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I used to be a sex worker, ask me anything

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FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:08

For 12 years I worked as an escort, I also did occasional phone & cam work. I varied between working full time and part time, but around half was full time and the other half part time.

I've been put off doing one of these because of how they usually go but I'm always banging on about people making assumptions about sex workers and accepting stereotypes about us so I might as well.

To be clear, this is a thread for people who want to ask questions, not for people who just want to make a point about sex work or sex workers.

Anyway, if anybody cares...ask away Smile

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MrsFoggy82 · 09/10/2020 20:34

Did you get to go to anything glamorous or off to some wonderful destination?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:34

What was the most common thing men asked for?

Kissing and RO, which is me receiving oral from them. They all think they're really unique to ask for it but actually most men like doing it Grin

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fantasmasgoria1 · 09/10/2020 20:35

Sounds a daft question but how well /energetically did the 86 year old perform?


Mxflamingnoravera · 09/10/2020 20:36

All the blokes I've met who admit to using sex workers tell me that they were "different from the other clients" and that the women they met would ask for their number to meet "as friends" is this likely to be true or were they just suckers, lying or being played do you think?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:36

Did it ever feel 'wrong' and/or upsetting to have to do this for a living or were you mostly able to adopt an it is what it is and I've got to pay the bills approach to your job?

I've never felt wrong doing sex work, and I'm not ashamed of it. It was a job to me. I appreciate it wouldn't be just a job to most people, but it was to me.

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CringeInwardly · 09/10/2020 20:37

Hi, another former escort here waves

Hope my question is ok, given that I'm from the same background and all.

Have you ever had problems with clients becoming stalkers? I was in the business for 4 years and had this happen twice. It was frightening.

If yes, how did you get rid?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:38

Did it pay well

Yes, quite well. I never earned massive money but I did ok. The biggest draw for me was not the money, bit the flexibility and free time.

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MiddleClassProblem · 09/10/2020 20:39

Did you have relationships during your working period? If not, did you feel you had to put that side on hold or did you just prefer to not have a relationship anyway?


Iwantacookie · 09/10/2020 20:41

Do you have a partner during your time at work? If so how do they deal with what you do? What do you tell people you do for a job instead?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:41

Were the men mostly awful?

Actually no, but it depends what type of work you're doing. Agency clients were the worst for me. Brothel were ok. Independent were by far the best but when you're taking your own bookings you can screen out the dregs.

There's a big difference in the type of client who will seek out a sex worker with someone taking bookings for her, and one who will seek out an independent.

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MadameTuffington · 09/10/2020 20:42


What was the strangest thing you've ever been asked to do?

An ignore fetish. Only once in 12 years but it was surprisingly difficult!

pmsl 🙈🙈

MBM18 · 09/10/2020 20:42

Do you have a high sex? How do you get in the mood to have sex with someone you're not attracted to?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:44

Why did you start and why did you decide to stop?

I started because I wanted a job and thought I could probably do it, and I stopped because of covid.

OP posts:

MiddleClassProblem · 09/10/2020 20:45

Did you ever get “the feels” from a client?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:45

How did you get into sex work OP?

I did an internet search for escort agencies & rung them! Not very interesting, but true.

OP posts:

MiddleClassProblem · 09/10/2020 20:47

Did you worry about how good you would be when you first started?

Sorry I have so many questions 😂


fibeee · 09/10/2020 20:48

Did you have many regulars vs 1 off clients? Did any admit to using an escort for the first time?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:48

Did you ever enjoy it?

I often enjoyed the bookings, and occasionally enjoyed the sex. I enjoyed it about as often as I genuinely enjoyed speaking to a customer in a customer service job Grin

OP posts:

FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:50

Which kind of work did you prefer? Escort/phone/cam etc

Escorting. I know that probably sounds weird but I'm a terrible actress so phone and cam could never be a long term income for me.

OP posts:

Claphands · 09/10/2020 20:51

Did you ever have clients that you just couldn’t bear to do anything with (B.O/creepy/dominant etc) ? Or could you just switch off to it?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 20:55

If a bloke was stinking would you decline his offer

Depends how bad it was. I'd often have men come after work a bit whiffy and if they were happy to shower I'd be happy to see them. If they weren't happy to shower or were really bad smelling I wouldn't. I have a gag reflex like everyone else!

OP posts:

Quandaries · 09/10/2020 20:55

I have several questions, if that’s ok.

In a typical day, how many clients did you have?

Do you not get sore?

If you apply for another job in the future, what are you going to put on your CV?

Is it a myth that men often just want to talk?


Cinderellashoes · 09/10/2020 20:57

Did you ever feel unsafe, or threatened?

Was there anything you absolutely wouldn’t do, and if so (don’t expect you to share that) were the men okay with that or did they become aggressive?


Upherefordancing · 09/10/2020 21:01

Was there a typical type of man who contacted you, or were they from all backgrounds?

Also, were there a lot of married men?


FeminismIsForALLWomen · 09/10/2020 21:03

What is your brutally honest opinion of most men having done this type of work?

Firstly, there is more than one type of man who pays for sex. A man who goes to an agency or a brothel with no regard of whether someone is working consensually is a different customer from a man who books with an independent.

It's such a diverse situation that there's no one answer.

OP posts:
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