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The Sergeant John Porter Memorial College at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero · 30/08/2011 20:54

Motto: Qui audet adipiscitur

Areas of study include:

Firearms Training aka Big Guns 101

Advanced off-road driving

Improvised Vehicle Maintenance

Hostage Negotiation

...and lots more!

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 30/08/2011 21:11

So this is where you are hiding, JP.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 30/08/2011 21:41

::Staggers in, carrying a priceless work of art::

Can't stop - Mr Thornton is helping me with the ironing and it seems there is a riot afoot.

LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 21:54

Ooh, the excitement. I thought Maud had the final post there but Massive just pipped her at the post Grin.

Now, back to the field trip.

Massive has just pointed out:
Oh ha hah hah hah and Grin Grin Grin

I've just been reading the publicity on their web-page, and i quote:

Take the opportunity to enjoy everything Gisborne has to offer. You?re guaranteed a Labour Weekend to remember

SupermassiveLBD · 30/08/2011 21:54

Frightfully sorry to pip you at the post, Maudie,on Gizzy's thread. But I think you'll agree I finished him off in style.

Do I get the first facepalm of the thread, too?

GOH is Guest of Honour.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 30/08/2011 21:58

'Tis baffling. I tried to post post 1001 and it told me the thread was full -perhaps because it knew that your post was on its way? Spooky.

As I mentioned, I have a very important GOH here myself. He has just explained to his mama that he must act on his feelings for me Margaret and now he is proposing. I understand you completely.


::Entire week's laundry is scorched::.

LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 21:59
ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 30/08/2011 22:00
LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 22:01

I find the proposal/rejection scene quite hard to watch, Maud. The utter desolation and hurt in his eyes makes me feel so sad for him.

::must get a grip on reality::

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 30/08/2011 22:04

Yes, LadyDamerel, but it's as nothing compared to the way his face falls as he realises that, however long he waits, she isn't going to look back at him.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 30/08/2011 22:05

Mind you, beginning your romantic proposal by wittering on about the conctents of the fruit bowl is never likely to help, is it?

SupermassiveLBD · 30/08/2011 22:07

Let's look on it as a tribute to his superb acting skills, LadyD. I feel just the same when he is snubbed by that Stupid Girl.

Of course we know it's not real.

SupermassiveLBD · 30/08/2011 22:09

Some peaches might have done the job

LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 22:11

I don't know. Look back at me just doesn't wrench my gut the way the rejection scene does.

My favourite moment is the 'He was her brother' realisation with Higgins. How he conveys so much emotion in the few seconds he is reacting, I don't know.

I used to scoff at books (Georgette Heyer is a prime example) that used to talk about eyes 'speaking' but those scenes prove, for me, that it is actually possible.

LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 22:12

Yup, Massive, re. that Stupid Girl. Guy's eyes are most expressive.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 30/08/2011 22:14

::Passes out and requires urgent attention::

I agree entirely about that scene with Nicholas Higgins. The range of expressions on his face as he - at last, the poor dear boy isn't always very quick on the uptake - realises that Fred is her brother is a joy to behold. I also like the scene where he twigs that Nicholas has taken in Boucher's children and that it was Margaret who suggested that he approach him for work.

SupermassiveLBD · 30/08/2011 22:18

And the way he enfolds her in his arms, and drops a reverent kiss on her hair.

I want to smack her.

I really must watch N&S again. There are so many memorable moments. The only thing I don't care too much for is the hat.

DumSpiroSpero · 30/08/2011 22:19

There are indeed lots of lovely moments like those in N & S. My favourite is the very last bit at the stations when he turns round and says, "You're coming home with me?" I had no idea that was coming and wibbled so much I nearly fell off the sofa!

OP posts:
DumSpiroSpero · 30/08/2011 22:20

And the way he enfolds her in his arms, and drops a reverent kiss on her hair.
I want to smack her.

ROFL! Grin

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 30/08/2011 22:21

First two lines refer to Gizzy of course. Yes, yawn, yawn, I know,,,

LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 22:21

This scene, Maud?

LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 22:26

And the way he enfolds her in his arms, and drops a reverent kiss on her hair.
I want to BE her. Grin

Surely not this hat, Massive?

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud · 30/08/2011 22:27

Not quite, LadyDamerel. I was thinking of .


DumSpiroSpero · 30/08/2011 22:28

My that's a big one LadyD Wink!

Will some Gizzy porn fiction help take the edge off ladies?

OP posts:
LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 22:30

Oh yes, Spiro. That scene too. When he's utterly downcast at her going off to London, then realises she isn't.



I was only thinking earlier that I should give RH a bit of a rest as it's making me a bit hot and flustered, all that unadulterated testosterone and iron to N&S, until you've all reminded me quite how wibbletastic that is too.

LadyDamerel · 30/08/2011 22:30

Oh yes again, Spiro Grin.

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