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To agree with this mail article

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fourmeatpies · 27/06/2015 15:05

It's written by a fellow teacher and is nappy at school related, so those that find these things a touchy subject might not want to check it out.
Why is it increasing, when will it stop? These subjects really need to be talked about instead of swept under the rug.

OP posts:

ChuffinAda · 27/06/2015 15:12

I can't fathom why any NT child wouldn't be toilet trained by school age. Yes bed wetting happens later but daytime nappies baffles me.


Quiero · 27/06/2015 15:17

Really? That article is horrible.

It isn't an issue swept under the carpet at all Confused. Many NT children could have continence issues for a number of reasons.

'Middle class mothers' - fucking stupid thing to say

Mysoginistic twaddle as usual.


LeChien · 27/06/2015 15:17

The figures they are showing (1600 children) surely indicate children with SN, possibly as yet unidentified, starting mainstream primary?


LeChien · 27/06/2015 15:18

Or as Quiero says, for other health reasons.


ShellyF · 27/06/2015 15:20

Our latest batch of parents with non trained children tell me that their Health Visitor has told them not to will sort it.
Hoping this not to be true I have been trying, unsuccessfully so far, to arrange a meeting with the Health Visitor.


ILoveMyMonkey · 27/06/2015 15:21

I do think the article is slightly (or maybe a lot!) exaggerated. She's talking about 5 year olds so reception aged children and reckons that in 2 years she had 11 children in nappies?! I just don't buy it! In the last 7 years at my school we've only had 2 reception children in nappies both with severe learning difficulties. I'm not saying nappies in reception doesn't happen but not to the extent she's making out. Therefore yes YABU to agree with the daily fail Wink


WhirlpoolGalaxyM51 · 27/06/2015 15:22

I don;t really want to read it what does it say?


FayKorgasm · 27/06/2015 15:23

I got as far as the opening lines and couldn't read any further. Usual DM format.
Blame the mother {check}
A bit of poor bashing {check}
Link to middle class {check}


ShellyF · 27/06/2015 15:23

Schools don't have an issue with non trained children who have additional needs.We expect to support children who are in nappies for medical reasons . There is usually a plan in place before starting school.
It is not fair to say it is middle class parents, in my experience there have been children from a whole variety of backgrounds.


WhirlpoolGalaxyM51 · 27/06/2015 15:23

If it's about recep children, some of them are only just over 4 when they start school, and some do have accidents. Well lots really. It happens. It happened years ago too, I remember kids having accidents when I was in infants so that's 35 years ago.


Jasonandyawegunorts · 27/06/2015 15:23

The numbers don't add up, they work out as almost a child in nappies at 4 and 5 (Presumably over a year, it doesn't say two years, 3?). The person claims to have had 11 children in nappies?

I don;t really want to read it what does it say?

I've had to have a changing table installed in the class room!!!!


WorraLiberty · 27/06/2015 15:24

I only read a few lines in and concluded the author is a sexist, patronising twat.

If I had read further, is there any chance I might have changed my mind...just out of interest?

Do none of these nappy wearing children have fathers?


NashvilleQueen · 27/06/2015 15:24

The article is bollocks and I don't for a single second believe the story about 'but we are Oxford classicists'. It's the same sort of contrived, provocative nonsense peddled by the Mail on a regular basis.


WhirlpoolGalaxyM51 · 27/06/2015 15:25

Oh lol @ changing table.

Surely even if they were in nappies they'd be in pull ups? No need for changing tables!

Still not reading it Grin


nothingbuttreble · 27/06/2015 15:26

I wasn't fully toilet trained when I started school.

I have no idea why. I am NT to my knowledge and leaned towards the older side of the year group rather than the younger.

Wouldn't have been sent in nappies, but I do remember having wet pants on numerous occasions - don't ever remember poo ever featuring but I used to wet myself right up to being six or seven.

I think I was just lazy.


FayKorgasm · 27/06/2015 15:27

Oh Worra its only when the child is suceeding does the father (and his career/income) get mentioned. "Failures" are the mothers fault.



Jasonandyawegunorts · 27/06/2015 15:28

I wet / messed myself at school.
I wet myself on work experiance too, i was 15 then.
Certainly wasn't laziness.


PandasRock · 27/06/2015 15:29

Given the poor state of early intervention and diagnosis for special needs, I am not in the least surprised that the number of children 'with no additional needs' starting reception in nappies is rising. My child could easily have been one of them, if I hadn't pushed and pushed for assessment and not accepted being pushed from pillar to post.

I have yet to come across a parent who leaves a child in nappies after about 3 'out of laziness'. Nappies are more work, and bloody expensive.


MrsDeVere · 27/06/2015 15:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Piratejones · 27/06/2015 15:31

I'm one those people who just loved creating extra work for teachers and TA's.


morage · 27/06/2015 15:31

Hate how this article is written. But teachers are saying that the number of children in nappies is increasing. And inclusion has been around for a long time. So this is about more than SN.


Piratejones · 27/06/2015 15:32

I've never seen a changing table in a class room either.

I wouldn't be surprised if the person who wrote the piece is just a writer with a fetish.


WinterOfOurDiscountTents15 · 27/06/2015 15:33

Bullshit. No way are there hordes of middle class six year olds in nappies in schools. No doubt there are a few with particular issues that require it but otherwise, not a fucking chance.


DoJo · 27/06/2015 15:34

None of it rings true and I certainly haven't seen any evidence of this amongst the people I know who teach. Presumably the 1,600 children are all going to this 'teacher's' school seeing as they are so statistically skewed to have had 11 in two years! Laying the blame solely at the mothers' feet, noting the 'class' of every parent involved and insisting that there are no issues at play other than 'laziness' is just a tabloid goldmine for comment section frothers and those who are always on the look-out for another excuse to bad-mouth women (and middle class women at that - the worst kind of all!) and blame them for everything that is wrong in the world.


Quiero · 27/06/2015 15:38

It is an entirely made up article. fourmeatpies, why don't you come back and tell us which part of the entirely made up article you agree with?

To be fair I didn't read to the end either as I got distracted by the sidebar of shame. Apparently a female celebrity I've never heard of was seen with no make up and no bra on her hols on her own balcony Shock - what a slattern!

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