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The best cleaning products

Whether you pride yourself on maintaining a pristine home (please tell us how), or you adopt a more laissez-faire attitude to housework, these Mumsnetter-favourite cleaning products will have your home sparkling in no time.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jun 8, 2021

Best all-rounders

Elbow Grease

This hard-working product is excellent at removing grease and oil from all sorts of surfaces – including fabrics – meaning you can use it to clean the barbecue and those pesky grease stains on your favourite top.

“You can’t go wrong with Elbow Grease. It cleans literally everything. DH uses it on the car and barbecue, it cleans the kitchen and the other day it even took sun cream out of the sofa.”

“Elbow Grease is amazing and so cheap – it got baby poo out of my light grey rug.”

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Magic Erasers

Greasy hand prints, scuff marks and pen all over the walls is pretty much par for the course if you have small children. However, Magic Erasers are a quick and easy way to restore your paintwork to its former glory. Admittedly, they're not the most exciting product to look at, but you'll be amazed when you see what they can do. Dedicated fans can snap up a pack of 30 for £8.99

“Magic Eraser Sponges – they really do remove marks that seem impossible to shift.”

“I second the Magic Eraser sponges. Get lots of them. They cut through a lot of dirt in very little time.”

Kärcher SC2 EasyFix Steam Cleaner

Steam is magic for getting rid of dirt, and disinfects the area while you're at it. If you get a cleaner one with lots of attachments, you can use it on your floors, your windows, surfaces. And we hear it's more than a little bit satisfying to do so, too. This Kärcher steam cleaner is a bit more of an investment, but it comes with lots of handy nozzles, brushes and microfibre cloths.

“I recently bought a Kärcher steam mop. It's great for all my floors, and I'm still finding new places I can use it around the house.”

“I have a steam mop, which is brilliant. I think they're really effective.”

“I recommend using a steam mop with attachments for cleaning the bathroom, blinds, kitchen, cooker, etc. No chemicals, and the steam will disinfect everything naturally and effectively.”

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Zoflora is a cult Mumsnet favourite cleaning product and it can be used in a seemingly endless variety of situations For the uninitiated, Zoflora is a concentrated antibacterial disinfectant that should be diluted for most jobs – like mopping the floor, cleaning wheely bins and wiping surfaces – but can also be used neat down plugholes and drains to eliminate odours. Some Mumsnetters even swear by adding a splash when washing smelly sports gear. Pink Grapefruit and Honeysuckle and Jasmine are MNers' favourite scents, but if you fancy trying them all, you can sometimes pick up an assorted pack of 12 from Amazon for £12.

“Grapefruit Zoflora is gorgeous!”

“I love Zoflora. I use it in my mop bucket, I also fill my sink up with water and put my dishcloth in it overnight. In the morning you come down to a superb smelling kitchen and a nice clean dishcloth.”

“One constant product I use is Zoflora, I have a bottle in most fragrances under the sink! I use it on floors, surfaces, the loo etc.”

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Best eco-friendly cleaning products

Method cleaning products

Environmentally-conscious Mumsnetters love Method products as they are pet-safe and kind to the planet, yet they still pack a powerful cleaning punch and smell amazing. There are lots of fragrances to choose from, but the rhubarb scent is a real favourite with MNers. Their cleaning and handwash bottles are all made from 100% recycled plastic and, if you're keen to reduce your plastic usage even further, you can now order refill pouches for your existing hand wash, laundry, and washing-up liquid bottles.

“I love Method products – the rhubarb spray smells lovely and so does the clementine washing up liquid. And the wood polish is nice too.”

“All of the Method products smell really nice. Not harsh to the environment either.”

“For the kitchen I also use the rhubarb method spray. It smells amazing and the smell lingers for ages.”

“The method kitchen cleaners – not the anti-bacterial, the general purpose ones – are the best grease removers I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried a few).”

“Honestly they cut through grease like nothing else and then wipe right off leaving a squeaky-clean, dry surface behind.”

“Method almond wood polish and the floor cleaner are both great and smell yummy! They are my faves, also love method glass cleaner and the ylang ylang bathroom cleaner is lovely (obsessed with Method products).”

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Waitrose Ecological range

This affordable range, comprised of five essential cleaning products, has a lovely fresh fragrance and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

“The Waitrose Ecological range smells absolutely amazing. The washing-up liquid is especially brilliant – it works as well as Fairy without making my hands shrivel.”

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Ecloth Starter multipack

These very dense microfibre cloths come highly recommended by Mumsnetters to make wiping down surfaces much speedier. Cleaning with these means less chemical intervention as they pick up all sorts of grime with just water.

“I love my Ecloths. I'm allergic to loads of cleaning products so it's great that they work just with water. They do a glass polishing one too which cleans mirrors and glass quickly and easily without smears.”

“I've just started using Ecloths – they're great!”

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Best bathroom cleaning products

Flash Bathroom Cleaning Spray

Keeping a bathroom gleamingly white and clean can be a real uphill struggle (perhaps our parents were onto something with those avocado suites). This Flash bathroom cleaner makes it a little more achievable, cutting through soap scum and limescale with ease and smelling lovely all the while.

“Flash bathroom cleaner smells lovely.”

“Flash is the best bathroom spray IMO.”

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HG Mould Spray

Few things are more satisfying than spraying this HG mould and mildew cleaner around your bathroom and watching the mould dissolve before your eyes. Just spray it on, leave it for half an hour, then wipe away and your bathroom will look good as new. HG spray is suitable for cleaning tile walls, silicon seals, as well as conservatories, sheds and garages that are prone to mould. It is very potent, so do wear gloves and open a window if you can.

“HG mould spray. Brilliant stuff.”

“Magic stuff. Was very impressed with the results.”

“It's been a life-changing product for me.”

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OzKleen Bathroom Cleaner 500ml

Remove pesky grime in a heartbeat with OzKleen Bath Power. If you’ve always wanted to achieve a lovely gleam in your bathroom but never quite managed it, this bath, shower and glass cleaner could be your new best friend. It clears away soap scum, limescale and watermarks in double quick time, leaving you with a bathroom worthy of a commercial.

“My favourite is Bath Power – it has a citrus smell. I just leave it on in the bathroom for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off for a really high shine. I've recommended it to quite a few people now.”

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Best oven cleaning products

Teflon Oven Liner

Oven liners are handy bits of wipeable heatproof plastic you slot into the bottom of your oven to catch all the greasy drips and bits of food that fall through the grating, which are really easy to clean and cut down on the amount of time you spend scrubbing.

“I bought a Teflon oven liner at the same time as my brand new oven. It's wonderful. I fully believe nothing will ever burn onto the bottom of the oven ever again.”

“A simple but brilliant invention. It's easy to remove and clean, unlike the bottom of an oven.”

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Lakeland Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit

Cleaning the oven is a task that all many of us avoid until it can be ignored no longer. Luckily, this Lakeland oven cleaner effortlessly removes baked on grime – no scrubbing necessary. Just brush it on, leave it for a while, then wipe off for a spotless oven.

“Lakeland Oven Mate is magic. Apply the thick, clear, non-smelly gel, leave it for most of the day, then simply wipe off with kitchen roll to reveal a shiny oven that looks brand new. No mess, smell or elbow grease necessary.”

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