · 29/08/2017 17:14

Sure OP. Suuuuure.

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