The Best Vacuum Storage Bags

03 December 2020

Vacuum storage bags

Vacuum storage bags are a huge help when you're short on space. We round up our most reliable storage bags available to buy today

If you've ever had to move house frequently, you'll know the importance of a good vacuum storage bag. Allowing bulky items such as duvets, towels and clothes to be compressed to a fraction of their normal size, they're an essential purchase: both for moving, and for storage when living space is at a premium. Below are our most reliable recommendations.

1. Best Overall: ROKEY Vacuum Storage Bags
2. Best For Mould Protection: Suob Vacuum Storage Bags
3. Most Adaptable: Uoune Vacuum Storage Bags
4. Most Reliable: Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
5. Most Resistant To Tears: Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags
6. Best Value for Money: Spedalon Vacuum Storage Bags

1. Best overall: ROKEY Vacuum Storage Bags

Rokey bag

These extra-thick plastic bags include a double zip for an extra-airtight seal, so the compressed shape of your storage items should hold, even over time.


  • The reusable box includes six jumbo-sized bags and a hand pump for use when travelling.
  • Jumbo size makes them suitable for everything from towels to duvets


  • No size variety for different items

Price: £17

2. Best For Mould Protection: Suob Vacuum Storage Bags

Suob storage bags

These large vacuum storage bags are made from anti-microbial materials, to protect your storage items from mould, dust and decay. The triple-seal turbo valve and double-seal zip ensure good compression over time.


  • Protects from mould and decay
  • Easy to compress with a vacuum cleaner nozzle


  • Some bags might puncture with rough use

What we like

The Suob vacuum bags are generously sized, and made from durable material. The anti-microbial plastic should keep your belongings safe from mould and dust, whether you're moving house or just storing them in the attic.

Price: £11

3. Most adaptable: Uoune Vacuum Storage Bags

Uone storage bag

These well-reviewed vacuum storage bags come in a pack of six, in three different sizes. A hand-pump is included, but they can also be compressed with an ordinary vacuum cleaner nozzle.


  • Six bags in three different sizes
  • Compression is good over time


  • Not as durable as other models

What we like

These vacuum bags are available in three different sizes so can be used for a variety of purposes. The small pump included is handy for travel.

Price: £14

4. Most Reliable: Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Space-saver storage bag

Spacesaver have designed durable, spacious vacuum storage bags with a reliable seal. The 'small' bags in this six-pack are still roomy enough to contain a queen-sized duvet, and there are also jumbo sizes and a variety pack available.


  • Waterproof
  • Spacious
  • Extra-thick plastic


  • Not big enough for a king-sized duvet

What we like

These airtight and waterproof vacuum bags will keep your clothes protected from liquids and odours. They're well-reviewed, and reportedly stay compressed over weeks and months.

Price: £13

5. Most Durable: Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags

Viridescent storage bag

This five-pack of Viridescent vacuum bags includes three extra-large bags, and two large bags. They're made from 100-micron plastic, making them up to 35% thicker than some competitors. Viridescent are so confident in the bags performance that they come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.


  • 100-micron extra-thick plastic for durability
  • Variety pack of extra-large and large bags can handle bulky items
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • No small bags included

What we like

These vacuum storage bags are made from extra-durable, 100-micron plastic. They're more resistant to tears than some competitors, so ideal for moving house.

Price: £12

6. Best Value for Money: Spedalon Vacuum Storage Bags

Spedulon storage bag

Vacuum storage bags are used for many different items, so this variety pack of fifteen bags in four different sizes is adaptable and excellent value for money. The pack comes with a free travel hand pump for use when away from home.


  • Different sizes for a variety of uses
  • Travel hand-pump included


  • Sizes are not mentioned on the bags themselves

What we like

This pack of fifteen, variously-sized vacuum bags is excellent value for money, and adaptable for different needs and situations. The travel hand-pump means you can use them to repack clothes on holiday.

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