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I have a husband and we both have a girlfriend together AMA

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Soubriquet · 27/12/2018 19:20

People seemed interested in this so I thought I would start a thread

We’ve all been together for 18 months now and parent our 2 children.

Initially in the beginning we had a bit of jealousy and such but now we all get along perfectly

I am bisexual which is why I’m happy being with both her and him

We will be intimate as a 3some or if one of us is not in the mood, the other two will be intimate

Dh sleeps in the same bed as gf as I can’t stand sharing a bed with anyone.

OP posts:
Eightmagpies · 27/12/2018 19:22

How old are your children? What do they know and think about this arrangement?

Branleuse · 27/12/2018 19:23

who had the jealousy, and who met her first?

Is this the first type of three-way relationship youve had? Or his?

How do you feel about them bed-sharing? Are you doing a cuck thing?

AnyFucker · 27/12/2018 19:24

Who does the wifework stuff ?

MrsFoxPlus4 · 27/12/2018 19:26

Is this polyamory? Do you live together?

Hmmm what else can I ask I love stuff like this 🙈

raffle · 27/12/2018 19:26

How old are you all?

Soubriquet · 27/12/2018 19:27

My children are 3 and 5 and love their second mummy. She spoils them as much as I do

At first we all had a bit of jealousy if we thought one person was paying more attention to another. Now we have the perfect rhythm.

I honesty don’t mind them sharing a bed. I’m just glad no one is in bed with me Grin

He met her first. He used to work with her and she expressed her desire to be with a girl and since dh was keen to try a threesome it made sense to do it with her.

However we clicked so fantastically that we never wanted to stop

Yes this is our first 3 way relationship and it will be our last too

And I don’t know what cuck thing is?

OP posts:
TinselandToblerones · 27/12/2018 19:27

I’d rather not, all seems a bit icky to me.

MrsFoxPlus4 · 27/12/2018 19:27

Cucking as far as I’m aware is watching them together but no joining in?

Soubriquet · 27/12/2018 19:27

Who does the wifework stuff?

We all chip in but funnily enough it’s dh who does the most. He enjoys doing house work and getting it all clean and tidy

And I am 30, she is 28 and he is 27

OP posts:
DelightfulCunt · 27/12/2018 19:28

What do your children know the gf as?

Soubriquet · 27/12/2018 19:29

I’d rather not, all seems a bit icky to me.

That is obviously your opinion and you’re perfectly entitled to it. Saying that you don’t actually need to partake either

OP posts:
Soubriquet · 27/12/2018 19:29

What do your children know the gf as?

Mummy her name

I’m just mummy

OP posts:
Pieceofpurplesky · 27/12/2018 19:30

Was he having an affair with her?

MrsFoxPlus4 · 27/12/2018 19:30

Any plans for anymore children? What do your friends and family think

OrgyofSausages · 27/12/2018 19:31

It'll all end in tears. It's unfair on the children IMO. Who are they supposed to regard as their mother? What about the fact that they see their dad shagging.different women? Are you actually happy with all this?

Soubriquet · 27/12/2018 19:32

No he wasn’t having an affair. He only really spoke to her at work but they had a close friendship.

She then started to come round and that’s how it began to come about

And my dh has a vasectomy last year but we are looking into getting it reversed as we like more children. She would like to have a baby and I would like one more

OP posts:
DelightfulCunt · 27/12/2018 19:32

Mummy her name
After 18 months?!Shock iik

Branleuse · 27/12/2018 19:32

cuck is like getting off on seeing your partner with someone else or knowing theyre having sex with someone else and getting pleasure from that

ISdads · 27/12/2018 19:32

Living the dream. Well, my dream 😁

Actually, maybe not. I find it hard enough living with one adult. Isn't it stressful, negotiating the cleaning/cooking/shopping?

windowWAG · 27/12/2018 19:33

I think it's wonderful. Good for you.

Soubriquet · 27/12/2018 19:33

My family are actually ok. At first they were a bit baffled as obviously it isn’t common but they have completely come around

And my kids don’t see us shagging or see their father snagging another woman Hmm

They do see us kissing each other but they couldn’t care less.

OP posts:
Soubriquet · 27/12/2018 19:34

No it isn’t stressful with the chores and stuff

Dh mostly does the cooking as he’s good at it.

If we go shopping, one week it will be our turn to pay (me and dh share a bank account from before) and the next week she will pay.

OP posts:
Ivegotthree · 27/12/2018 19:35

And my dh has a vasectomy last year but we are looking into getting it reversed as we like more children. She would like to have a baby and I would like one more

Sorry OP but you sound all over the place. You've only been together 18 months, you're all young, and your DH had a vasectomy five minutes ago and now you want to reverse it.

This ain't gonna end well. Poor children.

Cadburyssurpriseegg · 27/12/2018 19:35

Have you thought how this May effect your chidlren when they’re old enough to understand?
Why did you start the threesome ?
Why are you married if one person was not enough ?

BonApp · 27/12/2018 19:35

So the DC are yours and your DH’s?

Do all of your parents know? If so, what do they think? What about friends and colleagues? How open are you about it publicly on a day to day basis?

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