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To think doing a poo is the least sexy thing in the world and therefore not understand how anyone can enjoy anal?

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AmadeusRocks · 29/05/2013 16:58

That really. I've heard it feels like doing a poo backwards...... Sounds grim to me!

OP posts:

MrsMelons · 29/05/2013 17:00

and its not even Friday . . . Wink


EvaM · 29/05/2013 17:01

uuuum, when done right it doesn't. Either go for experienced dp or be prepared to coach him, it's worth it.


AmadeusRocks · 29/05/2013 17:02

Forgive me for being so crass but what does it feel like eva, is it better than vaginal sex?

OP posts:

StuffezLaYoni · 29/05/2013 17:04

How's the new baby Amadeus?


MrsMelons · 29/05/2013 17:05

I personally wouldn't say it's better, just different. It can hurt if not done properly. It doesn't feel like having a poo and can be sexy.

I feel a bit weird describing it on a Wednesday afternoon Blush


propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS · 29/05/2013 17:05

I don't get rimming. Licking an arsehole. Not good.


propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS · 29/05/2013 17:07

I can see cock in arsehole being ok. A bit of shit on cock will wash off after. Fingers and fists up arses though is a bit different. I would not fancy shit on my hands!


MrsMelons · 29/05/2013 17:07



MrsMelons · 29/05/2013 17:08

the rimming I meant - then also the shit on the hands!!!


EvaM · 29/05/2013 17:11

It's hard to, explain (i know I brought it onto myself). It's different to vaginal sex (not better though). I've never compared it to doing a poo backwards.

I would like to add, that it can be painful and man will need to do a lot more 'prep work' than for vaginal sex, so my advice would be only try it with someone whom you know and trust who finds your enjoyment as important as yours.



Souredstones · 29/05/2013 17:11

If you clean up before hand no poo is involved.

Everyone is different and what floats one boat won't float another. If anal isn't for you don't do it same as oral may not be for another or any other sexual preference. It's all personal. You don't have to 'get it'


EvaM · 29/05/2013 17:12

mrsmelons, I'd find describing it weird on any afternoon


expatinscotland · 29/05/2013 17:13


ChunkyChicken · 29/05/2013 17:16

Nothing like doing a poo backwards!! There is a certain feeling of 'fullness' that is enjoyable. It very, very rarely nowadays after 2 DC means sex full-stop is far less frequent that it used to be scratches a certain 'itch' iyswim. If you don't have that particular itch, don't do it - its not obligatory Wink


HazeltheMcWitch · 29/05/2013 17:16

Wow, you only just had a baby, didn't you? Like, in the past week?
And you're thinking about anal already. How very.... modern ?


Souredstones · 29/05/2013 17:18

A week post birth I usually still haven't had the first post baby shit and am petrified of moving due to episiotomy wounds...op is very brave, stupid or found a new cure for the post baby shit fear


Coconutty · 29/05/2013 17:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HazeltheMcWitch · 29/05/2013 17:20

Me too soured.
And I, er, dreaded finding something to do to occupy other DC on half term.


Souredstones · 29/05/2013 17:22


mrsjay · 29/05/2013 17:23

its teatime FGS it isn't even nearly friday Hmm


LadyBeagleEyes · 29/05/2013 17:25

What a lovely thread.Hmm.


AmadeusRocks · 29/05/2013 17:25

Yes I had a baby on Saturday and he is literally the most amazing thing I've ever seen, he is currently asleep beside me while I am MNetting.

I am NO WAY thinking about having sex just yet it's just something I was wondering!

OP posts:

DreamsTurnToGoldDust · 29/05/2013 17:26

eh, you sorted out the problem with your DH then, and had a baby in the past week and now your thinking of Anal Hmm


OctopusPete8 · 29/05/2013 17:28

with anal though there are certain rules like lube up properly and I hope everyone wears a condom Confused,

I think a lot of it is feeling dirty cause its considered taboo,


propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS · 29/05/2013 17:30

People can just think of anal you know! Does not mean Op's SO is about to go ball deep in the ol' chutney Chunnel Hmm

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